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7 Methods to Add Watermark to PDF Rapidly

A watermark is a semi-transparent picture that typically includes a logo or seal to identify the creator of a document or image.

Watermarks can also be used to protect confidential information. If you want to add a watermark to a PDF file, you can either add the watermark directly into the PDF or create a file in a PDF watermark creator and then utilize it in a PDF.

Let's take a look at 7 different methods of how to add a watermark to a PDF.

Part 1. How to Add a Watermark to PDF with UPDF

It's easy to edit PDF files with UPDF, a simple and open-source PDF editor. Not only is it a tool for editing PDF files, but it's also a one-stop shop for all your PDF wants. All of your PDF files can be edited, annotated, organized, and signed in one place.

insert watermark in pdf

Using UPDF's professional PDF editing tools, you may make text and picture edits to your PDF files. It is possible to edit and change your documents by adding, and removing text. Additionally, you'll be able to make changes to the PDF's pictures as well.

In order to make your writing stand out, you may want to use text underlining or other methods of highlighting. In addition to that, you are able to annotate any words or text in your PDF file with post-it notes or comments.

It's just as crucial to organize PDF files as it is to create new ones. Using UPDF, you have complete control over how your document's pages are organized. Any page in your PDF document may be rotated, cropped, added, or removed.

UPDF allows you to electronically sign PDF files with its software. The signed paper can also be shared with others by URL or email.

It also allows you to add a watermark to your files so that you can ensure that your PDFs are being used in a legal manner. If you are interested in the above steps, you can download UPDF directly by clicking the download button below.

Now, let's see how to insert a watermark in PDFusing UPDF:

Step 1. How Do I Put Watermark on PDF?

To get started, you'll need to download and install the UPDF application on your computer. Now, open UPDF on your computer. Use the UPDF software to open your PDF file. Click the "Page Tools" option at the left of the screen.

After clicking on the "Watermark" option, a window will appear on the right. Click on the "Add" button in the window.

put watermark on pdf with updf

Step 2. Settings of the Watermark

Now you can create the watermark. You can add text, an image, or a PDF file as a watermark by selecting the types. Additionally, you have control over the image's ratio, opacity, scaling, and rotation when applying a watermark to it.

watermark pdf

To save your work after applying a watermark, simply click the "Save" button.

Above are the steps to add a watermark to PDF using UPDF. You can download it for a trial.

This is UPDF. Following other applications can also add a watermark to PDF. But most of them cost more and look more complicated. Compared to online websites, UPDF is safer and more stable. You can add a watermark without the internet. UPDF is software with beautiful pages and simple and convenient operations. Unlike Adobe, Foxit, and Soda, the tools are arranged together and look confusing. If you are looking for a tool to add a watermark, UPDF is the best choice for you.

Part 2. How to Add a Watermark to PDF Online with iLovePDF

iLovePDF is an online PDF editing tool that allows you to add watermarks in PDF online. Here is how to add a watermark to PDF files using iLovePDF:

  1. Enter the iLovePDF watermark tool into your web browser.
  2. To upload PDF files, click on Select PDF file.
  3. Customize the watermark by selecting the text or image that you want to use.
  4. To begin the watermarking process, click on the Add Watermark button.
  5. You can save the watermarked PDF files to your local storage.

Part 3. How to Insert a Watermark to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Because of its extensive functionality, Adobe Acrobat is the most widely used PDF software. To name a few features, Adobe Acrobat lets you do everything from editing PDFs to securing them from being printed or shared with others.

To watermark a PDF document, follow these simple instructions from Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Use Adobe Acrobat to open your PDF file.
  2. On the main window, select "Tools" and then "Edit PDF".
  3. Add a watermark by selecting "Add" after clicking on "Watermark".
  4. This is the time to choose the watermark for your PDF document. It's as simple as going to the "Saved Settings" option and choosing the desired watermark.
  5. In order to add a text watermark, select "Text" and type in your intended text.
  6. As a watermark, you can select a picture by clicking "File" then "Browse," and then select the desired file.
  7. After selecting the watermark choices you want, click the "OK" button to exit the "Add Watermark" dialog box.

Part 4. How to Put a Watermark on PDF with Foxit

Foxit also allows you to add a watermark to your PDF file. Just follow these instructions to add a new watermark:

  1. Select Organize > Watermark > Add from the Organize menu to add a watermark to a document.
  2. In the "Add Watermark" dialog box, you can customize the watermark.
  3. Choose a font, size, and color, or upload a file from your computer using the "Browse" option to place the text as the background. One of the pages can be selected if the file has many pages.
  4. Choose the degree of rotation and the opacity to customize the look. In addition, you may specify whether or not you want the scale to be relative to the destination page. Select "Appearance Options" to control when the watermark will appear.
  5. If you select "appear behind the page," some of the watermarks will be obstructed by the page content.
  6. The watermark will hide some content if you select "appear at the top of the page," but you may change the opacity of the watermark to make it more visible.
  7. Adjust the distance, both vertically and horizontally, between the watermark and the page you want to target.
  8. To apply the watermark, select a page range. By picking the appropriate options in the subset list, you can choose all pages, a specific page range, or even odd pages.
  9. To get a preview of the changes, click or uncheck the Show Preview box.
  10. In order to save your current preferences as a profile that can be applied to other documents, click Save Settings at the top of the dialog box.
  11. To activate it, simply press the OK button.

Part 5. How to Insert a Watermark to PDF with Soda PDF

It is possible to edit PDF files on your computer, tablet, or smartphone using the superb Soda PDF editor. As a result, they only keep each file on the server for 24 hours to prevent any illegal access. Here is how to add a watermark to PDF online:

  1. Go to Soda PDF online watermark tool.
  2. It's possible to upload a PDF file from your computer or a cloud storage service like Drive or Dropbox, and then choose it. Drag and drop is also an option for uploading files.
  3. Set a watermark for your pages. On this page, you'll find three settings boxes. The font, size, rotation, opacity, and position on the page are all options for customizing your watermark. In addition, you have the option of deciding where your watermark will show. Click the "ADD WATERMARK" button when you've done.
  4. To download and view the file in your browser, click "Download & View in browser." In addition, the online editor may give you a link to your work, which is valid for 24 hours.

Part 6. How to Add a Watermark to PDF with PDF Xchange

With the PDF-XChange Editor, you have complete control over watermark design and placement.

  1. Adding watermarks is as simple as going to the Organize Tab and selecting Watermarks > Add.
  2. Click OK once you've made your desired changes to the watermark settings.
  3. However, PDF-XChange Viewer does not permit the creation or placement of watermarks directly in documents.

Custom objects with the same opacity as watermarks may be created using the Stamp Tool. The disadvantage of this approach is that it necessitates the addition of watermarks to each page of the document manually.

Part 7. How to Add a Confidential Watermark to PDF on Linux

Here is how to add a watermark to PDF on Linux:

  1. Sign up for a free account on the pdfFiller website.
  2. Add a watermark to a PDF file by using the "Add file" button or by dragging and dropping the file.
  3. You may either write in or upload a watermark image. You may customize the watermark's appearance by adjusting its opacity and placement on the document's pages.
  4. Simply click the "Add watermark" option and then "Download" the newly created PDF file to your computer.

Part 8. Why and When You Should Add Watermark to PDF

The widespread use of PDF has made life easier for many, but it has also created plenty of new issues for those who depend on it. The copyrights of PDF documents are challenging to secure because of the ease with which they may be copied and shared.

If you've ever opened a folder with a lot of PDFs that all have the same file name, it might be difficult to tell them apart. Neither you nor anybody else can know which one is the final, updated version. To get over these issues, you may use watermarks right now!

Security and confidentiality

There is nothing like adding a distinguishing stamp to a document to remind readers of its ownership, which protects your work from being used for commercial purposes, in the Internet era when your production spreads at unbelievable rates and is copied by millions.

Keeping track of all of your files

There are times when it might be difficult to determine which version of a document you require at the time. A draft watermark, on the other hand, can help you rapidly identify any issues with your initial edition.

Sharing information

It's up to you what you include in the paper you distribute to others. By doing this, you can be certain that they are aware of your goals and are taking good care of your documents.

Part 9. Types of Watermarks on PDF

The following are the 3 main types of watermarks


Custom text, metadata, and special keywords can all be used to convey information about the content being watermarked at the time of the watermarking process. It is most commonly used in every organization.


You can use any of the available formats to add a picture as a watermark to your PDF file. It is commonly used in the developmental or construction sector.


You can also add a file, such as a watermark PDF, to your PDF document as a watermark. This type of watermark is usually used in corporate offices or where it is a dire need to add a file as a watermark.


We discussed the 7 methods for adding a watermark to your PDF files. Some of these methods are online and others are offline. We recommend you use the UPDF app to add a watermark to your PDF files. It is secure and offline to ensure the confidentiality of your information.