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How to Perform PDF Collaboration with the Best Tool in the Market

Collaboration via means of PDF documents is an important way to share your ideas and thoughts on a collective project with people around the globe. Meanwhile, PDF is the most trusted format for sharing documents across the internet.

Thus, for document collaboration, people rely on this utility when it comes to sharing data with people sitting around the globe. This article will discuss an important tool by which you can effectively collaborate on PDF.

Part 1: Why It is Important to Collaborate on PDF Document

Whether it concerns academic documents, medical reports, legal papers, or business drafts, PDF is the widely used document-sharing medium. Similarly, PDF is also the most preferred format for collaborating on important projects. But why is PDF collaboration so unique and important? Read the following reasons to know why PDF collaboration is essential:

  • Maintains Formatting: No matter if your team members are accessing shared PDFs on different devices and operating systems. After all, PDF maintains document layout and text margins in the original format.
  • Fully Secure: With the availability of passwords and encryption facilities, team members can share and collaborate on PDF in a secure environment. Hence, important documents are protected.
  • Searchable: PDFs are easily searchable using relevant keywords. Thus, the team can instantly search for relevant text or read specific parts without navigating the entire document.
  • Offers Versatility: As a team collaboration, PDF offers users multiple document facilities. This includes text-based documents, image documents, and forms.

Part 2: The Best Collaborative PDF Editor for All Industries

Although the internet is filled with several PDF collaboration software, the most reliable option is the UPDF PDF Editor. This tool allows users to edit, manage, and organize their PDF documents without worrying about damage to text layout or other formatting issues. Similarly, with the availability of UPDF, remote teams can effectively collaborate on collective projects while sitting anywhere in the world.

pdf collaboration updf

Meanwhile, UPDF comes with cross-platform support because you can access this collaborative PDF editor on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. With its colorful interface and simple layout, UPDF allows easy tool navigation for all its users.

Prominent Key Features of the UPDF Collaboration Tool

UPDF is a trusted choice when it comes to dealing with PDF documents of all types. Meanwhile, this PDF editor has more to offer, and this includes:

  • Edit PDF Documents: UPDF allows users to edit PDFs by writing or rewriting text in desired font type and style. There is also an option for editing images and links, alongside adding watermarks to PDF and background colors.
  • Convert PDF Files: Convert your PDF documents into popular file formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, CSV, RTV, Image, HTML, and more. No need to convert multiple files one by one because batch processing converts all at once.
  • Annotate PDF by UPDF: With collaborative PDF annotation on UPDF, add comments to your PDFs with the help of text boxes, sticky notes, underlines, and highlight and strikeout text. Moreover, you can add colorful shapes as needed.
  • Organize the PDFs: Get your PDF documents perfectly organized with UPDF, which allows you to rotate, add, split, delete, crop, and re-arrange PDF pages. Thus, team members can collaborate to decide which page should come first.

Part 3: How to Collaborate PDF Documents with UPDF Cloud across Devices

1. PDF Collaboration on Multiple Devices

To collaborate on PDF documents on multiple devices using the UPDF Cloud, follow these simple and easy steps to proceed:

  • First of all, UPDF Cloud feature supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. You can use easily synchronize every document so you can access it without any issues.
  • Open the UPDF application and sign into your account using the "Login" option.
  • Once logged in, find the "UPDF Cloud" option and upload your PDF.
  • After you upload your PDF document, you can make any changes to it. By saving the document, it will automatically be synced. You can access the document with the latest content on any device, anywhere.
pdf collaboration online updf cloud

2. PDF Collaboration with Team Members

Step 1: Modify the PDF Document

Click on your uploaded PDF file, and you will enter it into the reading mode of the tool. Now tap "Edit PDF" mode from the left side if you want to edit the PDF text, image, or link.

collaborative pdf editor

Step 2: Share the PDF File via Link or Email

To share the PDF with other team members, click the "Share this file with others" icon from the right panel. A window will open that allows you to share PDFs through a link or email.

  • If you want to share through the link, choose the "Share a Link" tab. Next, turn on or off the "Disable Copy/Download/Print" option as needed, set the "Expiration Time," and click the "Create" button.
  • If you want to share through email, choose the "Share with Others" tab, and enter the recipient's email and an optional message. Afterward, enable or disable the "Disable Copy/Download/Print" option, set the "Expiration Time," and click the "Send" button.
pdf collaboration software updf

Step 3: Review the Document using the Collaborative PDF Annotation by Your Team

Once you have received the document from your team member, you can download and review it using the innovative annotation tools of UPDF. Enable the command mode by tapping the "Comment" icon from the left panel if you want to apply PDF annotation collaboration.

You will see a new top toolbar full of annotation tools that you can use to review the document, such as highlighter, underline, strikethrough, text box, sticky notes, stickers, shapes, and stamps. After reviewing the document, share it back with your team.

collaborative pdf annotation

This is how you do PDF collaboration with UPDF. Start using it today!

Part 4: FAQs on PDF Collaboration

1. Can multiple users edit a PDF at the same time?

With UPDF Cloud, it's possible because this utility comes with powerful document syncing. So, when a PDF is uploaded into UPDF Cloud, every change made to it will automatically be applied to PDF on all devices. However, you need to ensure all devices are logged with the same credentials for UPDF Cloud.

2. How do I edit a shared PDF in a team?

You can edit a shared PDF using the sharing facility that comes with super convenience. This way, documents are easily shared via a link and edited within the teams as part of a collaboration.

3. How do I edit a PDF created by someone else?

Please first check if the PDF document is restricted from editing. You can't edit a password-protected PDF if you don't know the password. If the PDF is a normal PDF file, you can easily edit it by utilizing a PDF editor like UPDF.

4. How do I make a file shareable and editable?

Using the OCR functionality within UPDF, you can scan and turn your scanned documents into editable PDF documents. If you want to make your document shareable, you can share them through a link or email.


PDF collaboration is an ideal way to collaborate on projects in a smart and efficient way. After all, PDF documents are easier to process and maintain proper formatting while sharing across the internet. Meanwhile, in this article, you discovered that UPDF is not only a best-in-class PDF editor, but with this, you can also collaborate with people in remote settings.