The Quick Synopsis on the WPS PDF Editor

The PDFs are lightweight source that carries data in an organized format and assists in quick transfers hassle-free. You can compress and move the PDFs through any channel without any data loss. There are many applications available in the digital platform to work with PDFs like WPS PDF Editor. It helps to annotate, compress, convert, edit, encrypt, split, resize, and share PDFs in no time. The PDF format is a convenient file type and easy to handle for multipurpose. Choosing the perfect PDF tool to edit the PDFs is a difficult task. This article assists you to grab the right tool with overwhelming in-built features to ease in managing the PDFs. A quick overview of the WPS PDF Editor is discussed in this content. You will also learn about the best alternative that meets your expectations without compromises.

The Best Alternative to WPS PDF Editor

The UPDF PDF Editor serves as the best alternative product to WPS PDF Editor. You can perform a wide range of PDF edits using this tool. This editor has a user-friendly interface with visible controls for quick reach. You would have come across many PDF editors whereas UPDF has unique functionalities with a simple working environment. Make the correct clicks on the right buttons to perform the desired task on the file. Use the Edit mode to add texts, delete and rewrite the existing content without any issues. The UPDF also assists you to make changes to the images in the PDFs. You can also use this tool to convert PDFs to any file type according to your needs. Easy to upload the PDFs into its working space despite their sizes. Even the large-sized files quickly occupy the UPDFs editing space in no time. It has a hassle-free environment to handle PDFs efficiently. Use this space to make the best out of PDFs.

Quickly surf the remarkable features of the UPDF PDF editor.

  • This tool is 100% free to use.
  • Read and annotate PDF documents easily.
  • Tap the Edit Mode to make necessary changes to the PDFs.
  • Rewrite the texts in the existing PDF content with the help of the Edit mode.
  • Add extra sentences to the PDFs by pressing the T icon at its Menu bar.
  • Select the image in PDF and edit it using its pop-up elements.
  • UPDF has a simple interface and even a newbie user can work like a pro without any difficulties.

These are the stunning features of the UPDF PDF editor. Use this tool precisely to make precise changes to the PDFs. Download this program and feel the easiest ways to handle the PDFs.

How to Edit PDF with WPS PDF Editor Alternative

To extend the editing options on the PDFs, UPDF meets the needs professionally. Here, follow up on the below instructions to use UPDF for optimal editing of the files.

Step 1: Install the App

Download the application from its official website and install it according to your system OS. Then, launch the app. Upload the PDFs into its working space and you can make further edits hassle-free.

Step 2: Use Edit Mode

To rewrite texts in the existing PDF content, click the Edit mode and select the desired part of the file to make necessary changes to it. If you want to add extra texts to the file, click the T icon and there are options to customize the included texts.

Step 3: Edit the Images

Next, select the image from the PDF and choose the edit elements from the pop-up screen. You can resize, crop, cut and rotate the images according to your needs using this application.

The UPDF tool assists in performing the above-discussed edits on the PDFs effortlessly. To explore more about this program, you can download it from its official webpage.

Extra Facts about WPS PDF Editor and How to Edit PDF with WPS

The WPS PDF Editor allows you to bookmark the pages in the PDF file if required. This app allows you to edit the PDFs like word documents. You can add headers and footers, and change the background based on your needs. Use WPS PDF Editor to remove the watermarks on the PDFs. This app comes in a package of WPS offices and you can connect in the online mode to make changes immediately. The online method depends on internet connectivity. Any issues with the network impact the effective changes you make on the file.

How to Use WPS PDF Editor

The WPS PDF Editor is one of the editing tools available in the WPS office online. You can either use its online version or download the application according to your needs. This app seems to be compatible with a wide range of platforms. Here, you will take a quick look at its online method.

Step 1: Connect to its official webpage and upload the file from different cloud sources like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Email.

Step 2: If you want to sign the document, click the Sign feature, and make the appropriate edits to the file.

Step 3: Tap the Done button after inserting your sign in the document.

Step 4: You can rename the file if necessary and share it with the respective platform based on your requirement.

wps office pdf editor

Similarly, you can use the WPS PDF Editor application to make desired changes to the existing PDF file.


Thus, this article assists you to make valuable edits on the PDFs using WPS PDF Editor. You can choose the best alternative like the UPDF PDF editor to make advanced edits on the PDFs. The UPDF simple interface encourages novice users to use this application flawlessly. The controls are visible with clear labels to guide the users in making the correct clicks. Choose UPDF for precise edits on the PDF files. Stay connected with this article to discover optimal methods to edit PDF files.