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Detailed Exploration of Linking to PDF Pages for Enhanced Document Navigation

Linking within a document is a great way to simplify PDF navigation for any reader. This means the reader won't have to read the entire text before moving to the actual part that provides answers or solutions to their query. Hence, with easier accessibility, the document will be more engaging to read for any reader. In this article, you will find ways to hyperlink to specific pages in PDF in a straightforward way.

Part 1: How to Link to a Specific Page in PDF

UPDF PDF editor is a trusted solution for all your PDF editing requirements. After all, this platform allows users to edit, manage, and maintain their PDF documents. Reading a PDF is also convenient on this platform with the availability of dark mode, multi-tab view, and slideshows. Page linking within the document is also possible with UPDF.

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This PDF editor also allows you to edit all the content of your document without damaging the document's formatting. It also provides innovative AI features through which you can translate, summarize, or explain the content without using other AI tools. To know how to add hyperlink to a specific page in a PDF, find some easy steps here:

Step 1: Open the Required PDF Document

Open the powerful UPDF software on your computer and import the PDF file by clicking "Open File" from the homepage. This will let you locate and open your PDF document in the editing interface of UPDF. 

link to pdf page

Step 2:  Link to PDF Page

Tap the "Edit PDF" icon from the left-side toolbar. Select the "Link" tool from the top toolbar, place the link's location on the text's desired part, and select the "Link to Page" option to enter the desired linking page number.

link to specific page in pdf

Step 3: Save the Linked PDF Document

Following this, press the "Save as Other" icon from the screen's right side, and then choose the "Save As" or “Save” option to save your document in the desired location.

pdf hyperlink to page

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Part 2: How to Edit the Link to PDF Page

Adding hyperlinks to a specific page in a PDF is crucial to make document navigation simpler and smarter. Meanwhile, if you've already applied the page link to your PDF using UPDF, modifying the link properties is still possible. For this purpose, these simple steps will help you move forward:

Step 1: Choose the Link to Modify

Open the PDF document and access the “Edit PDF” tool of UPDF. Afterward, choose the link that you applied to your PDF document. Right-click on it, and select the "Properties" option.

hyperlink to a specific page in a pdf

Step 2: Customize the Link Properties

From the settings panel, you can adjust different parameters of the applied link. The possibilities include adjusting "Link Type," "Line Style," "Line Thickness," and "Border Color." You can also change the link by double-clicking on the page link. This is how you edit link in PDF easily.

hyperlink to specific page in pdf

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Part 3: How to Remove the Link to PDF Page 

Adding a page link to your PDF is an ideal way to make essential document pages easily accessible with simple clicks. However, the link to the PDF page may be added to the wrong text. To overcome this situation, you must remove the existing link and add a new yet correct one.

Instruction: To remove the link using UPDF, open your PDF document by clicking the "Open File" button from the home screen. Enter the edit mode by clicking the "Edit PDF" icon on the left. Continue to select the applied link. Perform right-click on it and choose the "Delete" option.

link to pdf page delete link

Part 4: Benefits of Linking to Specific Page in PDF

Linking is an excellent accessibility tool for PDFs since it brings broader possibilities within a document. Hence, linking is a popular tool for many editors around the world. To know how adding a hyperlink to a specific page in PDF is beneficial. Let's find the benefits here of linking your document pages: 

1. Easy Navigation and Improved Accessibility 

Links allow users to navigate to a specific page within the PDF document quickly, rather than scrolling through multiple pages to find the desired information. Moreover, users will need to simply click the applied link on the text and be directed to the relevant page. Those with visual impairments or disabilities will also find it easier to access desired pages through screen readers.

2. Streamlined documentation

Make your lengthy or complex PDF documents streamlined by adding links to specific pages. It allows users to access relevant sections directly, which helps reduce the time and effort needed to find detailed information. This can be particularly useful for legal documents, technical manuals, or even research papers where you can quickly access important information.

3. Collaboration through Cross-referencing

When working with others on PDF documents like research papers, theses, or any legal document, you often need to have a cross-reference. By linking to PDF pages, collaboration can become convenient and simplified. This ensures everyone remains on the same page, including the review and feedback stage. Hence, the document would be perfectly organized after collaboration.

4. Interactive Slide Presentations

If you are using PDF for teaching on slides for educational purposes, adding links to specific pages can be beneficial. Thus, you can create interactive elements by linking to relevant sections, diagrams, or supplementary material. Thus, allowing the students to explore the content at their own pace. This also helps improve their study goals.


The fact is, reading an entire PDF document only to discover your desired information page is definitely annoying, as well as time-consuming. The better and ideal scenario is to use PDF page linking that instantly takes you to your desired page.

Meanwhile, in this article, you discovered the perfect way for PDF hyperlinking to pages in different possibilities by using UPDF. This AI PDF reader makes all document management tasks swift and easy to perform.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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