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How to Edit a PDF in Different Ways

How to edit a PDF document directly without converting? That's an interesting question we often come across because the bulk of so-called PDF editors can only be used as annotation tools that can add text, images, etc. to a PDF but CANNOT edit PDF text and other content that's already there in the file.

So, where do you find a tool to edit PDF documents on Windows and Mac? Introducing UPDF, a delightful PDF editor with amazing PDF editing capabilities that you don't have to spend time learning to use! Let's look at how to edit PDFs in different ways.

How to Edit PDF File (Text, Images, and Pages)

The PDF editing process is very simple. All you need to do is follow the steps shown here for editing various types of PDF content. In these showcase tutorials, we'll show you how to edit text and images in UPDF.

1. How Do I Edit a PDF Text Block?

  • Launch UPDF and open any PDF containing text elements or blocks.
  • Click the "Edit PDF" icon at the left toolbar to enter the editing mode and reveal a secondary PDF editing toolbar.
  • Select a block of text that you want to edit and click inside to see the text editing cursor.
  • You can now edit the text easily. You can type the text like you are on a Word processor. You can also select a portion of text and replace it with new text by typing it in or pasting it from your clipboard.
edit text in pdf

When working with a document or PDF, how to edit PDF text is an important question to answer because PDF documents are static by design. In other words, only a true PDF editor such as UPDF can edit existing content, as we saw. But modifying the content might be crucial to the workflow, which makes it a super-important feature of any PDF tool.

Simple and elegant, right? You can also edit an image with different actions in UPDF. That's the next tutorial.

2. How Do I Edit PDF Images?

  • Launch UPDF and open a document containing at least one editable image. Click the "Edit PDF" icon.
  • Now you can double-click any image to see the image editing toolbar.
  • Choose one of the options to apply to the image: rotate, crop, extract, replace, or delete.
how to edit pdf file with updf

For each specific PDF edit, perform the required action. For example, when selecting "Replace Image", choose another image from your local drive to add in place of the current image. Similarly, to crop an image, drag the crop handles to resize the image, and so on.

To resize the image in PDF, you can drag the edges.

Alternatively, you can right-click the image and choose the options to edit images in PDF.

3. How Do I Edit PDF Pages?

  • If you want to edit the pages in a PDF document, you need to click the "Organize Pages" icon to reveal the page management tools.
  • In the page management toolbar, choose the action to be performed, such as inserting a blank page, rotating pages right or left, extracting and replacing pages, etc.
insert blank page in updf

Simply follow the on-screen process flow to finish the task.

The above is the tutorial on how to edit PDF pages with UPDF. As a professional PDF editor, UPDF allows you to edit PDF text, images, pages, and other elements, such as watermarks, backgrounds, etc. Free download it to enjoy the amazing editing experience!

Video Guide on How to Edit a PDF

Why UPDF is the Best Tool to Edit PDF Documents

UPDF is a comprehensive PDF tool with a load of advanced features such as editing, annotating, converting, encrypting, reading, and organizing PDF documents. 

edit pdf in updf

The edit PDF function is of special note because most PDF editors on the market can merely add on top of a PDF a new layer. They can't actually be used to edit existing PDF content but they pass as PDF editors anyway. On the other hand, UPDF gives you full control over any PDF content, which includes text, images, objects, pages, and so on.


As an all-in-one PDF editor, UPDF is the first of its kind in the world of PDFs. The introductory features such as the ability to edit PDFs on Windows and Mac are just the beginning. In subsequent iterations, new and powerful features will be included in this utility. Get more out of your PDF editor by opting for UPDF and saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in monthly and annual subscription fees or perpetual licenses. This is the last PDF editor you will ever need for any kind of PDF workflow scenario across multiple industries and professions.