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Top 10 Free eBook Download Site: Free eBooks at Your Fingertips

Do you find delight in the magical journey a well-written book can take us upon and wish to preserve forever? The dream of creating one's library has always been every bookworm's dream. Luckily, with today's technology and internet access, gaining access to thousands of books without spending a penny is achievable. The answer to an unlimited and free library lies in eBooks. You can learn more about eBooks, how they work, and some of the top free eBook download sites, all in the following read.

Except for the top 10 free eBook download sites, we will also recommend the best reading app called UPDF in Part 2, which helps you read comfortably and satisfies all your reading needs. You can download it for a trial!

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Part 1: Top Free 10 eBook Download Sites

Are you looking for free eBook download services across the web? Many dedicated eBook websites can help you accomplish the task. Take a look below to find our top 10 choices for free eBook download PDF sites.

1. Open Library

Open Library is one of the largest eBook libraries on the internet. This eBook website offers books related to almost all topics. Open Library is a free book resource tool that you can use to access millions of books instantly and effortlessly. From art to science fiction and cookbooks, you can find it all on Open Library.

free ebooks open library


  • You can browse through the website by subject, authors, or title to quickly find the book you want.
  • Books on Open Library are available in multiple file formats.


  • If you want to include a book on the site, you need to make a donation.

2. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is a remarkable eBook library to free download the books of your choice. The website contains more than 50,000 books in different genres ranging from romance to action and historical fiction. Using a free sign-up on the website, you can download eBooks in PDF and other supported formats on ManyBooks easily.

free ebook download many books


  • The site offers a variety of categories to make your selection process easier.
  • ManyBooks also contains a discussion forum for readers to actively engage in their curious desires.


  • Not all the books available on ManyBooks are free of cost.

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is another vast resource library and free eBook website that contains thousands of books for you to read online or download on your device. The site contains PDF, EPUB, Kindle eBooks, and other file formats. Project Gutenberg is also one of the oldest eBook sources, dating back to 1971.

free ebooks download sites project gutenberg


  • You do not need any fee or registration to access this online library.
  • Project Gutenberg offers a "Top 100" list which helps bring overlooked books into the limelight.


  • Most of the books on this eBook website are in English only.

4. Library Genesis

Yet another one of the best free eBook sites available today includes Library Genesis. It is an expansive online library with some of the best eBooks available. Library Genesis also comes with a Desktop application for offline use. You can search and download your desired books and upload content or articles to contribute to the library’s resources.

ebook library free download library genesis


  • You can significantly refine your search options by title, authors, languages, publishers, years, etc.
  • You can add bookmarks while reading an eBook online on Library Genesis.


  • Library Genesis is a shadow library so that you can face legal trouble and piracy issues.

5. Feedbooks

Looking for an esteemed website for a quick and free eBook download? You can find the answer in Feedbooks. It is a noteworthy library source containing thousands of books available for buying and borrowing. Feedbooks includes a complete and comprehensive catalog that you can use to find the book of your choice.

ebook websites feedbooks


  • Feedbooks offers a "Selections" section to bring you the must-reads of every month.
  • The site also contains books that have been previously banned from publications and libraries.


  • Most of the books on the Feedbooks website are costly.

6. Free-eBooks.net

Among the top free eBook sites available you can access on the internet, you should undoubtedly try out Free-eBooks.net. The site is one of the most extensive online book libraries, with countless eBooks in various categories. You can choose from health, literature, drama, horror, philosophy, poetry, religion, business, and much more.

ebook download sites free-ebooks.net


  • Free-eBooks conducts weekly author interviews for better insights into the books.
  • The website also contains a dedicated collection of audiobooks and podcasts.


  • You only get up to 5 free eBook downloads monthly.

7. eBookLobby

Another great choice from the list of top eBook websites is eBookLobby. The site contains various eBooks from multiple genres that you can download for free. You can search the site’s database to find what you are looking for and easily download it to your device. You can also get an overview of the book along with additional information prior to downloading it on eBookLobby.

free ebook sites ebooklobby


  • The download process is straightforward without any hassle.
  • There is a "Top 10" list for recommendations and discovery on eBookLobby.


  • A minimal number of eBooks are available on the website.

8. PDF Books World

PDF Books World is a public resource library for all kinds of eBooks available for online reading and download. The eBooks featured on the website are high-quality PDF files with legible font sizes and suitable illustrations. You can search books by genre, authors, titles, and more. Users can also find books in the "Popular" and "New" sections.

ebook website pdf books world


  • Most books on the site contain hyperlinks for quick jumps to references, footnotes, illustrations, etc.
  • The books offer a strain-free experience owing to their easy-to-read font size and type.


  • Books on the website are only available in PDF file format.

9. eBooks.com

A premium website available for free eBook download in PDF format is eBooks.com. eBooks.com's simple yet intriguing website contains thousands of free eBooks, including popular titles and bestsellers. You can search for a book by category, title, author, or subject on the website, and with a few simple clicks, you can save it to your device.

epub free download sites ebooks.com


  • The site offers multiple file formats, including PDF, EPUB, and Online Reader.
  • A robust search tool allows for easy navigation and finding your desired book.


  • Most books are available as scanned images instead of text.

10. Standard eBooks

If you are searching for an intriguing PDF and EPUB download website, you can try Standard eBooks. The site offers premium quality editions of eBooks free of copyright claims and free of cost. With an interactive user interface, Standard eBooks have all you might be looking for in a free eBook website.

epub download sites standard ebooks


  • Although a volunteer-driven project, Standard eBooks contains books that are well-designed and well-formatted before republishing.
  • You can find the word count, reading score, and a synopsis for each book page.


  • Most of the eBooks available on the site are classics, and you can rarely find a modern bestseller on the site.

Part 2: The Best Software to Read PDF eBooks

Are you looking for a suitable eBook reader and viewer? You can try the incredible services offered by UPDF for that cause. UPDF is a program that is dedicated to PDF viewing, reading, and annotating. Download this program, you can easily open your favorite PDF eBooks on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

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read pdf ebooks with updf

What makes it stand out from all the eBook readers?

  • It supports dark mode to protect your eyes and give you the best experience while you are reading your eBooks.
  • It has a slideshow feature that allows you to make presentations easily.
  • It offers multiple display modes, allowing you to browse PDF files with a single-page view, two-page view, scrolling, and two-page scrolling. It is easy for you to navigate pages as well as zoom in & out.
  • It allows you to create and manage bookmarks in your PDF documents.
  • When you have the need to search for words in PDF, this tool will help you find them easily.

Why not download the UPDF via the below button to check all points mentioned here?

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dark mode ebook reader

Besides simply viewing your PDF book, you can also annotate your books using UPDF. The tool allows users to highlight or underline text, add comments, and draw or scribble around the pages using a brush. UPDF is a remarkable PDF eBook reader with a rich set of annotation tools to help you extract the essence of your book with ease.

It also makes PDF editing happen. You can make any changes to the documents, including the text, images, links, watermarks, pages, backgrounds, etc. It also supports converting PDF documents and recognizing text in scanned PDF documents with OCR.

To learn more about the UPDF, you can watch our video below:

Part 3: What is an eBook and How Does it Work?

An eBook is essentially any book in a text format that you can access virtually on your mobile phone, computer, or other electronic devices. Besides the traditional text, eBooks also usually contain images, audio, hyperlinks, etc. These digital versions of books can range from record-breaking fiction to reference guides and magazines.

There are currently many ways to access and read eBooks. Since most of them come in a PDF format, you can use any software package specified for PDF files. You can install such software on your device and view your eBook using different modes.

Another way to read an eBook is using a portable eBook reading device. You can use devices such as Kindle to download the books of your choice from a resource library. Portable eBook readers are generally small and lightweight, intended to mimic actual books with a back-lit screen.

Part 4: What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of eBooks?

Contrary to the traditional printed paper, eBooks have made it easier to access and possess a large number of books in a limited space. But this isn't the only advantage of eBooks. Let's look at what other merits and demerits digital books have to offer.

Advantages of eBooks

1. Portability

One of the significant advantages of eBooks is their portability. You can easily carry multiple books wherever you go, as it is accompanied by your smartphone or your computer.

2. Less Storage

An eBook requires much less storage as compared to any other paperback. Instead of cleaning up old shelves to make room for some books, you can easily store thousands of eBooks on your electronic device.

3. Environment Friendly

The traditional printed books took a significant toll on the environment due to the enormous amount of paper coming from dead trees. Fortunately, eBooks do not require dead trees or harmful carbon emissions from factories to become readable.

4. Feature-Laden

You can easily read an eBook in the dark, annotate your pages with built-in features in almost all eBook readers, and even change the font size so it better adjusts to your eyes.

5. Budget-Friendly

The price of an eBook is much less than that of a paperback. With the manufacturing and shipping costs cut off, you only need to pay a minimal amount to access your favorite book digitally.

Disadvantages of eBooks

1. Health Issues

One of the major problems associated with an eBook is staring at a screen for hours. It can cause eye strain, posture problems, and other screen-related health issues for readers.

2. Piracy

As eBooks exist on a digital platform, their increased reach often results in piracy and theft. Your eBooks can be illegally downloaded or spread across the web without your consent.


For many, books have always been a way of coping with life's misfortunes. With the marvels the internet bestowed on us, we can now keep our favorite books in our pockets at all times. eBooks have certainly revolutionized how we perceive and access books in recent years. With the top eBook download sites mentioned above, you can now keep an entire library at your fingertips. To get a pleasant eBook reading experience, you can try UPDF now and start enjoying the journey. And if it is what you need after testing, you can upgrade to the pro version at a low price.

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