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How to Extract Font from PDF? (3 Free Ways)

Whether you are utilizing PDFs in your job or for personal use, you might come across a font that will fit your project design needs. Then, you will need to identify the font name and style. How about directly extracting that font from the PDF? This article will introduce three completely free methods to extract font from PDF files. Also, we will show you how to edit the PDF with the same fonts with UPDF in case that you just want to extract font from Font because of this. And if just want to do this, you can click the below button to download UPDF and edit the PDF directly with the same fonts directly without extracting font from PDF.

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Now, let us check out the first method.

Part 1.  How to Extract Fonts from PDF Online Free With PDF2GO

PDF2GO is a versatile online tool that allows you to extract fonts from PDFs and is free.

It's not just about fonts, but this tool helps to retrieve other embedded contents like images.

Below are the steps to extract fonts from PDF online free with PDF2GO.

Step 1. On your browser, visit or navigate to PDF2GO's Extract Assets Page.

extract font from pdf via pdf2go

Step 2. Once you're on the Extract Assets Page, you'll see an option to upload the PDF from which you want to extract fonts. You can opt to upload files from your computer, a cloud storage service, or a URL if your PDF is hosted online.

extract font from pdf via pdf2go

Step 3. Select the font asset to extract. Then, after uploading your PDF, you can continue and click START.

extract font from pdf via pdf2go

Step 4. It will automatically extract the font from your PDF file, and you can go ahead and hit download.

extract font from pdf via pdf2go

Here is the result on a text document.

extract font from pdf via pdf2go

How about extracting fonts using free software on Windows? Let's get right into that.

Part 2. How to Extract Fonts from PDF Free on Windows With FontForge

You should also know that FrontForge is an open-source font editing tool, which means this is free.

This is a highly effective open-source software for extracting fonts from PDFs on Windows. Its comprehensive features go beyond just extraction.

You might need to know that many designers and creators use this tool to create customized fonts.

So here are the steps on how to extract fonts from PDF free on Windows with FontForge.

Step 1. First off, download and install FontForge from this link.

extract font from pdf via fontforge

Step 2. After successful download, install the software and open your PDF file using FontForge.

Below, beside FILTER, select EXTRACT FROM PDF.

extract font from pdf via fontforge
extract font from pdf via fontforge

Step 3. After selecting EXTRACT FROM PDF you can now choose which PDF file you want to extract font from.

extract font from pdf via fontforge

Step 4: When you finally select your PDF file, depending on whether it has various fonts in your document, FontForge can detect it and show you a list of fonts. Choose which font you need and continue by clicking OK.

extract font from pdf via fontforge

Step 5: It will then show the extracted glyphs in the Font View. You can now decide what to do next on your extracted fonts.

extract font from pdf via fontforge

For the last method, check out how to extract fonts from PDF free on Mac via Screenshots and Myfonts.

Part 3. How to Extract Fonts from PDF Free on Mac Via Screenshots and Myfonts

You may think that extracting fonts from your PDF file is a lot of work on a Mac, but there is an easy way.

The easier way to extract embedded fonts from PDF is by taking screenshots and using the MyFonts website.

Check these steps below.

Step 1. To start, open your PDF file by using any PDF reader to open the document.

Step 2. Zoom in on the text whose font you want to know and then take a screenshot.

To take a screenshot, using a keyboard shortcut, press SHIFT + COMMAND + 4 to screenshot a portion of your screen. Your cursor should change to a crosshair. Then, click and drag to select the text.

Release the mouse or trackpad button to capture the screenshot, which will be saved to your desktop by default.

Step 3. Go to the MyFonts page, you can do that by accessing the official website.

extract font from pdf via screenshots and myfonts

Step 4. Upload your screenshot by clicking the UPLOAD button. Select your screenshot from your desktop where it was automatically saved.

extract font from pdf via screenshots and myfonts

Step 5. Once your image has been uploaded, it will prompt you which text you want to identify. Select which part of the text you want and click on  IDENTIFY FONT.

extract font from pdf via screenshots and myfonts

Myfonts will show you a list of fonts that closely match the one in your screenshot. Select the font that best matches the one you're looking for.

You have an option to download it. Take note that there are free and paid fonts on the result list.

extract font from pdf via screenshots and myfonts

Alright, these are the three freeways on how to extract fonts from PDF.

The first method is by PDF2GO, the second software is  FontForge on Windows, and then by taking screenshots on Mac and Myfonts.

Besides extracting fonts, you might also need to edit PDF files in some of your projects. For example, doing annotations or editing texts on your document. So, how to edit PDFs with the same fonts?

Let's get right into more details about this.

Part 4. How to Edit PDF With The Same Fonts?

When it's all about different types of editing PDFs, you will need UPDF. It is the software that offers various features in PDF editing.

UPDF is an all-rounder PDF editing tool that will help you improve working efficiency in PDF handling. Moreover, you can use UPDF across all platforms, on your PC or mobile.

Beyond PDF document text editing, UPDF offers features including link and image adjustments. If you need to annotate your PDF, UPDF can help you do that.

Another good thing about its annotating features is that you can design your PDF document with stickers, shapes, stamps, highlight texts in PDF you want to remember, and more.

UPDF has integrated AI-powered writing assistance to help with your grammar, write your PDF files or rewrite them, and many more.

It can identify any font in your PDF if you want a certain font for your designs. You can then use it if you need to add more content.

In general, UPDF is your all-around PDF toolkit if you want to make changes or organize your document.

Download UPDF and  start using it to edit PDF with the same fonts by following the below guide.

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Step 1. Choose your device and click download. In this case, we will download the Windows version.

Step 2. Open the downloaded file location and install the software.

Step 3. Upon successful installation, you can now start editing your first PDF document. Go to FILE and click OPEN to select your document.

In the left-hand sidebar, choose "Edit PDF", click on the text you want to edit, and now, UPDF will identify the font automatically. Here, you can click on the text and type on the new content in the same font.

extract font from pdf updf

UPDF has too many features, it is not easy to describe them all here.

You can read more about this in the UPDF Review article, watch the below video guide to learn more, or download the software via the below button to test it on your own. .

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 5. FAQS Related to Extract Font from PDF

Q1. How to Extract Font from PDF With Acrobat?

Acrobat does not have a feature to extract fonts but is a software to easily access your PDF files. But this is also a versatile software if you need to identify fonts from a document. After that you can search it online and download. Here is how: Open your PDF document with Adobe Acrobat. You can use the keyboard shortcut, and press CTRL + D. A pop-up window will appear.From the pop-up window, click on FONTS, and you will SEE the fonts listed on the document you opened. Copy which font you need to search and download it.

Q2. How to Extract Fonts from PDF on Linux?

First, go to the aconvert.com website on the extract page and upload your file. Navigate to TYPE beside it, choose FONTS then click SUBMIT. By submitting it, your OUTPUT RESULT will be a zip file. Go ahead Download then extract it. You can check the fonts on a text document.

Q3. How to Extract Font from Image?

An easy way to extract font from an image is by navigating to the MyFonts website, specifically on the whatthefont page. Once you're in, you can upload the image with the font to identify. After uploading, there will be a prompt to choose a text, then click IDENTIFY FONT. It will show you a list of fonts similar to what you uploaded.

Final Words

Alright, we hope you learned about how to extract font from PDF. The first option is to extract fonts from PDF free with PDF2GO. The second one is to extract fonts from PDF on Windows with FontForge. The last one is to extract fonts from PDF on Mac via screenshots and Myfont.

You can use one of these in your projects and or personal documents. But, if you need more than extracting font from PDF or just want to edit PDF at the same fonts, you can download UPDF here. UPDF is the only software you need for your PDF file editing. Click the below button to download it now.

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