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How to Mirror PDF with 3 Simple and Quick Methods

Sometimes the whole PDF page is not in the right orientation. The solution to this situation is to mirror PDF. There are multiple solutions and tools available. However, most of them are to rotating PDF instead of mirroring it. Both options have their different use cases and can help you mirror PDF, but you must know where to use which one.

So in this article we will guide you on where to use rotate and where to use mirror features according to your needs with our detailed guides.

Part 1. How to Mirror a PDF Document Via Rotating 180°

When you rotate a PDF document to 180 degrees, it only turns the content into a different orientation without flipping it. On the other hand, when you mirror a PDF, the pages are not rotated but you get a mirrored image of the content. It is like looking at a mirrored reflection of a text.

Sometimes the content is perfect, but the orientation is not and that’s where you need to rotate instead of mirroring the PDF. Luckily, UPDF can help you with both use cases whether it is for the whole page or the image only. UPDF offers many other features like UPDF AI, OCR, etc. You can try by downloading it. In this part we will discuss how you can mirror PDF pages in UPDF by rotating them.

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Way 1. Mirror a PDF Page Via Rotating 180°

This method explores the guide on mirroring everything on a PDF page by using the rotation feature with the steps below:

Step 1: Double click desktop UPDF icon for launching it and click "File" > "Open" so that you can pick a PDF from File Explorer and open in UPDF. When it opens you need to click "Organize Pages" from left vertical menu pane in UPDF interface.

mirror pdf updf

Step 2: Click one or multiple pages to select them. You can hold "Ctrl" button and click alternative pages to select them without the pages in between them. Now click "Rotate" buttons from top to rotate pages twice in either clockwise or anti-clockwise directions for 180°. Once you are done you can save PDF by pressing "Ctrl + S"

mirror pdf updf

Way 2. Mirror a PDF Image Via Rotating 180°

If you do not want to mirror whole PDF page but only want to make the orientation of image in PDF correct you can use this method to rotate images only for mirroring them.

Step 1: Launch UPDF tool on your PC by using its desktop icon then click "Open File" button from top for opening PDF using browse file explorer window. When your PDF opens in Reader view you will click "Edit PDF" bottom from left menu pane.

mirror pdf updf

Step 2: Click on image to select it and reveal all image editing options. In the popup menu there will be "Rotate" buttons for anti-clockwise and clockwise directions. Clicking once will rotate image by 90 degrees, so you need to click twice, and after mirroring image by rotating it you can click "Save as other" > "Save".

mirror pdf updf

Download UPDF now for mirroring your PDF documents or images in them and purchase UPDF Pro to get all premium features. Read more about UPDF technicalities and features in this Tech Advisor review.

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Part 2. How to Mirror a PDF Page or Image With Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat may not be your best choice if you don’t have it already since the tool comes with an expensive subscription which might not be feasible for most users. However, if you have it and you want to mirror PDFs, you can use it.

It provides rotating features like UPDF to help you mirror PDF pages and flipping for mirroring images in PDF directly. You can follow both guides below with Adobe Acrobat on your PC for mirroring pages or images in PDF.

Way 1. Mirror a PDF Page

In the first part we will explore how to mirror a page. Since Adobe Acrobat does not provide native mirroring feature, we will use page rotation features with the steps below:

Step 1: Open Adobe Acrobat and click "File" > "Open" to locate PDF file from your PC storage and open it in Adobe. Click "Tools" from top then click "Organize Pages" to get all different page tools in Adobe Acrobat.

mirror pdf adobe

Step 2: Click page that you want to rotate and click "Rotation" buttons from top menu where you will find both options for clockwise and anticlockwise rotation. You can click twice to rotate 180°. After rotating page to correct orientation you can save progress with "Ctrl S"

mirror pdf adobe

Way 2. Mirror a PDF Image

If you want to mirror only image in PDF but don’t want to mirror or rotate the whole page you can use this method on Adobe Acrobat with the steps below.

Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat and press "Ctrl + O" then select PDF by clicking it in browse window before you click "Open" button in there. Now your PDF will open in Adobe and you have to click "Tools" from top right then "Edit PDF" option.

mirror pdf adobe

Step 2: Navigate to image for mirroring it and click to select it. Now right click to get options and click "Flip Horizontal" or "Flip Vertical" button. Your image will be mirrored depending on the button you select. This menu also includes rotating buttons if you want to use them instead. Don’t forget to click "Save" from top right after you are done editing.

mirror pdf adobe

Part 3.  How to Mirror PDF Online Free With PDFux?

If you are looking for an online tool that can mirror your PDF documents in one go then PDFux is the best tool you can choose. Since it works online you can use it on any device on a browser. Mirroring PDFs is only one of many features of PDFux. It also includes features like rotating, numbering, splitting, reordering, merging, etc. with a very easy user interface.

When Mirroring PDFs you only get 2 options which are horizontal and vertical mirroring/flipping and the guide below explains how you can use them.

Step 1: Open PDFux Page mirror tool in a browser and click "Select Files" to pick a PDF file from your offline storage.

mirror pdf pdfux

Step 2: As the PDF loads you will see all page thumbnails with horizontal and vertical flipping buttons so click "Flip Vertically" or "Flip Horizontally" according to your needs then click "Apply Changes". Now your mirrored PDF file will be ready for saving with "Download" button shortly.

mirror pdf pdfux

Part 4. FAQS About Mirroring a PDF

Q1. How to Mirror a PDF in Bluebeam?

There is no feature to mirror PDFs in Bluebeam but it does allow you to rotate PDFs. To rotate PDFs with Bluebeam you can click "Document" > "Rotate Pages" button. It will rotate pages or you can use "Ctrl Shift R" keyboard shortcut for ease.

Q2. How to Mirror a PDF in Preview?

The Mac Preview tool lacks mirror feature for PDFs. On the other hand a PDF image may be flipped vertically or horizontally. To adjust the PDF open it in Preview pick "Tools" menu then choose "Flip Horizontal" "Rotate Left" or "Rotate Right."

Q3. How to Mirror PDF Horizontally?

With PDFux online application you may mirror a PDF horizontally. Upload your PDF file to the website and choose the "Flip" button (vertical or horizontal) then click "Apply changes," and then get "Download" button for saving changes.

Final Words

When the contents of a PDF are not in correct orientation working on it can become very difficult. That’s why you must know the right methods to mirror PDF documents. With different online and offline methods to rotate and mirror PDFs and the differences explained we hope that now you can orient your PDFs correctly. The best option for this use case is UPDF since you can mirror images or whole pages with it so download it and try it now.

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