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Top 5 PDF Readers for Windows That You Should Check Out!

Despite being over two decades old, PDFs are still vital and most used formats in all business, corporate, and educational sectors. It is one of the best-used formats due to its compact file size, easy page layout, and ability to prevent format disruption, no matter which screen you transfer it on.

However, while the format is excellent, users should have a great PDF reader on their computer to read the document type. If you are searching for the best PDF reader for PCs, then worry not. We have listed some of the top ones for you. Hop on below to find out.

The Top 5 Best PDF Readers for PC (Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/7)

There are multiple PDF readers in the market, each with various features falling in a different price range. Given this wide variety, users can sometimes become confused about which one to choose. If this is the same case for you, then we'll help you out with a list of five of the best PDF readers for Windows 10, 11, 8.1, and 7:

1. UPDF for Windows - The No. 1 Pick of the List

UPDF is undeniably one of the best PDF readers in the market. Superace Software Technologies developed the software and is a great pick when choosing a PDF file opener for PCs. Superace understands that PDF documents are the driving force of work for many sectors. Hence, they have provided users with software that gives them ease of reading and enables them to work through several different tasks using its impeccable features. Download the PDF reader for Windows now.

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free pdf reader for windows

To read a PDF through this PDF opener for PC, users can select between dark and light modes and choose the page layout according to their preference. If all this wasn't enough to convince you, here are a few pros and cons of the software to help you understand it better:


  • It provides better control over PDF layout by customizing the page display mode.
  • It provides various annotation and markup tools to help you add comments to PDF while reading.
  • The editing feature helps you edit every detail found on a PDF file, including text, images, graphics, links, watermarks, backgrounds, etc.
  • You can open multiple PDFs at once if you want to do multi-tasking to improve productivity.
  • If you want to get the main points of a lengthy PDF document, it also offers an AI tool - UPDF AI to help you summarize, explain, and chat with PDF documents.
  • It has a dark and light mode for users to select from when reading. (The dark mode is available on the Mac and iOS versions.)
  • You can add bookmarks to your PDF for better navigation, jump to a specific page quickly, and zoom in & out with ease.
  • It can do much more than reading: convert, compress, flatten, OCR, protect, share, print PDFs, etc.

User Reviews of UPDF: 4.4/5.0

Real user review:

"The versatility of features offered by UPDF is truly remarkable. From viewing and editing to signing and annotating, it meets all my PDF needs. I've found the conversion function particularly handy when dealing with different file formats. Moreover, the ability to protect, organize, crop, split, and share PDF files makes it an all-encompassing tool for any PDF-related tasks." Read more >

Below is a video to help you learn more about this PDF reader for Windows. Watch it now. Meanwhile, download UPDF to read PDFs and simplify the management of PDF documents by hitting the "Free Download" button below.

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2. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Labeled as an exceptional PDF reader for Windows 10, Adobe made its name in the world of PDF reading a long time ago. The service enables users to open and read PDF documents and provides them with better experiences with its other immaculate features.

Besides offering the feature of PDF view on Windows, it connects to Adobe Document Cloud with third-party storage systems like Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.  This integration allows one to easily edit, share, and add comments on a PDF from anywhere or any device. While all this is great, the most remarkable feature of Adobe has got to be the read text out loud and guide users along any document that is challenging to read.

adobe acrobat pdf reader for windows free


  • Opens multiple PDFs at once
  • Comprehensive toolkit
  • Has excellent accessibility features


  • Slows or lags when editing too many files
  • The interface features are more complex and have a learning curve.
  • It is very expensive for advanced features such as editing

User Reviews of Adobe Acrobat: 4.5/5.0

Real user review:

"I like the software itself although older versions of the software were actually better in some ways. customer support- I was promised that I could keep my stock images from adobe stock when I upgraded my produyct plan, but after hours on the phone trying to recover my images and account I lost access to over 500 images I had already paid for." Learn more >

3. Foxit Reader

Considered the Google Docs of PDF reader, Foxit was developed by Foxit Software. The free and lightweight service offers users a wide variety of features, including an easy ability to read, annotate, password protect, and even bookmark pages where they left off.

Through this service, users can easily create, share, and upload their documents to the Cloud. The best part about Foxit is that it is available in multiple languages and is supported on all Windows, Linux, and MacOS devices. Here are some pros and cons of this PDF opener app for PC:

foxit reader for windows


  • Boasts an interface similar to all Microsoft Products
  • Can create tabs for customized views
  • Allows viewing texts through the PDF portfolios


  • The system crashes a lot
  • The trial version is different from the actual updated version

User Reviews of Foxit Software: 2.2/5.0

Real user review:

"They offered a free trial for pdf editor cloud. You go through the process to sign up. Credit card is mandatory. Every field works, including email verification code which is placed prominently at the top . The LAST FIELD is the Credit Card field (remember, credit card is mandatory to get the trial and then you can CANCEL and get a refund they say)." Learn more >

4. Nitro Reader

Another great PDF viewer for PC is the Nitro Reader. This particular software is free for download but provides the ease to open any kind of PDF document despite its size and content. Moreover, it has quite a fantastic balance between usability and advanced features. The software holds a slick interface but doesn’t restrict its users from accessing various functions like creating, reviewing, sharing, reading, and editing PDFs.

Where the reading aspect of this PDF open app for PC is excellent, while reviewing, the review pane of the PDF reader would always come in handy. If all this isn't enough, the below-mentioned pros and cons will help you decide.

nitro pdf reader for windows


  • Can open multiple files at once
  • Users can merge and compare documents easily


  • The OCR becomes ineffective with heavy PDF files
  • Might only work with some types of PDFs every time

User Reviews of Nitro Pro: 4.3/5.0

Real user review:

"It provides a wide range of tools for editing pdf's, including text and image manipulation. It offers features for collaboration and it supports coverting pdf files to and from various formats. I don't know if its because of my connection but I find the Nitro Pro website slow. Some features are not available on mobile version." Learn more >

5. PDF-Xchange Editor

This is yet another robust and exceptional working PDF viewer for PC in the market. The PDF-Xchange Editor offers users unique features like creating, viewing, highlighting texts, adding notes, attaching files, and striking through words.

While it is not as popular as UPDF or Adobe, the service has made a name for itself. This is one primary reason why it made not only our list of top five PDF readers for Windows but is included on the many others present online. If you come across this PDF reader and like its overall features and interface, we highly suggest you give this software a chance.

pdf xchange pdf reader for windows


  • Tabbed interface to process multiple files
  • Creates PDF files from both links and already existing files
  • It supports a bunch of standard features like bookmarks


  • Limit access to features in the unpaid version
  • Relatively expensive

User Reviews of PDF-Xchange Editor: 3.6/5.0

Real user review:

"This review is about PDF XChange Editor version 7. I simply love this tool to create, edit and protect PDF documents, and regularly use it to edit invoices and also input notes in existing documents." Learn more >

How to Choose the Best PDF Reader for Windows?

Among the many beneficial features Windows 10 and 11 provide enabling an easy way of reading PDFs by supporting several third-party PDF reading applications and software is one of them. However, given the diverse variety of PDF readers, it is always essential to understand how you can choose the best PDF viewer for Windows 10 easily. Want to know how you can do this? Follow the steps mentioned below:

Operating System Compatibility:

Always choose a PDF opener for Windows, which is also compatible with other OS systems. This will make switching between devices for work easier.


Understand what your work demands are and what features might come in handy for you. Then assess whether or not those features are present on the PDF reader for Windows you are inclining towards.

User Interface:

No one wants to work on software or applications which is hard to use. Hence, always read reviews, take advice, and judge an interface to ensure that it operates in a friendly and easy-to-use manner.

updf pdf reader for windows user interface


Set a budget based on your work demands and how much you are willing to spend on a PDF reader. Once you have a clear idea, seek a PDF reader within that range.

These small tips will help you pick the best PDF file opener for your PC. Below we have a thorough comparison guide that might further help you with making an informed purchase decision.

FeaturesUPDF for WindowsAdobe Acrobat Reader DC Foxit Reader Nitro Reader PDF-Xchange Editor 
Supports all popular PDF formats
Full Screen
Slideshow Feature with Laser Pointer
User-friendly Interface
Provides options of Dark and Light mode for reading
(But text may be rendered or may not be visible)
Working on SystemWindows, Mac, iOS, and AndroidAdobe Standard (Windows only)
Adobe DC(Windows, Mac, iOS and Android)
Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and AndroidWindows and MacAll versions of Microsoft Windows

The comparison table might have given you an idea that while all five PDF readers for Windows are exceptional in their workings, UPDF takes the lead with its impeccable features.

Besides having an easy-to-use interface and the ability to support all popular PDF formats, UPDF also excels in AI. The software has incorporated AI tools like summarize, translate, explain, and write, which makes working through and understanding several documents easier. Through the translate feature, users can translate any text from one language to another; the summarize option enables them to jot down a PDF more concisely, while the explain option helps them understand the meaning of difficult words and sentences.


Finding the best PDF reader for Windows can be daunting, but we hope the five readers we mentioned above helped make this task easier. Let us know which was your favorite out of the list. UPDF is the strongest contestant, and we highly suggest you definitely give it a go. Click the button below and download it now. You can also upgrade it as it is offering an exclusive discount now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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