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How to Edit PDF in Microsoft Edge: Guide with Pictures

When you use Windows OS, Microsoft Edge comes as the built-in web browser and works as the built-in PDF document viewer. Most people don't know that it can also edit their PDF documents to a certain extent.

Although you don't get all the PDF editing features when you edit PDF on Microsoft Edge, the basic editing options can help you easily add comments or fill forms. However, there are still some people who don't know how to edit PDF documents with Microsoft Edge. Luckily, this article covers the most detailed guide. Read on to find out.

Part 1. How to Edit PDFs on Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is the built-in browser that comes with Windows OS these days. Although it is a web browser, like many other browsers, it packs PDF viewing capabilities, allowing you to open and read your PDF documents. However, many people need a little more than just reading their PDF files, including editing.

While there is no built-in dedicated tool to edit PDF documents on a Windows PC, Microsoft Edge can be used for basic editing requirements. The better part about it is that it makes editing very straightforward since no complex options are available. Editing only takes a few steps on Edge, as elaborated below.

1. Open PDF with Microsoft Edge

Go to the folder on your PC that contains the PDF file and right-click it. Navigate to the "Open With" option and click Microsoft Edge. Now that PDF file will open in a Microsoft Edge tab. Here you can read the PDF, fill to width, zoom in, and zoom out for a convenient reading experience.

Open PDF with Microsoft Edge

2. Click Add Text to add text.

Right under the URL section, you will see a small toolbar that contains all the editing tools. It contains an “Add Text” button, click it and click anywhere on the PDF document. Now you will get the typing option. You can type, change text color, change text size and spacing, relocate that text, and even change the width of that text to fit it inside the given space.


You can add new text and freely customize the font color, etc. However, you cannot edit the existing text in the PDF. If you're looking for an efficient way to edit the existing text in your PDF, try UPDF by clicking the button below.

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Add Text to add text in Microsoft Edge

3. Use the Draw and Highlight feature.

You will see the "Draw" and "Highlight" buttons on the same toolbar on the left side. Click them and click on the PDF anywhere to draw or highlight the text in your document. You can also change these features' color, thickness, and other properties.


If you want to enhance your PDF by adding various annotations like sticky notes, stickers, stamps, and more, try UPDF. It is a comprehensive PDF editor that also offers a variety of annotation tools.

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use the draw and highlight in microsoft edge

4. Erase any mistakes

If you make any mistakes while editing, there is no need to worry since Edge makes correcting them easier. Select the "Erase" button to resolve any mistake with a single stroke. Depending on your use case, this erasing mode can be beneficial or problematic.

5. Click Save Button to save changes.

After all the edits are done, click the "Save" button. It is in the top toolbar on the right side, next to the print option. Once you click save, all the work will be saved on the original file, and you may exit.

save changes in microsoft edge

Part 2. How to Edit PDF with Microsoft Edge Alternative

It is not the best option since Microsoft Edge only gets you the basic PDF editing features. If you want a better editing experience, then you must try UPDF. It is the best alternative to Microsoft Edge for viewing and editing PDF documents. It packs numerous features making it the best Edge alternative and PDF editing tool. Try it for free now.

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UPDF is feature-rich as it packs modern-day features, including the following:

  • It can edit text, images, and hyperlinks directly in PDF documents.
  • UPDF brings AI editing that optimizes your experience by automatically configuring things.
  • The UPDF cloud ensures that all your documents are organized and secure in one place, making your PDFs accessible on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • One UPDF account is compatible with your phone, computer, tablet, and other school or home devices, which keeps your work synced.
  • It allows easy sharing of PDF files which makes collaboration easier.

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Editing PDF with UPDF is a breeze with the following 3 steps only.

1. Start UPDF and open PDF

Download UPDF by clicking the button below and it supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Locate the UPDF desktop icon on your PC and double-click to open it. Alternatively, you can search in the Windows Start menu "UPDF" and hit enter. Now select "Open File" to locate your PDF document in the PC storage inside the pop-up window. Click to select PDF and click "Open."

Open file on UPDF

2. Select Edit PDF

Select "Edit PDF" from the left side. If you want to edit the existing text, then double-click on any text. It will convert the text into editable, and you can type whatever you want without worrying about the size, font, color, and other properties.

If you want to add new text, images, or links to the PDF, click the appropriate icons at the top and then the blank area on the PDF; this will allow you to add new elements to your PDF.

edit pdf text on windows using UPDF

If you're going to edit existing images, select 'Image' from the top menubar and choose the images you want to edit. UPDF will display all the actionable operations for the images, such as rotate, extract, crop, replace, and more.

Additionally, under the edit mode, you can also add or edit links in the PDF. UPDF allows you to include a web link or a page link within the PDF, enabling you to jump to a specific page within the document.

3. Save once done

Click "File" and then "Save". Now UPDF will save all the changes you have made to the PDF document, and you can exit.

Download UPDF now, and you can use the commenting, image editing, and hyperlink editing features with a similar procedure.

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If you want to learn how to edit PDF, please watch the video below:

Part 3. Which Method is Better to Edit PDF?

Now that you know the two easiest ways to edit your PDF documents, selecting between these can be difficult. So, let's compare these two methods in the context of their features so you can better understand the editing experience you get with each one.

Key FeaturesMicrosoft EdgeUPDF
Read PDF
Basic PDF editing
In-depth PDF editing
Fill forms
Create forms
PDF Conversion
Protect PDF
AI features
Cloud storage

This comparison table clarifies that Microsoft Edge brings basic-level PDF editing experience, but you cannot expect it to do a lot. If you just need to fill out a form occasionally or take notes from a PDF document, then Microsoft Edge can be a considerable option.

However, if you need a better and more premium experience editing your PDF documents with in-depth capabilities, UPDF will always be the right choice. It is beneficial because it packs many features not available in Microsoft Edge.

Things like collaboration, cloud storage, AI optimization, PDF protection, OCR, and other editing features make it the better option in this comparison. On top of everything, UPDF comes at a cheap price along with several discounts making it more feasible for students, teachers, and everyone else. Get the software installed now from the Free Download button below with ease.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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Part 4. FAQS About Editing PDFs in Microsoft Edge

Q1. Why can't I edit PDF with Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is not a PDF editing tool. Instead, it is a web browser that comes with PDF viewing capabilities. The PDF viewing experience of Microsoft Edge allows you to add text comments, highlight, and draw on the PDF, but there are no other editing capabilities in it.

So, if you want to edit your PDF documents, you will need a third-party PDF editing tool since Windows OS does not have one built-in.

Q2. How do I add a page to a PDF in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge web browser can help you view PDF documents, but it is not capable enough to add pages to PDF documents. If you want to do that, you will need a third-party PDF editor tool like UPDF or Acrobat with the feature to add pages to a PDF document. Alternatively, you can open the PDF document in MS Word and insert pages with formatting issues.

Q3. Can you separate pages in a PDF Microsoft Edge?

Yes, it is possible to separate pages in a PDF with the Microsoft Edge web browser. Say that you have a PDF document of 10 pages, and you want to separate that into 2 halves. Go to the Print option, and under the Pages selection, select the custom range where you want to enter the desired range and click Print. Those pages will now be saved on your PC as a separate document after you rename and save them.

Q4. How do I extract one page from a PDF in Edge?

Open the PDF document in Edge and select the Print option. Select the custom option under the Pages selection and enter the page number you want to extract. Click the print option and enter the file name for that page. Click Save, and that page will be extracted from the whole PDF document and saved on your PC as a separate PDF document with the new name.

Final Words

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to editing PDF documents. For some people, it is enough to edit PDFs using Microsoft Edge since they only need to highlight, take notes, or fill out PDF forms. However, that does not apply to everyone since most people have PDF editing requirements requiring more features than basic PDF editing.

So, for all those users, UPDF makes a much better option than Microsoft Edge. UPDF packs many more features than Edge's 3 basic editing features. It is powerful enough to let you collaborate with others; the AI features make editing and optimization easier. On top of everything, the UPDF cloud feature keeps your work synced across all your devices. Download and enjoy all these benefits immediately. What's even better? Upgrade to the Pro version to use it without any limitations with the best price of the year.

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