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How to Embed Video in PDF With and Without Adobe Acrobat? (Easy Steps)

Sometimes, the content of a PDF document cannot be explained only with text or images. That’s where you need to embed video in PDF, but there are not many ways to do that. The problem is about finding the right tool and the right method, and in this guide, we have resolved both of these issues for you. Stick with us till the end to learn multiple ways to embed video in PDF with and without Adobe Acrobat.

Part 1. How to Add Video to PDF Without Acrobat?

The best way of adding video to a PDF document without using Adobe Acrobat is using UPDF. UPDF PDF Editor tool offers a complete range of tools, including adding hyperlink in PDF, and that feature will be used here for embedding video into your PDF document.

Using the link embedding feature, users can create any part of the content clickable and link it with a webpage or with another page in the same PDF document. Moreover, you can change how that area appears to ensure the best aesthetics. So, you can download UPDF and enjoy these features while adding videos to your PDF files with the following two methods:

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Method 1: Embed Video to PDF with Attachment

It has two methods to add attachments with UPDF:

  • Open UPDF and import the PDF file. Now, click the "Comment" icon on the left. Once the commenting tools are visible, you will see the "Attach File" tool at the top of the toolbar. Click on it. Tap and add it to the place where you want to add to PDF. Then select the video file to import.
add attach file
  • When you have opened the PDF file, you can see the "Attachments" icon on the left menu. You can see all the attachments on this menu. It has an "Add Attachment" icon here for you to add the attachment.
add attachment

Method 2: Embed Video to PDF via Link

1. Create a link for your video

You can use Google Drive to upload the video and generate a link or you can upload the video to YouTube.

2. Open PDF with UPDF, go to Edit PDF and select Link

To embed a video in a PDF document, you first need to open PDF in UPDF by opening the file option inside it. Once the document opens, go to “Edit PDF” mode and click “Link”. This way, you can add links in PDF documents by making the current text clickable.

embed video in pdf

3. Click and drag cursor on PDF page area to make it clickable and add a link.

Now, your cursor will change to the link mode. So, click and drag the cursor to create a clickable box around the content where you want to embed the link of the video. As you leave the click, it will show you 2 options to either link to a web page or to link to a page inside the PDF. Select “Link to Web” and then paste the link of the video in the given box. You may also change the properties of the link box to make it look more attractive.

embed video in pdf

Other Features That UPDF Offers:

UPDF not only brings link embedding but packs more power with the following features:

  • Complete PDF text and image editing
  • PDF form editing and designing with interactive elements and fillable forms
  • OCR
  • Annotations
  • UPDF AI chatbot
  • UPDF Cloud
  • Effortless file sharing with others.

To use all these premium features, you need to download UPDF on your PC for free and buy the premium subscription.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video guide on How to Add Attachment to PDF on Windows

Part 2. How to Embed Video into PDF With Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is another platform that comes with complete PDF editing tools and features. It provides multiple ways of embedding videos in the PDF files, including Rich Media, Attachments, and Hyperlinking and here we will explain each one of these with a detailed guide.

Way 1.  Insert Video into PDF With Rich Media

Do you need the video to play inside the PDF document so that it is displayed like images and other text in the PDF document? With Acrobat, you can add different types of media to the document, including video, audio, etc. Here are the steps you need to follow for inserting a video in PDF using the Rich Media feature.

1.       Go to Tools and select Rich Media.

Open your PDF in Acrobat and click the “Tools” tab from the top menu. Now scroll down all the way unless you find the “Rich Media” option. Click it to open the PDF Rich Media addition option.

embed video in pdf

2.       Click Add Video and select the desired video adding option.

Now, another horizontal bar will appear under the top bar. It contains the “Add Video” button. Click it and drag the cursor to select the area where you want the video to appear as Rich Media. Now, you may paste the link or click the “Browse” button to select a video from your PC's offline storage. Once you click OK, the video will appear in the selected region. If required, you can adjust the positioning and size of the video.

embed video in pdf

Way 2. Insert Video in PDF Via Attachment

Sometimes, you don’t want the video to be displayed with the rest of the content, but you want it bundled with the document. In that case, you can use the Attachment feature, built-in Acrobat. The attachment feature allows adding multiple file formats and documents, including videos. So, you may follow the steps below to insert the video in PDF via the Acrobat Attachment feature.

1.       Use Tools to pick Edit PDF mode.

To add a video as an attachment to the PDF document, you first need to go to the “Edit PDF” option. So, click Tools from the top and select the Edit PDF option.

embed video in pdf

2.       Select Attach File from the More dropdown menu on the top

Locate the “More” dropdown located at the right end of the top Edit PDF menu bar. Click it and select attach file. It will now open the browse window, and here, you can select the required video from your PC's offline storage. Select the video by clicking it and then hit Open. This video will now be added to the PDF document in the attachment section.

embed video in pdf

Way 3. Add Video to PDF by Creating a Hyperlink

The last option for adding a video in a PDF with Acrobat is by creating a hyperlink. Hyperlinks can be added to any part of the page, whether it has text, images, or any other elements. If you want to create hyperlinks to add a video in PDF, you may use the following steps:

1.       Open Tools and pick Edit PDF mode

First of all, you need to upload your video to Google Drive or YouTube to get the video link. And then, open Acrobat. The option to add hyperlinks in a PDF with Acrobat is in the Edit PDF option. So, we will follow the same steps of going to Tools first from the top and then clicking Edit PDF to open editing tools.

embed video in pdf

2.       Click Link and select Add Web Link.

Click the Link button from the top, and it will give you a dropdown. Select “Add/Edit Web or Document Link” from the dropdown since you will be adding a hyperlink of an online video to PDF.

embed video in pdf

3.       Select an area to add the link and add the URL

Drag the cursor to select the text for which you need to create the hyperlink. After selecting the area, you will be given the option to set properties of the clickable area. You may leave the appearance option on default but ensure to choose to open a web page in the link action and then click next. The last thing left here is pasting the link and clicking “OK”. Now, the selected area on your PDF document will become clickable and clicking it will open that video.

embed video in pdf

Part 3. FAQS About Adding Video to PDF

Q1. How to Add Video to PDF on Mac?

Adding a video to your PDF documents gets very easy when you use UPDF on a Mac with the following steps:

  1. Upload video to Google Drive or YouTube to get video link.
  2. Open PDF in reader mode on UPDF and go to “Edit PDF
  3. Click “Link” and select the area for embedding the link
  4. Select the “Link to Web” option and paste the link of the video

With these 4 simple steps, you can add video to any PDF document on a Mac.

Q2. How to Add Video to PDF Online Free?

First, you need to find any online free PDF editor that has a hyperlinking feature like PDFfiller, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Upload the PDF to PDFfiller online PDF editor
  2. Select text and click “hyperlinking” option and paste link of video that you generate from YouTube or other platforms.

Now you are done adding video to the PDF document using a free online PDF tool.

Q3. Why is Embed Video Not Working in PDF?

There could be several reasons why the video embedded in a PDF document is not working, including:

  1. Video format compatibility error in PDF reader
  2. Bad internet connection
  3. Bad link
  4. The file is not present in the offline storage at the chosen address
  5. Selecting the wrong video embedding settings

To fix this problem, you need to check the internet connection, video format, and security restriction, or try opening the PDF with another tool.

In The End

Some PDF documents have content that requires video illustration for better comprehension, but most people don’t know what their PDF documents are capable of. You can embed video in PDF in different ways, and it is not necessary to go through a complex process of embedding video into the document when you can use user-friendly tools like UPDF.

Embedding videos in a PDF document with UPDF becomes a task of merely 2 steps that anyone can do with ease. So, download UPDF on your PC and try embedding videos in PDF documents quickly and conveniently.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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