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How to Remove Image from PDF Online with 3 Ways

One of the toughest parts of having a PDF document is that the document cannot be edited straight away. If you have a document someone has sent you or you have created that you want to remove the images from, then you can remove images from PDF online without installing any software. We shall introduce 3 tools for you in this article. However, these types of online tools can have many benefits, but they are not always as stable and safe. Alternatively, there is also the option of using an offline tool, such as UPDF. UPDF is more versatile and secure which is normally the reason why it is the preferred tool for removing images from PDF. Try it now.

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How to Remove Image from PDF Online with 3 Tools

To help you remove Images from PDF online easily we have created the perfect simple guide that will teach you how to use the three most popular removal tools.

1. PDFzorro

PDFZorro is an extremely simple-to-use tool that only lacks a simple and intuitive interface. As a result of how basic the tool is, you might at times feel like it is a struggle to perform the tasks you have in mind when it comes to editing your PDF. However, once you get the hang of how the tool works, you will find that PDFzorro can easily remove your images from your PDF files without requiring you to download anything further.

Instructions of Using PDFzorro to Remove Images from PDF Online

  • Upload your document
  • Click on the green button "Start PDF Editor" once the document has been uploaded
  • On the right-hand side click on the up and down arrows to select which page you want to edit
  • Select the page you want to edit
  • To remove photos you have two options with this software. The first is to Select and Cut the Photo out of the PDF and the second is to cover it using a Rectangle. To cut the image out, press the Cut/Copy/ Crop button. Use your cursor to select the image you want and then click on the cut button at the top of the page. To remove an image by just covering it with a different object, choose the Rectangle on the left-hand side and turn it into the color of your page (usually white). Then use the cursor to create a rectangle that covers the image you have.
remove image from PDF online PDFZorro

Limitations of PDFZorro

Both of the options for removing images from PDF with PDFZorro are not so much about removing the image, but more about either covering it up or alternatively cutting it out of the page. As a result of the limited editing tools, you are also left with a page that has a big gap where the image was meant to be.

As PDFZorro does not make the entire document editable, in the end, your PDF will look weird even when the photo is taken out.

The other big limitation of this tool is how basic the interface is. The interface appears to have not been updated in years which means that finding which tool you are trying to use can be quite hard.

2. Workintool

Workintool is another great online tool that you can use for deleting images. Much like many other online tools it has a simple interface that often leaves a lot to be desired in terms of functionality.

Instructions of Using of Workintool to Remove Images from PDF Online

  • To use Workintool the first step is to upload your document.
  • Once uploaded click on the blue convert button. To edit out images you will need to convert your PDF to a file type that allows you to edit the content of your PDF, such as Word.
  • Download your converted Word file and open it on Word
  • Delete the images you want to remove through Word, this can be done by selecting them with the cursor and then removing them by using either the backspace or delete buttons on the keyboard.
  • Save your document as PDF once you are done with the conversions.
remove image from PDF online Workintool

Limitations of Workintool

Workintool has many limitations when it comes to removing images. The most important of these is that the online free version only allows PDF documents that are up to 0.5MB. However, the majority of PDFS that have images will be larger file types than that.

Another big limitation is that the removal of the image cannot be done directly through the tool, instead, you will just convert the document to a different format and then edit it in another tool.

Pricing Plan of Workintool

There are two price plans for Workintool, the first allows you to make a lifetime purchase for £30.81 while the annual version costs £28.87/year. The important thing to remember with this type of license is that it does not auto-renew so you will need to remember to renew it each year.

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3. Xara

Xara is a simple-to-use online cloud PDF tool that allows you to remove images from your PDFs. You can also use it to white out some unwanted text. As an online PDF editor, you add new text to the PDF document and edit any part in the PDF document. However, it forces users to sign up for it, which is really annoying.

Instructions of Using Xara to Remove Images from PDF Online

  • Create an account on Xara
  • Upload your documents
  • Open the editing page after the document is uploaded
  • Select your image by clicking on it using the cursor
  • Press on backspace or delete to remove the image
xara remove image from pdf online

Limitations of Using Xara

Xara's biggest limitation is that you will need to create an account in order to use the tool. There is no way of avoiding the account as this is a cloud service above all else.

Pricing Plan of Using Xara

A single pro cloud license for Xara costs US$12.99 per month or US$156 per year.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Removing Images from PDF Online

The main advantage of using an online tool for the removal of images from your PDF is that you can use the tool from wherever you are without needing to download new software.

Disadvantages of Removing Images from PDF Online

However, with that freedom comes a number of limitations.

  • Many of the tools have hard-to-use interfaces and they are not truly removing the image. Instead, they just give you the option to cover the image so that it is not really visible.
  • There is also a big security concern with many of these tools as you are forced to upload your document online. This can be a particularly important problem in cases where your documents contain sensitive information.
  • Online tools always claim that they are free, however, they will set a lot of restrictions (file size, registration, upload limits, etc.) to make you upgrade. And the upgrading prices are even higher than offline software.
  • Online tools rely on the Internet a lot and it may not always to stable, especially when you are outside and out of the Internet. And the processing speed may be very slow.

The Best Offline Tool to Remove Images to PDF (Stable, Fast & Safe)

The best way to actually remove images and edit your PDF is through UPDF. Unlike the online tools on this list, UPDF is a powerful PDF editor that allows you to have a full control of your PDF and edit any elements in the PDF documents. This means that not only can you remove images, but also you can edit them, resize them, and move them around on your document. To download UPDF all you need to do is click the button here.

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To remove image from PDF, you will need to follow the steps below:

Remove Images from a Native PDF

Step 1. Open your PDF document by pressing on the "Open File" button on the main interface. Select the PDF document from your device and open it. (Note: If your document is stored in UPDF Cloud, you can also open it directly from UPDF Cloud)

Step 2. To edit your PDF, click on the "Edit PDF" menu that is available on the left toolbar. This will help you enter the editing mode, and in this mode, you can edit images, text, and links easily. Select the image you want to edit by double-clicking or clicking on it, and you can use the following three ways to remove images:

  • A new toolbar will appear on top of the page that gives you the options to Rotate counterclockwise, rotate clockwise, extract the image, crop, replace the image, or delete it. Resizing the image can also be performed by dragging the corner. To delete your image, click on the "Delete" option on your toolbar.
  • Alternatively, once you select your image you can right-click for the same menu to appear. From there you can click on "Delete Image".
  • Finally, you also have the option to delete the image through the keyboard (backspace or delete key).
remove image from PDF online UPDF

Remove Images from a Scanned PDF

If you have a scanned PDF, the first thing to do to edit it is using OCR.

Step 1. On the right-hand side click on "Recognize Text using OCR" option. (If this is the first time you're using this feature, you need to download the OCR plugin and click the icon again after the installation.)

Step 2. In the OCR window, choose the "Searchable PDF" option to make your PDF completely searchable and editable. You need to select the language of your document to make the OCR process more accurate, and UPDF supports 38 languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and more. It also supports to select more than one language if your document is bilingual. You can also choose the layout, image resolution, and page range for the OCR.

Step 3. Click on the "Perform OCR" button and save the new copy of your editable PDF.

Step 4. The PDF will be open automatically in UPDF and you can go to "Edit PDF" mode and remove the images easily by using the instructions above.

remove image from PDF online UPDF

Here is a video tutorial to help you get a quick understanding of the image removal process. Download UPDF and follow the tutorial to make the process easier.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Other Key Features of UPDF

UPDF has a number of key features including conversion tools from and to PDF, options to annotate and sign PDF, as well as many PDF editing tools. The UPDF AI provides you with a writing AI that can help improve your content.

These UPDF AI features empower users to efficiently handle PDFs by extracting key information. The tool provides explanations, translates content, and improves language. Let's discuss its other features in detail in the following section.

  • Ask PDF: It allows you to interact with your PDF document with an AI virtual assistant. In the Ask PDF mode, users can ask any document-related questions and get an instant solution to their problems.
  • Explain Complex Information: Moreover, the software explains the technical terminologies of the documents. In this way, you can enhance productivity while comprehending the content without needing to search it on search engines.
  • Proofread Grammar Errors: With its grammar-checking capabilities powered by AI, it ensures proper language for documentation. Plus, it improves the quality of your text by suggesting modifications in grammar and making it error-free.
  • Rewrite Content: The rewriting function in UPDF AI improves document clarity and coherence through adept content rephrasing. This feature results in enhanced readability and alignment with particular writing styles.
remove image from PDF online UPDF


When it comes to removing your images from PDF online the process can be simple if you know which tools to use. However, if you are concerned about the possible security risks the best option is always to ensure that the tool you are using is available offline. Another main reason why UPDF is a better tool is that it is a full editing tool that allows you to completely manage and edit your PDFs without needing to convert them. This is why downloading UPDF can be the best option not only for removing your PDFs but also for editing them fully.  It is also cost-effective tool, which allows you to use only 1 license on 4 devices across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It is great if you choose to upgrade it now, as it is on a big sale now. Don't miss it.

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