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Top 5 Free PDF Image Editors

When it comes to PDF editors, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? There is no doubt that its text editing function for PDF files, after all, is its basic function. But when modifying a PDF file, do you only need to modify the text?

No, in addition to the text in a PDF file, there is another important factor, that is, the image, the modification of the image should also be an important function of the PDF editor, but many PDF editors lack this part of the function. Don't worry, in this article, we will introduce 5 of the best PDF image editors on the market right now.

Top 5 Free PDF Image Editors


UPDF is an ultimate PDF image editor and you can edit the image in PDF by adding, deleting, rotating, cropping, extracting, and replacing the images. More importantly, it allows you to add or replace images by dragging and dropping. It's very quick.

It is easy as you are using Office Word. And, if you want to edit PDF text, it is also great to use UPDF, as you can add texts and delete texts on PDF, and modify and edit PDF text on PDF. What's the most important thing? It is free.

pdf image editor


  • Free PDF editor.
  • Fast speed and high performance.
  • Beautiful and dashing UI interface.
  • Great PDF opening and reading experience.
  • Rearrange PDF pages easily.

2. Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit Phantom PDF is a full-featured PDF image editor that supports multiple languages. Foxit has the usual interface with basic functions as well as some more advanced ones. The program can handle many file types and convert them into PDF files and vice versa. Foxit Phantom allows you to edit a PDF document in a variety of ways, including adding images. It has the ability to merge and divide PDFs, change the text in the document, annotate and format PDFs in a variety of ways, and even encrypt PDFs.

free pdf image editor


  • Integration with multimedia files
  • More versatile than comparable Adobe products.
  • It also has an OCR function to edit scanned PDFs.
  • Converts PDF files to Word without losing the sentence's meaning.


  • The interface is a bit crowded
  • Some advanced editing functions are complicated and difficult to use

3. Adobe Acrobat DC

It's impossible to discuss PDF image editors without mentioning Adobe Acrobat DC. This PDF image editor has existed for as long as PDF documents have, and its features reflect that. The program immediately attracts with its concise interface, made in black and white style. Adobe Acrobat DC is a complete PDF tool that includes the functions of reading, annotating, editing, and signing a PDF document. Although it is pricy and out of reach for most people, its capabilities make it simple to generate and edit PDF documents, including the ability to add, edit, and even remove images.

pdf photo editor


  • It has the best features of any PDF editor.
  • The user interface is easy to use.
  • Add watermarks to PDF documents.
  • It comes with a great OCR feature to edit scanned PDF documents.


  • It is one of the most expensive PDF editors in the market.

4. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a powerful open-source cross-platform Office suite with incredible features, including the ability to add text/images to documents, create and edit PDF documents by default, and open them in the LibreOffice Draw application. LibreOffice also includes advanced capabilities that make it simple to modify all components of a PDF document, including images.

pdf photo editor online


  • The installation is available on the three major PC platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • It has always been able to open, edit, and/or export files in MS Word format.
  • It is often updated, to ensure additional security, stability, and the introduction of new features.


  • You can't edit existing texts
  • Limits the size of PDF and length of its pages.

5. Gimp

GIMP is a free and open-source graphics program that contains advanced photo editing, image composition, and image authoring tools. It also includes high-end technical capabilities like animation, file processing, and a customizable user-friendly interface for anyone interested in learning how to easily edit PDF images.

pdf image editor online free


  • Customizable interface.
  • Powerful tools for image editing.
  • It works with several editable formats.
  • Multi-Platform compatibility.
  • GIMP works in the same way as other raster graphic editing applications.
  • GIMP is a very memory-efficient graphic editor with lower resource consumption so it can be installed on old or slow computers.


  • It has a complicated user interface that is both perplexing and unsettling.
  • Due to a lack of 3D design features in Gimp, creating a 3D image could be challenging.

The best PDF image editor makes it easy to process PDF images when you need to modify, annotate or otherwise enhance a document. Any of these five PDF editors are up to the task, but whichever you choose, you should allow you to make changes to the immutable with tools that allow you to edit images or text and recognize text in scanned documents. What is your favorite PDF image editor? Share with us in the comments.