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A Comprehensive Tutorial to Add Images to PDF Online with 3 Ways

PDFs are widely used for sharing documents and maintaining formatting, but they face challenges in terms of visual engagement. One common issue is the static nature of traditional PDFs, which makes it challenging for them to include dynamic visual elements. However, a useful solution to enhance PDFs is to use online tools that allow the easy addition of images.

Moreover, adding images to PDF with online tools addresses the need for visual appeal and improves communication by making complex concepts clear through illustrations. In this article, we'll explore 3 different online ways, benefits and drawbacks, and the best offline tool - UPDF to insert images into a PDF if you have concerns about the security and stability of online tools. Ultimately, we recommend you download UPDF, a secure tool that you can use without relying on an internet connection.

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Part 1. How to Insert Images on PDF Online with 3 Tools

Including images in a PDF makes it look better and helps convey information more clearly. Whether you're working on a document design or just want to personalize your PDF, several online tools make this task easy. The following section will discuss three user-friendly tools that easily let you add images to your PDFs online.

1. iLovePDF

iLovePDF allows users to add a picture to a PDF online in different formats of pictures. The supported formats of the tool are PNG, JPG, and GIF, enabling you to convert the format into image format for adding them to the files. Moreover, you can organize your pictures in layers and add elements on this platform. Let's explore the straightforward process of integrating pictures in PDFs using iLovePDF:

Instructions of Adding Images to PDF Online with iLovePDF

Step 1: Access this tool online using the web browser of your choice. After accessing its official website, you will find various features to work with PDFs within the main interface. Head to the top bar, place the cursor on "All PDF Tools," and choose the "Edit PDF" option under the "Edit PDF" section.

add image to pdf online access edit pdf tool

Step 2: As a new window opens, press the "Select PDF File" button to browse the desired file. Once you have selected a file from the system, processing it will take a little while. Afterward, your uploaded file will directly open on the editing window of the online tool.

add image to pdf online select pdf file to import

Step 3: From the editing window, navigate toward the top of the screen and choose the "Add Image" icon. Now, you have the flexibility to add an image to a PDF online from your stock media. Then, your selected picture will appear on the PDF, and you can adjust it accordingly. Additionally, you can set the "Opacity," rotate it left or right, add multiple pictures, and easily rename the pictures.

add image to pdf online insert image and customize it

Limitations of the Free Version:

  • In the free version, iLovePDF has limited document processing options, such as file size and batch processing.
  • Users cannot access the full tool on mobiles or desktops without paying.
  • It hinders workflow due to the abundance of ads and does not assist in case of technical problems.

Pricing Plan

  • Premium Plan: $7 per month

2. Smallpdf

Smallpdf provides a user-friendly online platform that improves your PDFs by adding images easily. Additionally, it maintains optimal image quality while preserving your PDF layout. You can get a dependable and quick way to enhance your presentation or add a company logo with visually appealing elements. You can add pictures to PDFs online using Smallpdf by following the procedure below:

Instructions of Adding Images to PDF Online with Smallpdf

Step 1: Initiate the process by searching for the official website of Smallpdf on the web browser. Once you have accessed the website, select the "Tools" drop-down menu at the top of the main window. From the drop-down menu, choose the "Edit PDF" option under the category of "View and Edit."

 add image to pdf online choose edit pdf from the tools tab

Step 2: After choosing the editing option, a new window will appear in front of you. On this screen, hit the "Choose Files" button to get a preview of the stored media in the system. Now, select any of the files you want to upload to the tool online.

add image to pdf online select the pdf file and upload it

Step 3: When you are done uploading the file, you will find a new window. On this screen, choose the "Insert Image" tool at the top and select your desired picture. Now, the tool will add a picture to the desired place after getting your command through "Left-click." After locating the picture on the PDF, you have the flexibility to rotate it, customize its opacity, or duplicate the image for further use.

add image to pdf online modify image within smallpdf tool

Limitations of the Free Version:

  • The free version is limited to 7 days only afterward; you need to go for the premium plan.
  • Furthermore, users can access only 21 Smallpdf tools in its free version.
  • You cannot get file storage services in its free trial period.

Pricing Plan

  • Smallpdf Pro: $12 per month
  • Smallpdf Team: $10 per month

3. ScanWritr

ScanWritr is an online document editor that streamlines the process of inserting images into PDFs online for free. It accepts common document formats and image types such as JPEG, GIF, and PNG due to its compatibility with various devices. Furthermore, users can upload, edit, and optimize PDFs by utilizing the tool for quick image integration. Following the step-by-step guide, users can add pictures to their PDFs using ScanWritr.

Instructions of Adding Images to PDF Online with ScanWritr

Step 1: Begin by searching for the tool ScanWritr from the vast pool of internet-supported platforms. Afterward, click the "Edit Online Now" button on the tool's main window. This action will allow you to drop the documents you want to be modified with the addition of images.

add image to pdf online select the option to edit pdf online

Step 2: Now, you are directed to a new window from where you can drag or drop a document or choose the "Click here to select the document" button to search for the required file from the system. Once you have selected the file, the process will take a few moments to upload it appropriately on the tool.

add image to pdf online select and upload documents

Step 3: After uploading the file, a new window will appear to add an image to a PDF online. Now, choose "Insert Image" from the various options and drop or select an image from the device. Then, after uploading the image, click the "Apply" button.

add image to pdf online choose to insert the image tab

Step 4: When the picture is inserted into the PDF, you can manage its position and size by either minimizing or maximizing it.

add image to pdf online make changes to the image

Limitations of the Free Version:

  • The tool causes delays due to its slow processing rate while uploading files.
  • Moreover, the editing features after adding a picture to the tool are limited to only size adjustments.
  • The free version restricts exporting documents in diverse formats, such as high-resolution PDFs or other Office formats.  

Pricing Plan

  • Contact the Sales Team

Part 2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Adding Images to PDF Online

The widespread practice of adding images to PDFs online offers a dynamic approach to elevate the visual appeal and communication effectiveness of various materials. However, this process has its own set of pros and cons that are given below.


  • If you insert the photos in PDF online, it makes them look appealing and avoids having too much dull text. Charts, graphs, and pictures break up the text and make it more interesting.
  • These tools put images in PDFs to help people understand things, even speaking different languages. Moreover, pictures express feelings and messages better and make the document easy to understand.
  • Online tools that add pictures to PDFs online are easy to use from anywhere on the internet. This means you can work on your documents from different devices and collaborate with others.
  • It is often cheap or even free for basic things, such as using online tools to edit PDFs with pictures.


  • When you want to add a high-quality picture, the online tools do not process it. People might have to make their images smaller or simpler before using them online.
  • It can be risky to add an image to a PDF online as it opens the door to privacy breaches and unauthorized access. Users must pick safe tools to protect sensitive information and avoid identity theft.
  • Online tools need a good internet connection to work well. This reliance on the internet causes trouble, especially in places where the internet is not strong.
  • The dependence on only online tools for important documents without backups could lead to losing information forever if something unexpected happens.

Part 3. The Best Offline Tool to Add Images to a PDF

Users can utilize the capabilities of UPDF, serving as a great tool you can use without needing the internet. It lets you quickly put images into your PDFs and is perfect for those who like working offline. Additionally, users can make various edits to the images, such as rotating at different angles. In addition, this software allows you to replace, crop, or extract the image.

add image to pdf online edit pdf

Not only this, but you can adjust the height and width of the picture and manage its opacity. While adding a picture, users can easily navigate to the PDF by selecting any of the page numbers. Besides, you can zoom in or zoom out of the PDF to make alterations at your convenience.

How to Add Images to PDF with UPDF?

Rather than inserting the photos in PDF online, UPDF offers the best offline solution for this process. Let's explore the user-friendly procedure UPDF provides to enhance your PDFs by incorporating captivating images.

Step 1. Download UPDF and Import Your Desired PDF

To utilize the offline tool UPDF, you need to download it firsthand. After downloading it, follow the installation instructions and launch the tool on your devices. From the main interface, select the "Open File" button to import a PDF file.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 2. Insert Image to Your PDF Document

Now, visit the left panel of the editing window and choose the "Edit PDF" icon that shows three options at the top. From the available choices, pick the "Image" tool and then press "Left-click" to the place you want to add a picture. Then, choose the image from your device to add it to your PDF document.

add image to pdf online edit image

Step 3. Modify the Image You Just Added to the Document

After adding a picture to the desired place, click on the image you just added to the document. Now, an extended editing menu will appear through which you can carry out different purposes.

  • You can rotate it clockwise or anticlockwise to meet your needs.
  • If you click the "Extract Image" icon, it allows you to extract the picture only.
  • Moreover, by picking the "Replace" icon, users can change the existing image with a new one.
  • By adjusting the height and width of the picture, UPDF also allows you to crop it precisely.
add image to pdf online edit pdf

Step 4. Save the File in Required Format

Once you have completed the editing process of the images, go to the right-side panel and select the "Save as Other" icon. From the pop-up mini window, if you choose the "Save" option, the file will be saved as it is in the downloads. But if you choose the "Save as" feature, you can get the flexibility to rename the file and locate it at your favorite place. Users can also carry out this action by pressing the "Ctrl + S" on Windows and the "Command + S" keys for Mac.

add image to pdf online save pdf

Other Key Features of UPDF

  • Edit PDF: UPDF allows you to edit text, images, and links in PDFs with the flexibility of changing font, color, size, and image placement. Users can link files directly to web pages for enhanced reference.
  • Organize Documents: The PDF editor offers an efficient document organization solution to personalize layouts. It allows you to customize page order and numbers, insert or replace pages, and extract specific pages for an enhanced reading experience.
  • Crop Pages: It simplifies the removal of specific page sections with its cropping feature. Users can manage margins, adjust page size, and undo all modifications made during the cropping process.
  • UPDF AI: UPDF AI streamlines document tasks by offering "Chat" and "Ask PDF" modes for instant assistance. Users interact by asking questions, and the AI summarizes text, explains complex terms, and translates to facilitate global accessibility.
  • OCR: You can transform scanned documents into editable text to increase accessibility and searchability through UPDF's OCR feature. With accurate text recognition, it enables users to convert images and PDFs into editable formats for workflow efficiency.

After acknowledging the exceptional capabilities of UPDF, we encourage you to integrate UPDF into your systems for seamless workflow.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Why UPDF is Better than Online Tools?

It is crucial to select the correct tool for a smooth and practical experience when it comes to editing documents. While many tools provide editing features and add an image to a PDF online, UPDF stands out with multiple functionalities. Let's explore the potential of UPDF that makes it unique in the competitive field in the following section.

  • By utilizing AI algorithms, you can get the crux of the whole information and translate it into different languages for diverse use.
  • Online tools do not ensure the security of your file, while UPDF encrypts files by setting a password.
  • There is no file size limitation to proceed with any action as compared to online tools.
  • It is the best option for individuals who love working offline without needing an internet connection.
  • Online tools always claim that they are free, however, when you try to use advanced features like editing, it reminds you to upgrade. And it is not cost-effective to purchase an online solution. On the contrary, UPDF is very cost-effective, and you can use one license on 4 devices. Upgrade it now and you can get it with an exclusive discount.


We conclude that it is easy and useful with different tools to add a picture to a PDF online. Although online options are flexible, it's essential to think about things like privacy and needing the internet. For a good and complete solution, we suggest using UPDF, a tool you can use without being online. Moreover, UPDF gives you the benefits of lots of features and ensures your experience is safe when you want to make your PDFs better with pictures.

By picking UPDF as an offline tool, you can reduce the chances of problems that can happen with online tools. You should give it a try by pressing the "Free Download" button for more control and peace of mind when you're working on your documents.

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