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Batch Combine Files on Windows

Those looking to combine a collection of PDF documents or images into a single file can use the batch combine feature offered by UPDF.

1. Select the Batch Combine Option

As you launch UPDF on your Windows computer, continue to the "Batch" feature on the home screen to lead to a new window.

In the new window, select the "Combine" option.

This feature provides the ability to combine PDF documents along with a variety of image formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF into a single PDF.

batch combine

2. Add Files

On leading to a new window, you will have to add files to combine, which can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Dragging and Dropping

For starters, you can simply drag and drop your potential files into the opened window of UPDF.

  • Navigate Files From Folders

As you select the "Add Files" button, you will be led to a drop-down option where you must select the "Add Files…" option. Continue to browse the file from the file explorer and add it into UPDF successfully.

  • Adding Pre-Opened Files

You can also find the option of "Add Open Files…" in the drop-down that opens after selecting the "Add Files" button. This will add all files automatically into the section that is currently open on UPDF.

  • Add Complete Folders

For adding a collection of PDF documents, you can add a complete folder with the help of the "Add Folders…" option in the drop-down menu.

add files with four ways

3. Rearranging Added Documents

Once you have added the documents in the Batch Combine panel, you can have them rearranged by dragging their position with ease.

reorder combine files list

4. Combine Files

As you are done with adding all the files and rearranging them, continue to the "Apply" button to save the new document in any particular position you want to.

apply to batch combine files

5. Remove Files from the List

If you intend to remove a specific file, find the "three-dots" icon adjacent to the added document and select the option of "Remove File."

remove file from batch combine list

Under the same drop-down, you can also select the option of "Show in Folder" to access the location of the document. To view its properties, use the option of "File Setting."

If you intend to clear the complete list of added documents, use the "Clear List" button.

clear files from list
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