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The Ultimate PDF Expert Alternative for Windows: A Must-Try Solution

Every person nowadays needs a PDF editor for managing and editing their PDF files as per their requirements. There are thousands of PDF editing software on the web that you can use to get your work done, but not all of them will give satisfactory results.

Technology updates every day, and just like this, you need to switch to the best PDF editor from software like PDF Expert. The best alternative to PDF Expert for Windows is UPDF, the all-in-one solution to your PDF problems on Windows. At the end of the article, we compare PDF Expert and UPDF in every aspect.

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Part 1: Is PDF Expert Available on Windows?

No, PDF Expert is not available on Windows. You can only access it on Mac. In case you have to work on a PDF file on a Windows computer, you have to take assistance from other PDF editors.

Part 2: The Best Alternative to PDF Expert for PC

PDF files are the most widely used and preferred formats for both office and academic work because of their consistent formatting. Whenever you need to edit a PDF file, you search for the best PDF editor, and many rely on a robust PDF Expert for a PC alternative. Now it's time to switch on the best PDF editing tool. UPDF is the best alternative for PDF Expert because it can not only edit PDF file but also convert it with OCR.

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UPDF comprises a very structured and well-organized UI interface, making it an easy-to-use and captivating tool. One of the most important parts of this tool is that when you buy one license of UPDF, you can use it on multiple devices running on different platforms. It is a feature-rich tool, and some of the prevailing features are listed beneath:

1. Edit PDF in a Professional Way

You can edit a PDF file at your convenience because it offers multiple options for editing. You can edit text by changing its size, style, and color and enhance the attractiveness of your file. You can also add or edit the images in a PDF so it will get more engaging for the readers. Links enhance the validity of any file, and in case you want to increase the validity of your PDF, do this by adding links.

2. OCR PDF Files

OCR is a feature that can help anyone who wants to edit or search a specific text in a scanned PDF file. The OCR tool can convert a scanned PDF into a much better readable form while making it editable. With the OCR feature of PDF Expert Windows 10 alternative, you can make a PDF file of any language editable because it supports 38 languages. No other PDF tool in the market supports this number of languages.

3. Convert a PDF into Multiple Formats

This PDF Expert for Windows alternative also supports multiple converting formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, and many more. All your typing and data will be saved even if you change the formats with UPDF.

4. Innovative Annotations for a PDF File

With this PDF Expert for PC alternative, you can annotate PDF file in many ways without worrying about changes in formatting. You can add a text box and comments to notify something. You can also draw shapes or figures with a pencil or erase them using an eraser. If you need to specify something or pinpoint an important line, this tool allows you to highlight and underline the text.

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Part 3: How to Use PDF Expert Windows Alternative

UPDF can be used on many devices running on different operating systems. If you want to use UPDF on a Windows computer to make desired changes, follow the steps mentioned below:

3.1 How to Edit PDF

Step 1:  Enable Edit PDF Mode

To get started, launch UPDF on your Windows computer and import the PDF file that you wish to edit. After this, click on the "Edit PDF" icon from the left panel of your PDF, and this will turn the scanned PDF into an editable document.

Step 2: Select the Edit Item

On the Above panel, you will see options for editing "Text", "Image", and "Link". Select the "Text" option and double-click on the content you want to edit. You can change the text's style, color, and size. You can also bold or align the text.

Step 3: Edit the Images

For editing the image, select the "Image" option from the above panel and double-click on the image you want to edit. By this, you can extract, replace and crop that image. You can also rotate the image clockwise and anticlockwise.

Step 4: Edit the PDF Links

To add a link, click on the "Link" option from the above panel and draw the line where you want to insert the link. After inserting the link, you will see two options, "Link to Web" and "Link to Page". Here, you can select the option of your choice. You can also edit it by changing its type, style, thickness, and color.

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3.2 How to OCR PDF

Step 1: Select the OCR Tool

Open the PDF file with UPDF and choose the "Recognition Text Using OCR" button from the right panel.

Step 2: Customize OCR Settings

After this, you will see two options for selecting the types of OCR in the "Document Type" interface, i.e, "Searchable PDF" and "Image-Only PDF." Select the type of your choice. After selecting the OCR type, you can now select the layout style. The "Text Over the Page Image" option is selected as a default option; however, you can also choose other options. For advanced settings, click on the "Gear" icon next to Layout and set advanced settings for Layout.

Step 3: Select the Document Language

You can also select the language of your document, as UPDF supports 38 languages. For this, click on the "Document Language" dropbox and choose the language of your choice. For customizing the image resolution, you can choose from UPDF given options 300 dpi, 150 dpi, and 72 dpi or "Detect Optimal Resolution" for automatic detection.  

Step 4: Perform OCR

To select the page range, click on "Page Range", and you can also manage the number of pages in an odd and even manner by selecting "Odd or Even Pages". After this, click on the "Perform OCR" button. Now, rename your file if you want to, and select the folder of your choice. Following this, hit the "Save" button to save your editable PDF.

3.3 How to Convert PDF

Step 1: Choose the "Export PDF" Tool

Open your desired PDF file with UPDF and click on the "Export PDF" icon from the right panel to convert a PDF. You will see a menu box comprising names of formats PDF supports; select the format from here.

Step 2: Customize Converter Settings

After selecting the format, a window will appear on your screen, and from the options like, "Document Language" and "Page Range". Afterward, click on the "Export" button.

Step 3: Save the Converted File

Rename the converted PDF file if you want to, and select the folder of your choice. Next, tap on the "Save" button to save the converted file on your system.

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3.4 How to Annotate PDF

Step 1: Choose the Annotation Tool

Open the PDF file you want to edit with UPDF and tap on the "Comment" icon from the left panel. All the annotating options will be visible on the above toolbar.  

Step 2: Highlight your PDF File

For highlighting important text, select the "Highlight" icon and choose the color of your choice. Drag it across the text, and it will be highlighted. If any unrequired information is present in the PDF, select the "Strikethrough" tool and drag your cursor on the text.

Step 3: Add the Important Text

To underline essential points and headings, tap on the "Underline" icon and drag it across that text. To add a comment to a PDF file, select the "Text Comment" option, and to add a text box, click on the "Text Box" icon from the top toolbar.

Step 4: Add or Draw Shapes

For inserting a sticky note, select the "Sticky Note" option and customize it by choosing the color of your choice. You can also draw something by clicking on the "Pencil" icon and personalize its color, opacity, and thickness. If you wish to erase that pencil-drawn object, select the "Eraser" icon. For adding shapes, choose the "Shape" icon and select the shape of your choice.

Part 4: PDF Expert vs. UPDF

Do you want to learn why UPDF is the best PDF Expert Windows alternative? Check out the table below to learn the differences between them:

FeaturesUPDFPDF Expert
OSWindows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPadiPad, iPhone, Mac
PriceAnnual: $39.99
Perpetual: $59.99
Yearly: $79.99
Lifetime: $139.99
InterfaceMore User-Friendly and AttractiveSimple and Basic UI
OCR Languages Supported3820
Convert PDF FormatsWord, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, Text, Rich Text Format, Image, XML, HTML, PDF/AWord, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, Image

If you want to learn a more detailed comparison, check PDF Expert vs. UPDF.

The Ending

As discussed in the article, UPDF is the best alternative for PDF Expert Windows. UPDF is the best PDF tool to edit, annotate, convert, organize, and OCR PDF. Moreover, you don't have to follow any complicated procedure as the steps mentioned above are very simple and detailed.

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