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How to Edit Bank Statement? (Online and Offline)

Do you want to highlight information about a transaction or want to hide the information of a specific part in the bank statement? For all these use cases, you must know how to edit bank statement since it is a confidential document, and you cannot take any risks here.

In this article, we will share two ways anyone can edit their bank statement, whether they want to edit Text, add protection, or highlight some part of the Text in the file.

Part 1.  Edit Bank Statement PDF on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS Using UPDF

You may modify your bank statements using UPDF, a PDF editing program that is accessible on the Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems. In order to alter a bank statement, it provides PDF annotating, PDF form, and editing functions. After you create a bank statement, it may be customized by changing the graphics, text, signatures, and other elements using UPDF's editing capabilities.

However, in order to access all of these UPDF capabilities, you must first download the program on your device. After that, you may do the following actions:

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

1. Open UPDF and open PDF document in it

Open UPDF software on your device and click the "Open File" button. After clicking this button, you can select the PDF file from the files available on your device. Once the PDF opens in reader mode, you can use editing features in UPDF to edit it.

open file on windows with updf

2.      Click Comment and choose annotation tools.

Say that you want to annotate the PDF document by adding some pencil drawings in it, text box comments or highlighting some original text in the PDF. Click on the "Comment" option. Pick and use the respective tool according to the functionality you need.

comment bank statement

3.      Click edit and double click Text to make it editable

Using the "Edit PDF" button, double-click any text field to make it editable in the PDF document. When you see that the Text is editable, you may modify the font, size, and style of the text, add or delete Text without affecting the rest of the page, and more.

edit bank statement on windows

4.      Use Save As for saving changes to a new file.

After making all the edits, click "Save as other" and pick a saving option for your document. Use "Save" to save all changes in the original file, or use "Save As" to save all your changes into a new PDF file without disturbing the new one.

save the edit bank statement on windows

Why Recommend Using UPDF?

Although numerous online tools can be used without installing anything, UPDF is still our top recommendations. Here are the reasons.

  • You don't have to submit your paper somewhere else since it is offline, which is ideal for privacy and security.
  • When editing a statement with UPDF, the rest of the document stays untouched, so there are no formatting or data integrity issues.
  • UPDF ensures to maintain the same font, size, and style so that you don't have to manually set things when editing Text.
  • You get UPDF Cloud with it that can synchronize your progress across all devices and organize your PDF documents securely as well.

Hence, it is clear how UPDF improves your experience of working with PDF documents with its reliability and performance. So, you can download it and try it for free or purchase the UPDF Pro version with cheap price to unlock all the premium features available.

Part 2. Edit Bank Statement Online Free with PDFFiller

For those who want a tool that works on the go or don't want to install a tool on their device, an online PDF editor is the best resort. PDFFiller is one of those reliable and versatile PDF editing tools available online that can facilitate the process of editing your bank statement. It comes with almost all the PDF editing features you will need while working on your statement.

Moreover, it allows you to pick files from offline storage or directly from the cloud. The only concerning thing about this tool is its interface, which is not greatly designed and feels outdated. Regardless, here are the steps for using PDFFiller to edit your bank statements with ease.

1. Open the PDFFiller website and upload a PDF document

Go to a browser and open the PDFFiller website. The homepage shows you multiple options for uploading PDF documents to this website, and here, you can upload a PDF document from your offline storage or cloud storage.

pdf edit form with pdffiller

2. Click Text button then click any text to make it editable.

The document may take a few seconds to upload, but once it uploads, it will be displayed on your screen with all the tools and PDFFiller interface around it. If you want to edit a text in the PDF document, click the "Text" button from the top and double-click the text box to select and make it editable. Once it becomes editable, you may remove, replace, or add Text to the file.

Edit bank statement with pdffiller 1

3. Click Tools and choose the tool of your choice to annotate the PDF

Say that you want to highlight some part of the bank statement or add a comment against a transaction. You can click "Tools" and select the respective option. For example, if you pick the "highlight" tool, you can use it by clicking and dragging the cursor over Text to highlight it.

edit bank statement with pdffiller 2

4.      Save the PDF document.

After making all the changes to your bank statement, you may click the "save" button by downloading the icon. With PDFFiller, you can save the document back to your cloud storage or download it to your device's offline storage.

save bank statement with pdffiller

Part 3. Which Method is Better to Edit Bank Statement

Till now, we discussed the step-by-step guides for two different methods for editing your PDF bank statements. With some similar features between the two, you might be confused when it comes to picking one for your usage. So, this table compares the key features and functionalities offered by these two tools, which will help you in your selection.

Edit PDF Text, Links, Images
Annotate PDF
Add Signature
Create and Edit PDF Forms
Batch Process
Convert PDF
Create PDF
ChatGPT Integrated
Add Watermark
Organize PDF Pages

The table shows how there are some overlapping features between UPDF and PDFFiller, but there are some missing features in PDFFiller that are only available in UPDF, and those can be crucial for defining your experience. Moreover, if you are concerned about your document's security and privacy, going for an offline option will be your best choice.

With the features offered by UPDF and how well it performs, it is the better option in comparison.

Part 4. FAQS About Editing Bank Statement

Q1. How to edit a bank statement template?

You can use UPDF to edit a bank statement template. The bank statement template usually has a header & footer, main content on top, and tables that contain transaction information and other details. So, you can open UPDF and click "File" > "Open" and choose your PDF bank statement. Click "Edit PDF" and then double-click on a text to make it editable. This way, you can change the whole bank statement template without disturbing its original layout.

Q2. How to edit bank statements on your iPhone?

To edit your PDF bank statement files on your iPhone, open the UPDF application and open the bank statement in it by clicking the "+" button. Now navigate to the right top and tap "T" > "Text" > tap on Text in PDF to make it editable and edit as you want. To save your work, tap the arrow next to the "Home button" and tap "Save."


Do you need to edit bank statement? It could be for hiding some information before sharing it or making some part of the statement highlighted for multiple reasons. No matter what your use case is, it is crucial to know the right method for editing a bank statement since it is a sensitive document. With the methods discussed here, you can easily edit anything in the bank statement.

If you want the best experience of editing bank statements, you must go for UPDF since it allows you to conveniently and professionally edit PDF documents without changing formatting or data integrity. Download UPDF on your devices and try it to see how easy it is to edit bank statements with UPDF.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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