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How to Remove Watermark From PDF Online With/Without iLovePDF?

Students may come across a PDF with watermarks all over the pages, making it difficult to read the content. Most of these students will try to use online tools to erase these watermarks from the documents. However, using the online tool iLovePDF to remove watermarks from PDFs online is not the right way to go, as it lacks the ability to do so.

In this article, we will familiarize you with the best iLovePDF watermark remover alternatives to make the process easier for you. Using these top alternatives, you can read the content hidden behind the PDF watermarks without any problem.

Part 1. How to Remove Watermark from PDF With iLovePDF Alternative – UPDF?

UPDF is one of the best alternatives to iLovePDF watermark remover, helping students and professionals to make PDFs more readable. With the help of this tool, you can also edit or re-add the watermark if you are required to do so. In the watermark settings, you can play around with the ratio and opacity of the watermark. Additionally, you can reduce the opacity of watermarks to zero if you want to completely hide them.

Moreover, iLovePDF PDF watermark remover even allows you to change the orientation of watermarks. Users can also edit the content of the watermark by simply writing in the textbox given in the settings. If you want to try these features by yourself, download UPDF now to add it to your PDF handling workflow.

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Way 1. Remove Watermark from PDF Via Watermark Deleting Features

If you have failed to remove watermarks from PDF online using iLovePDF, UPDF will provide you with a perfect way to complete this task. Anyone can easily make use of the watermark tool of the UPDF to delete watermarks from documents. Using this watermark-deleting feature is the most common method to undertake this task. Let's see how you can remove watermarks using this method:

Step 1: Access the Page Tools to Remove Watermarks

First and foremost, launch the UPDF on your device and upload a PDF containing watermarks on this tool. Once the PDF is uploaded, click on the "Page Tools" icon on the left toolbar to kick-start the watermark removal process.

remove watermark from pdf online with updf

Step 2: Click on the Watermark Tool

Afterward, hit the "Watermark" tab on the newly appeared toolbar present at the top of your screen. On clicking this watermark tab, you will access the settings window to start deleting watermarks from your PDFs.

Step 3: Delete the Watermark from Your PDF

Here, you will see all the watermarks present in your PDF. You can proceed to hover over the "Eye" icon to temporarily hide the watermark. If you want to permanently delete the watermark, click on the "Remove Watermark" icon and hit the "Delete" button on the confirmation window. By following all these steps, you can successfully remove the watermark from PDF without iLovePDF.

remove watermark from pdf online with updf

Way 2. Remove the Watermark from the PDF Via Cropping

Users also have the option to remove the watermark with the help of the "Crop Pages" feature of the UPDF. However, this method is only feasible when the watermarks are present at the edges of the PDF page. The following steps will help you remove watermarks using this technique:

Step 1: Enter the Crop Pages Mode of UPDF

To begin the process, you have to upload a PDF containing watermarks on UPDF. Proceed to click on the "Crop Pages" tool to reach the cropping settings of this tool.

remove watermark from pdf online crop pages

Step 2: Adjust the Margins of the PDF Page

Now, click on the "Options" icon to access the margin control settings. Here, you can type numerical values to control the margins of the PDF. You have to adjust the values in the way that watermarks will be cropped out from the page. Moreover, you can also manually play around with the crop box to remove the watermark from the PDF pages.

remove watermark from pdf online options button of updf

Step 3: Crop Out the Watermark from PDF Pages

Finally, click on the "Apply Changes" button present at the top of this window. After setting a page range on this dropdown menu, hit the "Crop" button to remove the watermark from the PDF without iLovePDF.

remove watermark from pdf online crop out watermark

Video Tutorial on How to Add and Remove Watermark in PDF on Windows

Part 2. How to Remove Watermark from PDF With iLovePDF Alternative - DocHub

DocHub is a multi-featured online PDF editor that has the ability to serve as an alternative to iLovePDF watermark remover. Using the "Whiteout" tool of this PDF editor, anyone can remove the watermarks from their documents. However, you have to remove each watermark manually, as this tool doesn't apply this feature to all the pages automatically.

Additionally, this tool is only feasible to remove watermarks present on the edges of the page. If the watermark is interfering with the content of the PDF, DocHub may hide the content along with the watermarks. The following method will help you remove the watermark using the DocHub PDF editor:

Step 1: First, open the DocHub website on your browser and sign up with your Gmail account to access the dashboard of this tool. Now, upload or drag and drop your PDF on the tool server to remove the watermarks.

sign in and upload document dochub

Step 2: Once the document is uploaded, click on the "Whiteout" tool present on the toolbar at the top of your screen. Now, add this whiteout box on the PDF page to hide the watermark from that position. However, you have to manually remove each watermark using this whiteout tool.

try whiteout tool to remove watermark dochub

Step 3: Finally, click on the "Download" icon to access various downloading options. On this new downloading window, select the "Computer" tab and choose the "Current Version" from the "Version" dropdown menu. Again, click on the "Download" button to remove watermarks from PDF online without iLovePDF.

download final pdf dochub

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Final Words

As discussed throughout the article, you cannot remove watermarks from PDF online using iLovePDF. There are many offline and online alternatives available that can help you undertake this watermark removal operation. However, if you want the best tool with multiple watermark removal features, download UPDF now to make this process easier than ever.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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