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Top 5 Adobe Reader Alternative to Choose From in 2023

A good PDF reader will allow you to not just open and read a PDF document, but also make some edits and annotate the PDF document in numerous ways. For the longest time, Adobe Reader has provided just that. While it may be a great choice for many, the cost of accessing Adobe Reader for many is out of reach.

The following are some Adobe Reader alternatives to choose from if Adobe Reader is not for you.

Top 5 Adobe Reader Alternatives Free of Cost


UPDF is a PDF Reader and Editor that does more than just allow you to open and read a PDF document. It has numerous features that allow you to read and view a PDF document on a simple-to-use interface that makes working on PDFs both simple and enjoyable. The program is completely to use and goes a step further than Adobe Reader to provide the features that you would find on Adobe Acrobat DC without the hefty price tag.

adobe reader Alternative updf

The following are just some of the things that you can do with UPDF;

  • You can open and read any PDF document without any limitations to the size or page range of the document.
  • It has a dark mode to protect your eyes at night.
  • It also goes you the rare opportunity to edit your PDFs in numerous ways. You can add and delete text, add images and manipulate the PDF pages in numerous ways.
  • You can also use the annotation feature to highlight, underline, add notes, and even strikeout text
  • Its advanced OCR function allows you to easily convert scanned PDFs to editable text
  • It also allows you to add permissions and passwords to protect the PDF document.
  • It also has a document converter that you can use to convert PDF to various formats including Word/Excel/PPT/Text/HTML/XML/image (PNG, Jpeg, BMP, TIFF, GIF)/RTF, and more.

Compare UPDF with Adobe Reader

UPDFAdobe Reader
PriceFree for view PDFFree
PerformanceSuper HighHigh
View PDF
Edit PDF
Share PDF
Convert PDF
Annotate PDF
Organize PDF Pages
Compress PDF
Easy to Use4.93.9

2. Nitro Reader

Nitro PDF reader is a good alternative to Adobe Reader mostly because it looks and feels like Adobe Reader. It doesn't however have one feature that you will not find on most other PDF readers. The touchscreen model that Nitro Reader has pioneered makes it so much easier to read a PDF document since you can scroll through the pages much faster.

It also comes with all the other features you would expect of a quality PDF reader, allowing you to fill and sign PDFs, and annotate the document by adding comments, notes, and highlighting text among others.

adobe reader alternative free nitro


  • The touchscreen mode makes it so much easier to read a PDF document.
  • It has a lot of annotation tools to make collaboration easier
  • The interface has a very simple ribbon-style menu to make it easier to find the tools you need


  • It doesn't have any PDF editing features
  • You will also not get any PDF protection features

3. Foxit Reader

If you are looking for a PDF reader that actively promotes collaboration, then you should consider Foxit Reader. Not only is it a simple-to-use solution, but it also securely saves all PDFs to the cloud, making it easy for you to share the documents with others on your collaborative project. On the cloud, you can choose to grant and deny access to any document at will and even track who opens, edits, and even comments on the documents in the cloud.

On top of that, the Adobe Reader alternative can do all the other things you would expect of a PDF reader. You can use it to open and view PDFs, annotate PDFs in various ways and even add permissions and passwords to protect your document.

adobe acrobat reader alternative foxit


  • It is easy to use with a simple interface
  • The cloud allows you to easily share and collaborate on documents
  • You can annotate the PDFs you are reading
  • It also comes with document protection capabilities


  • To access editing features, you will have to purchase the Foxit PDF Editor

4. SumatraPDF

If you are looking for a PDF reader that is completely free to use, the open-source SumatraPDF may be the most ideal solution for you. This program is also very lightweight, requiring just 5MB of storage space on your computer. But this doesn't mean that it will shortchange you in terms of features.

You can use this Adobe Reader alternative to open and read PDFs just s you would any of the other tools on this list. It will open any PDF document regardless of size, but you will not be able to annotate, sign the document or fill in any PDF forms.

acrobat reader alternative sumatrapdf


  • It is not just a PDF reader. You can use it to read other formats like EPUB
  • It is very lightweight
  • It is completely free to use


  • It is only available for Windows
  • Lacks advanced features

5. Expert PDF Reader

This is another completely free PDF reader that you can choose instead of Adobe Reader. The interface looks and feels like an MS Office app, making it familiar and easy to navigate. It will also open and read any PDF document regardless of size and allow you to annotate the PDF in various ways as you read,

For a free tool, it comes with additional features that you may only find on paid programs. These include the ability to add a bookmark, view PDF page thumbnails, and open multiple PDFs at the same time.

adobe reader alternative expert pdf reader


  • You can use this Adobe Reader alternative to open other file formats as well
  • It doesn't limit the size of PDFs that you can open
  • Allows you to annotate the PDFs
  • It is completely free to use


  • It lacks advanced editing tools and features
  • It is only available for Windows


If Adobe Reader is not an ideal choice for you and your needs, you now have 5 capable tools to choose from. If you wanted the quality that Adobe Reader promises without its limitations UPDF is a natural choice for the reasons outlined above. UPDF has a beautiful and simple UI interface to improve the reading experience. It also has a dark mode to protect your eyes when you read PDF books at night.