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Free and Efficient: The Ideal Wondershare PDF Editor Alternative

Being labeled as one of the most straightforward PDF editors to create, edit, sign, and convert PDF documents across a comprehensive platform of devices (PC, mobile, and web), Wondershare PDF Editor is an excellent tool for individuals who like to get their work done efficiently. You can customize fonts, change text designs, and add graphics to new and existing documents. But it tends to lack advanced features, which you can find in UPDF, a user-friendly free PDF editor, that is aimed at professionals and amateurs alike.

The Best Alternative to Wondershare PDF Editor

Wondershare PDF Editor is a versatile multi-platform software packed with numerous features. It offers an intuitive interface, making it easy to use and handle various files. However, unlocking all its features comes with a high price tag. For users seeking a smoother editing experience and a PDF editor with AI assistance at a lower price without sacrificing compatibility, UPDF is an excellent choice. Click the button below to download a free trial.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

UPDF PDF editor

As a proficient PDF editor, it integrates the latest AI technology (GPT-4) to manage your PDFs more efficiently. Below, we will discuss some of its features and how you can utilize them.

  • Open PDF faster than other tools like Wondershare PDF Editor due to its high and steady performance.
  • It provides multiple reading modes according to your requirements.
  • Make markups and annotations to PDF documents with various tools.
  • Edit text in PDF easily as you are on a word processor.
  • Edit the images in PDF, such as rotate, crop, copy, extract, etc.
  • Use AI assistant to summarize, translate, and rewrite PDF content.
  • Manage PDF pages and you can change page orientation, rotate pages, and extract pages to PDF.
  • More features, including the conversion feature, the OCR feature, the password-protected feature, etc.

How to Edit PDF with Wondershare PDF Editor Alternative

You can use this software by downloading it from the website and learning about its installation process. The simple user interface, quick transfer of files, and various changes within the document make UPDF an excellent choice for everyone. Below is a 4-step procedure that will help you in using it.   

Step 1: Import & Edit the PDF Document

Import the file after you reach the interface section of the software. Next, edit the document by using the 'Edit' button. By clicking this button, the editing mode appears to make multiple changes to your file.

Wondershare PDF editor alternative

Step 2: Add Text

There is a '+ Text' icon on the toolbar, which you can use to add text to the document. Click on it and maneuver the cursor to where you want to add the text. You can also change the text's look, font, color and font size. 

Add text to PDF with Wondershare alternative

Step 3: Edit Text

Click the text you want to edit, you will see a purple borderline on the data you want to modify before editing. Thereon, you can change the text accordingly. The editing mode modifies the document by changing its text, font features (color, size, design, style, etc.), and image dimensions (crop, rotate, enlarge, etc.).

Edit PDF text with Wondershare alternative

Compared to other products like Wondershare PDF Editor on the market, UPDF offers a smooth, fast, and easy editing process, which is one of the reasons for its huge customer base.

Step 4: Edit Images in PDF 

You can also edit an image file on UPDF, apart from the plain text. Select the image and apply the necessary changes; you can extract, crop, rotate, and replace the image. 

Edit PDF image with Wondershare alternative

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The above steps demonstrate how to edit a PDF on Windows using UPDF. If you're still confused about the process, watch the video guide below. However, before watching the video, let's first download UPDF for free and then follow the steps.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File on Windows

How to Use Wondershare PDF Editor

Wondershare PDF Editor is a user-friendly software preferred by millions around the globe. It comes with a 3-step procedure that you can apply to edit documents and images. 

Step # 1: Open PDF Editor 

Run the PDF Editor on your PC, Laptop, or Smartphone. After landing on the interface, import the PDF file you want to edit. Click on the 'Open Files' button on the Home window to select and upload the PDF file. Now you can start to edit.

Step # 2: Edit Text in PDF

You will find the Edit button on the top menu, which you need to press. Then click on the “Edit” switch icon. This feature permits you to change edit or read mode easily. You can also change the text editing bar's font size, color, and type. After you finish editing, it is convenient for you to switch to Read Mode to continue visualizing your documents.

 Step # 3: Add or Delete Text

If you want to add text, click on the 'Add Text' button and drag your mouse to draw a box to add text. Or, if you're going to remove some text, select the required text and press the Backspace or Delete key. 

Wondershare PDF Editor or UPDF?

Although both have varying features, speed, and ease of use, users have preferred UPDF over its counterpart due to some additional aspects. One of them is the exact replication of documents, whether text or image after it has been edited. Also, you can work on multiple files in a single go (Batch processing). 

UPDF has surpassed other top-rated PDF editors in downloading and purchasing. Currently, it stands among the best with a large customer base. The process of editing files is simple; you can change and modify the text or an image by adding, deleting, or annotating it accordingly. With a range of features available, UPDF is by far the best choice for users around the globe. Download it now and have a great time.  

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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