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Meet the Unbeatable Free Alternative to iSkysoft PDF Editor You've Been Waiting For

You want to edit your PDFs, but you don't know how to use typical software. You're intimidated by the idea of using code, and you don't want to mess with proprietary software or monthly subscriptions. You may just want something super simple and easy to use so that you can focus on your content - something with a great user interface and a clean design aesthetic.

If this is the case for you, then you may be asking yourself: Which is the best alternative to iSkysoft PDF Editor? We will find out in this article.

The Best Alternative to iSkysoft PDF Editor for Fast Editing under 5 Minutes

The best alternative to iSkysoft PDF Editor is UPDF. And this is the reason behind it:

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

iskysoft pdf editor
  • It is Free for you to use.
  • There are no file size limitations.
  • There are no ads in the tool.
  • There are no time limitations for using it.

The following are its features of it:

  • It enables you to add text, edit text, copy text, and delete text. You can also change the font, font size, color, alignment, etc.
  • Editing images is easy with it. You can rotate, crop, replace, extract, cut, and add images to PDF.
  • Add comments, notes, text boxes, highlights, and shapes to PDF documents.
  • Organize the pages in PDF documents. You can flip the pages, extract pages in PDF, and delete pages in PDF.
  • Read PDF document with four modes. You can add bookmarks while reading.

How to Edit PDF with UPDF - the Best iSkysoft PDF Editor Alternative

Step 1. Open a PDF File

Open a file by clicking the "Open File" button.

iskysoft pdf editor download

Step 2. Click the Edit Button

Click the "Edit" button in the interface's menu bar. This enables you to enter the editing mode, which reveals a number of editing tools.

iskysoft pdf editor online free

Step 3. Edit PDF Text

Click the text you want to edit. You will see a purple borderline now. 

Now, you can edit the text on your document. It's a fast, safe, and user-friendly process. You can add, delete, and modify texts and paragraphs as needed.

iskysoft pdf editor free download

Step 4. Edit PDF Image

You can edit images on PDF files using UPDF. This software also allows you to rotate, crop, extract and replace images in PDF.

iskysoft pdf editor free download

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File on Windows

Why Do You Need to Replace iSkysoft PDF Editor?

Iskysoft is not a good PDF editing software because it does not allow you to edit PDF files in the way that you would want to for free. For example, if you want to make changes to the content of your files, such as adding new text or pictures, then you will need to purchase a paid version before being able to do so. 

  • You need to have a license in order to use the software, which can be very expensive when other similar programs are free or have lower prices.
  • iSkysoft PDF editor also does not have an easy-to-use interface with clear instructions on how to use its features effectively, which can make it difficult for beginners who are just getting started using PDF editors like this one due to a lack of experience with similar programs online today.
  • If you're looking for a tool that makes it easy to edit PDFs, iSkysoft PDF editor isn't it. It's a clunky, bulky interface with a ton of different options that probably won't make much sense to most users unless they work with PDFs all day, every day.
  • Lastly, the iSkysoft PDF editor does not have a spell checker function on its editor, so there is no way for users to know if they have misspelled anything until after they finish editing the file.

We hope you enjoyed our article so far and found it useful. At the end of the day, we think UPDF is still a great option for editing PDF files.

We've tried out UPDF, and we think it's a great tool for most people who need to make edits to their PDF files. The software is versatile and reliable too, which is a cherry on top of added benefits. We'd highly recommend giving it a try.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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