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Top 5 PDFescape Alternatives (2024 List)

When working with PDF documents, you need to edit them, fill out forms, annotate, and sometimes convert them to other formats. There are many online and offline tools capable of doing that, including PDFescape. However, it is not the best one in class since it only brings basic-level features. That's why you need to look for a PDFescape alternative tool to get the best usage experience.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 alternative tools that you can use instead to solve all the problems and limitations that PDFescape has, like limited editing features, compatibility with fewer files, etc.

Part 1. 5 Best Alternatives to PDFescape

Here are our top 5 choices that you can use as an alternate tool to PDFescape. We have compared all the tools in detail with a comparison table to show you how the alternatives bring better value.

1.      UPDF - Best Alternative to PDFescape

The best alternative that you can use for PDFescape is UPDF. UPDF is a complete suite of PDF editing tools and other features that allow you to do anything you need to do with a PDF document. One of its best features is the ChatGPT integration, which comes as UPDF AI. You can use UPDF AI to summarize and rewrite content in PDF documents. Moreover, it allows working with foreign languages with translation feature.

Additionally, UPDF offers OCR supporting 38 languages with 99%+ accuracy. Performing OCR with UPDF ensures that the formatting and content integrity are met while allowing you to edit scanned documents or images on the go within the same interface. There is a dedicated UPDF cloud storage for managing your PDF documents.

It also synchronizes your work across all your devices, and you only need one subscription for all devices. Apart from the basic PDF features, it has many features that enhance your experience and productivity, like batch processing. Download UPDF with the download button below and enjoy all these features on your computers and smartphones.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

UPDF - foxit phantompdf alternative

UPDF Over PDFescape:

Here is a quick comparison of how UPDF stands against PDFescape in terms of its key features and functionalities:

Customer Rating (G2)4.5 25 Reviews4.1 64 Reviews
PriceFree $25.99 annual. One license works on all devicesFree $71.88 annual
Platforms SupportedWindows, Mac, Android, iOSWindows, Web
AI Integrated
Batch Process
Edit and Create PDF Forms
Redact PDF
Protect with Password
Organize PDF

While there are a few overlapping qualities between the two, UPDF is the better pick, considering its budget-friendly pricing and compatibility with more devices with its native application. AI and batch processing are among the biggest differences. While the UPDF Cloud provides storage space in gigabytes, PDFescape only provides maximum storage of up to 100 files. Hence, UPDF is far better than PDFescape. Want to know more about their differences, you can check the detailed comparison between PDFescape and UPDF.

It is highly recommended to download UPDF via the below button to test it on your own and check what the big media how to say about UPDF here. Then, decide whether to choose UPDF as your PDFEscape alternative or not.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2.      Adobe Acrobat - Powerful but Expensive Alternative to PDFEscape

Adobe Acrobat has been the highest-standard tool for working on PDF documents for decades, and it is because of its extensive features. What most people love this tool for is how powerful it is when it comes to PDF editing since it provides in-depth editing capabilities down to minor details in PDF. Moreover, it packs an extensive list of features like document comparison, digital signatures, and redaction.

With Adobe Acrobat, you can convert your PDF documents to a lot of other file formats and vice versa. It also offers Creative Cloud and Document Cloud to integrate your documents and progress with other Adobe services as well as with your co-workers for seamless collaboration.

adobe acrobat editor

Adobe Acrobat Over PDFesacpe:

The comparison table below shows how PDFescape compares against Adobe Acrobat in terms of pricing, platform support, and some key features.

ItemsAdobe AcrobatPDFescape
Customer Rating (G2)4.5 3260 Reviews4.1 64 Reviews
Price$239.88 annualFree $71.88 annual
Platforms SupportedWindows, Mac, Web, Android, iOSWindows, Web
Batch Process
Pro Editing

Although Adobe Acrobat is a little expensive in comparison to PDFescape, the value it offers makes up for the price, especially for professionals and officials. Moreover, it brings wide device compatibility and features like in-depth PDF editing and OCR, making it the better option in this comparison.

3.      SmallPDF - The Best Online PDFEscape Alternative

The best online alternative to PDFescape is SmallPDF, which brings PDF managing facilities.SmallPDF can compress, split, merge, and convert PDF docs. You can edit and annotate PDF documents. Additionally, it offers batch processing, cloud integration, OCR, etc.


SmallPDF Over PDFesacpe:

SmallPDF is an online tool with many similarities to PDFescape, so picking it can be slightly difficult. However, this comparison table with PDFescape will make it clear to you which tool offers the better value.

Customer Rating (G2)4.5 249 Reviews4.1 64 Reviews
PriceFree $108 annualFree $71.88 annual
Platforms SupportedWindows, Mac, Web, Android, iOSWindows, Web
Split PDF
Scan PDF
Remove password

SmallPDF not only brings basic PDF editing features like PDFescape, but it also offers better value to the users with its unique features. Those include scanning PDF directly and the capability to split PDF documents into smaller sections. The security features offered by SmallPDF include removing passwords and restrictions from your documents. Although it is slightly expensive in comparison, the value offered is much better than that of PDFescape.

4.      iLovePDF

iLovePDF is mainly known as an online PDF tool that comes with a lot of PDF utilities to provide you with a complete experience. It has an advanced OCR feature, which brings high accuracy to scanned documents and images. PDF conversion to different files like HTML, Word, PPT, and Excel are supported, and you also get PDF editing and annotation features. iLovePDF also supports integrating cloud storage like Google Drive with it for a seamless working experience.

ilovepdf all tools

iLovePDF Over PDFesacpe:

iLovePDF is one of the best online PDF utility tools, and this comparison table shows how it compares against PDFescape in terms of key functionalities.

Customer Rating (G2)4.6 420 Reviews4.1 64 Reviews
PriceFree $48 annualFree $71.88 annual
Platforms SupportedWindows, Mac, Web, Android, iOSWindows, Web
Repair PDF
Split PDF

Both tools are known as online, but PDFescape offers Windows app while iLovePDF gives the option for Mac, Android, and iOS along with Windows. Additionally, it offers some key functionalities like batch processing, OCR, PDF repairing, and splitting documents that are missing in PDFescape.

5.      PDFFiller

PDFFiller highlights its extensive PDF editing and customization capabilities, where you can edit text and add shapes, signatures, and stamps to your documents. It has a PDF watermark feature and supports security features like eSignature. With PDFFiller, you can create your PDF documents from scratch, like working on a text editor, and work with interactive PDF forms. Apart from that, PDF filler brings advanced features like OCR, PDF organizing, and conversion.

pdffiller the pdf document editor

PDFFiller Over PDFescape

This comparison table shows how PDFFiller compares against PDFescape considering the most important factors users usually consider:

Customer Rating (G2)4.6 717 Reviews4.1 64 Reviews
PriceFree $180 annualFree $71.88 annual
Platforms SupportedWindows, Mac, Web, Android, iOSWindows, Web
Interactive PDF Forms
Edit images in PDF

PDFFiller is a tool designed with professionals in mind. It offers a well-designed interface with all features displayed in different parts of the screen. You can create and edit interactive PDF forms with it, while PDFescape only allows you to work on basic PDF forms. Moreover, PDFFiller supports editing images inside PDF documents rather than only adding them, and it also has an OCR feature, making it a better choice.

Final Words

If you use PDFescape and often find it missing some important functionality, you know it is time to look for a PDFescape alternative. When picking an alternative, you need to check how it brings you better value instead. Moreover, it is essential to look for price differences and detailed features to ensure that all your requirements are met.

Whether you use PDF documents rarely or very often, UPDF is the tool that we recommend, considering its cheap price, reliability, user experience, and, most importantly, the extensive feature list it brings to meet all your requirements. UPDF is all you need to meet your PDF working requirements, and you can try it by downloading it now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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