How to Edit PDFs on Linux: A Guide to Master Document Modifications

It is never considered simple to modify a PDF file because this kind of file type is designed to have secure and compressed content. Additionally, considering that you are working on a Linux operating system, it may require you to do more than just a normal search and use the idea of compatible editing software to modify PDFs on Linux. Although there are many ways to achieve editing on a more complex and different operating system like Linux, a piece of cake such as downloading a standalone smart PDF editing software, you may still find it a little demanding to do at some cost and some do not deliver what is expected.

How to Edit a PDF on Linux

With PDF editors already developed on a mass scale, you are spared half the effort to edit PDF files outside Windows or a Mac operating system which is considerably more difficult than the latter. Just like LibreOffice, which is a desktop editing tool you can find that serves the compatibility issue on running on a Linux system smoothly, you can make sure to get started in managing your PDF files, this is how to edit PDF in ubuntu with just these following steps:

edit pdf on linux

Step 1. Opening and Selecting Your PDF File to Edit

You start by opening the PDF file to edit by navigating on the upper surface of the LibreOffice window ("File menu > Open") and selecting the file.

Step 2. Add Text and Content to Your File

To add text to the document, simply click on the location where you wish to add text and begin typing. Remember that your document's pages are displayed in the left pane, so be sure you're editing the correct page.

To add a new page to the document, right-click on the pages pane in the left pane and select new page.

To add other contents to your document, go to the "Insert Menu" and select the type of content you want to include, whether it's a table, image, chart, remark, or even a video clip.

Step 3. Saving Your File.

For the last step, after finalizing your edits and contents to add to your file, go to "File > Export". And then click the "Export As PDF" button on the upper surface of the window and select the designated location of your newly edited PDF to be saved.

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The Best PDF Editor on Windows and Mac

The majority of people use either the Windows operating system or Mac with its less complicated formats and compatible nature to run on most necessary applications they need. But this article will find you best as this tackles the best PDF editor to easily recognize yourself as an expert on editing PDF even on a more strict operating system like Linux.

Clean interface and feature-rich the UPDF has it all as it features a layout that is easier to use while maintaining a simpler structure for most users, especially for starters. Offering a surreal experience, you can do more than simply browse and edit PDF files with the UPDF. It also comes with a series of smart tools that help you improve the content like annotating and organizing them.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Other features also include highlighting, underlining, strikeout, and noting texts on a PDF file, as well as deleting, adding, and rotating pages of the PDF file and printing it as well. You may also create and fill out forms, as well as use electronic and handwritten signatures to sign PDFs with this software.

This application also converts your PDF to different formats such as .docx/.xls/.ppt. The UPDF also comprises sophisticated capabilities that tackle certain conversions like optical character recognition (OCR), which extends the process to turn image-based PDF files into editable text. The application ensures no regrets for you to use as an effective alternative to Libreoffice and will not disappoint as a guide on editing PDF files.

How to Edit PDF

Looking at its basic yet hassle-free design, the UPDF editor is the most suitable tool to edit PDF files while achieving that easy user experience with this step-by-step instruction:

Step 1. Enter into the Editing Mode

For the first step, navigate to the left toolbar and click the "Edit PDF" button to allow you to proceed in the actual editing mode and access the specific tools for editing, as shown in the image below.

edit pdf on mac

Step 2. Edit PDF Document

The editing mode will open once you click the text in the first stage as you will also notice a blue border. You may now make changes to the document's text and graphics as desired. The editing experience is fluid and simple as it is similar to that of editing text in a Word document.

Once you are in editing mode, you can click the text to add a text and a blue boundary will appear to enable you to make any changes you desire and you can even add visuals or other forms of content. If you are familiar with editing using Microsoft's Word application, you can associate it easily with how to use it with ease.

Finally, you may alter the text as well as the graphics contained in PDF files. After picking the "Image", you may rotate, crop, remove, and replace it as desired.

Step 3. Add Text

You may also add a text box once you've entered editing mode. In the toolbar, you'll see the "Text" icon, which is used to add text. Click on the area where you wish to enter text with your pointer. This will let you create a text box into which you may now type any text you want.

edit text on mac

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Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File on Windows


With the breakthrough of PDF editors on more complicated operating systems such as Linux, efficiency is sure to be grasped by most users by choosing the UPDF PDF editor. A great bonus is that while the challenge of achieving quality edited PDF files on this particular operating system is yet to be accomplished, the UPDF considers it a challenge because it is engineered to address the pursuit of easy editing PDF files like a professional.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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