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How to Compare PDF Files in Adobe? Step by Step Guide

With current documentation requirements, we often need to work on different versions of a PDF when collaborating with a team. As the versions increase, so do the changes. That's where things get confusing. The solution to this very problem is to compare PDF documents.

Luckily, Adobe has this feature to compare PDFs and this guide is all about how to compare PDF files in Adobe. Moreover, if you feel Adobe Acrobat is expensive, you can use another cheaper alternative, UPDF. You can download this tool via the below button and use it directly.

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How to Compare PDF Files in Adobe? (Complete Guide)

Adobe is amongst the most powerful and feature-rich PDF tools. One of its new features allows users to compare PDF files. When using this feature, you can easily pinpoint all the changes made to a document as compared to another version of it. What's even better is that it provides an analyzed report with details which makes the comparison efficient.

So, let's get into the details of how to compare PDF files in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Step 1: Select Files to Compare

Begin by opening Adobe Acrobat Pro on your computer and then open the two PDFs in it that you wish to compare by clicking "File" > "Open". Now that your files are opened in the software, you can click "Tools" > "Compare Files" to go into comparison mode.

compare pdf adobe select files to compare

It even has a "Change File" button that makes it very easy to switch file versions for comparison. That will be helpful if you open the wrong files or if you are working with more than 2 versions of the same document.

Step 2: Modify Comparison Settings as Desired

Before you begin with the comparison, you can select the elements in these files that you want to compare. For instance, if you only want to compare text and ignore all other changes like graphics, then you may checkmark the "Compare text only" option.

compare pdf adobe modify comparison settings

Click "Settings" for further comparison options where you can select the page range and select which elements of the PDFs to be compared. Click "OK" to finalize your selections.

Step 3: Click Compare to See Results

Click "Compare" and Adobe Acrobat Pro will display its analyzed comparison report. It will display information about files and their contents like replacements, insertions, styling changes, deletions, and even more. This feature in Adobe Acrobat Pro helps get a quick glimpse of the changes made.

compare pdf adobe compare results

If you want to see individual changes in Adobe Acrobat Pro, click "Go to First Change". That is where you can review the differences in detail between the contents of the two files.

Step 4: Select Files then Choose View

Click "New File" button to switch between new and old files. Alternatively, you can select the side by side view for even comprehensive and efficient reviewing. Adobe Acrobat Pro will show new file on right side and old file on left.

compare pdf adobe  select files

The highlighted content will be the changes and you can click each change to get a pop-up menu with all the different actions like reply, delete, and status options.

compare pdf adobe  select files

Step 5: Use Filter and Show Features to Review Changes Conveniently

If you still wish to change the way your changes are shown, click the "Filter" and "Show" dropdown options. Here, you can set to see specific types of changes in these files only like changes in graphics or getting the color legend.

compare pdf adobe  Filter and Show

Clicking the "Next Change" and "Previous Change" buttons will help you traverse between different changes in the documents. Meanwhile, the right menu pane will always give you quick access to all the changes. It helps with quickly reviewing and addressing those changes accordingly.

compare pdf adobe  review changes

Why Do You Need Adobe Alternative to Compare PDF Documents

There could be multiple reasons why you need to look for an alternative to Adobe for comparing your PDF documents. The most common among people is that it is a bit complicated and not straightforward to use for non-tech-savvy people.

In addition to that, it is a premium tool designed for professionals which may not be very budget-friendly for everyone. Lastly, sometimes it may not be very accurate, and the comparison will not remain convenient as you will be doing most of the work manually.

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UPDF: Best Adobe Alternative for Comparing PDFs

UPDF is the solution to all the problems mentioned above as it is not only very easy but also very budget-friendly for anyone to use. The best part about UPDF is that it is quick and efficient thanks to the user-friendly interface designed with a focus on making tasks simpler for all.

UPDF is your best choice for easily comparing PDFs side-by-side. It presents both files and pinpoints their changes, making the comparison less daunting for you. With its neat presentation, you can conveniently compare PDF files and do much more. So, download UPDF for free and upgrade to the premium version to enjoy features like UPDF AI and more.

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Let's get into the straightforward and quick process of comparing PDFs with UPDF.

Step 1: Use UPDF Compare Files Feature

Launch UPDF application software on PC, then select "Compare Files" button from home screen.

compare pdf adobe  compare files updf

Select two PDFs to compare. Here you may select files from your storage or pick ones from recent files as shown in the dropdown.

compare pdf adobe  compare files updf

UPDF also allows you to select the page number range when you compare PDFs. This way, you are not bombarded with unnecessary changes in lengthy PDFs that do not need review and comparison yet.

Step 2: Compare PDFs Side by Side

Click "Compare" to get to the comparison screen where both your PDFs will be displayed in a side-by-side manner. On the top you will get the toggle buttons for "Highlight Result" and "Sync Scrolling" features. Hence, you can easily see changes and ensure that both files scroll at the same time. By doing this, you get a view of the same content sections on both sides.

compare pdf adobe  compare PDFs side by side

Meanwhile, the right menu pane will display all changes along with their types mentioned in different colors for easier review.

Step 3: Modify Filter Tools for Comprehensive Comparison

Click the "Filter" button from the top to get a dropdown menu where you can filter the changes to be shown. For example, if you do not want to see changes made to the images in the PDF, you can uncheck that. This way, you will only see the changes highlighted that you want to currently work on.

compare pdf adobe modify filter tools

More of the Cool Stuff You Can Do with UPDF

While UPDF makes comparing PDFs much simpler for everyone, it does the same with many other PDF tasks. Hence, making it a universal and go-to tool for all your PDF needs. With UPDF you can edit, organize, annotate, and even convert PDFs.

Apart from the basics, it has powerful features like UPDF's AI Assistant, OCR, and more. The best among all is UPDF which not only gives you a dedicated cloud space for your documents but also syncs them across your devices instantly.

Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, UPDF works wonders on every device, including smartphones and tabs. Learn more about UPDF's amazing features by watching the below video.

Final Verdict

As the PDF documents keep getting bigger, managing and tracking changes among different versions keeps getting more complex and time-consuming. Luckily, Adobe has come up with this new feature that lets users compare their PDF documents. With its set of advantages, some disadvantages may make it a deal-breaker for you.

This mostly happens due to the complex interface and that's where you need an alternative like UPDF. With UPDF, this task becomes effortless and budget-friendly at the same time. Make the task of comparing PDFs easier for yourself by downloading UPDF now.

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