How to Edit PDFs Using Microsoft Office? (Steps with Pictures)

PDFs are popular because they maintain their layout across different devices and OS. This ensures that the content looks the same for everyone viewing it. However, this also means that making direct changes to PDF files is more complex than other formats.

Thankfully Microsoft Office and the most productive tool UPDF came to the rescue. Read this guide until the end to learn how to edit PDFs in Microsoft Office.

Part 1. How to Edit PDF on Office 365?

Microsoft Word, included in Office 365, can be used as a fully functional PDF file editor. This means you can edit PDFs using Microsoft Office without additional extensions. This is a convenient and easy way to make changes to your PDFs. However, first, you must check if your PDF file is editable. PDFs that only contain images of scanned documents are not editable.

You can easily determine if your PDF is editable by opening it in the PDF editor. Now, if you can select the text within the document, you can edit the file using Microsoft Word. As Office 365 doesn't have a built-in feature, MS Word works as a great feature for those who work with PDFs frequently. Let's proceed to the steps and learn to edit PDFs on Office 365:

Step 1: On your device, access the file explorer and navigate the PDF file that needs editing. Select the PDF file first and then right-click it. From the given options, place the cursor on “Open With” to open the extended menu options to the right side.

tap on choose another app in windows to open pdf

Step 2: Afterward, click the "Choose Another App" option and continue by tapping the "Word" under the "More Options" section in the pop-up menu. Now, turn on the "Just Once" feature to proceed further. This will now open a dialog box asking you to allow Word to edit text. Hit the "OK" button to proceed with the editing process.

press the ok button to open pdf in word

Step 3: With this, start making changes to your file using the Word tools. After you are done with editing, head to the "File" tab and choose "Save As," and proceed by double-clicking on the "This PC" option. Next, type the desired "File Name," and from the "Save As Type," choose "PDF" as the required output format. Finally, hit the "Save" button to store the document as an edited PDF on your device.

save word as pdf using word

Note: However, editing PDFs in MS Office comes with limitations compared to UPDF PDF editor. Using MS Office, you can efficiently perform basic tasks, from adding text to highlighting it, but more advanced features like adding signatures and organizing PDFs are not available.

Part 2. How to Edit PDF Without Microsoft Office?

There might be cases where you need to install Microsoft Office on your device or need more advanced PDF editing. In that case, there is a great alternative called UPDF PDF editor. This tool lets you make changes to PDF files in many different ways. You can easily edit the text, images, and links in the Edit PDF mode. You can click the link below to try all these editing features.

Supports Windows 7 or later100% secure

Supports macOS 10.14.6 or later100% secure

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How to Edit PDF Without Microsoft Office?

Moreover, if you want to add comments, you can use sticky notes or add new text boxes, stickers, and stamps to make your PDF look official. And if you need to sign a document, UPDF allows you to add your signature too. Moreover, UPDF also has a helpful feature called UPDF AI. This can help you summarize your PDF or explain complex terms, making PDF management much easier.

Now, for a much better understanding of this tool, we will guide you through the detailed steps to edit your PDFs using UPDF. Follow the steps carefully so that you do not need to face any hassle:

Step 1: Launch UPDF and Open Desired PDF

Start with accessing the UPDF tool on your system. Tap the "Open File" option, select the PDF for editing purposes, and hit the "Open" button. Next, head to the left side toolbar and enter the "Edit PDF" mode.

How to Edit PDF Without Microsoft Office but using UPDF

Step 2: Edit Your PDF with Required  Changes

Here, double-click at the desired point to make any changes to your file. You can modify, write, and delete text and make changes to images and URLs. After the necessary changes are made, click the "File" tab in the upper left corner and then hit the "Save" option to save the file with changes.

Like UPDF now? Click the link below to download it and edit PDF directly.

Supports Windows 7 or later100% secure

Supports macOS 10.14.6 or later100% secure

100% secure

100% secure

Part 3. FAQS About Editing PDFs with Microsoft Office

1. How do I edit the text in PDF in the Office?

Users can now edit the text in PDF via Microsoft Word, as Office has no built-in PDF editor. To do so, locate the PDF on your device and right-click the file after selecting it. From the drop-down menu, head to the "Open With" option and then choose the "Word" app for editing PDFs. Now, click anywhere where you need to make the changes. Afterward, save the file using “PDF” as the output format.

2. Does Microsoft Windows have a PDF editor?

A built-in PDF editor does not come integrated with Microsoft Windows. However, you can use Microsoft Word to make edits to PDFs. But be aware that using Word for PDF editing has some limitations, and it may only handle some basic editing tasks smoothly. For more advanced PDF editing purposes, it's recommended to use UPDF as a better alternative.

3. Does Microsoft Office convert PDF to Word?

Microsoft Office does have the ability to convert PDF to Word. You just have to open the PDF file with t MS Word using the "Open With" option. After this, it will automatically convert the PDF into an editable format. This allows you to make changes to the text. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that this process may need improvement, especially for PDFs with complex formatting.

Wrapping Up

In the end, this article has discussed a useful way to edit PDFs in Microsoft Office. Following the detailed steps, you have learned how to make basic changes to your PDF documents using MS Office. However, it's important to recognize the limitations of using Microsoft Word as a PDF editor. While it can handle simple edits, it may not offer more comprehensive editing than some users require.

That's where the UPDF stands as the recommended alternative. With UPDF, you gain access to a wide range of editing options along with the built-in AI tools. Moreover, UPDF's signature feature provides an effective way to add your signature to PDF documents.

Supports Windows 7 or later100% secure

Supports macOS 10.14.6 or later100% secure

100% secure

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