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Top 30 Best Books for NEET Preparation 2024

The NEET 2024 is one of the most important tests in India where it affects the future of millions of students and may just determine if they will be successful or not. With that, you need to know which learning materials you should use so here are the best books for NEET preparation 2024. However, in order for you to gain more knowledge you also need a good eBook reader. One of them is UPDF and best of all, download it for free and begin to read right now!

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What is the NEET Exam?

The NEET Exam, more formally known as the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, is the main qualifying exam to be taken by Indian students who wish to go to medical school or pursue dental programs in college. Only 90,000 participants can go to MBBS (meaning "Medical School" in the USA) and BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) colleges in India and the test usually happens every year in May. Previously, the NEET was independent but as of today, it is being spearheaded by India's National Testing Agency or NTA. There are two types of NEET: NEET-undergraduate exam known as NEET-UG and NEET post-graduation or NEET-PG.

When a student passes the NEET UG, they are given a passing certificate and if they meet the other requirements, are able to pursue their dream medical program. On the other hand, NEET PG is another eligibility-cum-ranking examination that determines if graduates are able to be admitted to Master of Surgery or MS, Doctor of Medicine or MD, and Postgraduate or PD Diploma courses. The NEET exam is done online and through 11 different languages, Hindi and English included. There are three sections within the exam and they are: Biology (which includes Zoology and Botany), Chemistry, and Physics.

best books for neet preparation neet exam

Top 10 Best Books for NEET 2024 for Physics

Physics involves the study of matter and everything else that fundamentally relates to it. It's one of the harder subjects for students to master. Overall, there are 50 questions that most likely have a maximum mark of 180 contained in this section. These questions might focus on topics such as Electronics, Electrostatics, and even Mechanics. Most of the questions are also numerical-based so students would need to master solutions to numerical problems.

This is why it is much more important to identify the best NEET books for 2024 about this field of science. These include classics such as Pradeep's Fundamental Physics along with Concepts of Physics by HC Verma which is perfect for solving problems. Another go-to would be Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov which is perfect to read if you have DC Pandey's NEET Objective Physics. The other books are great supplements to further enhance your understanding of Physics and its many concepts.

  1. Pradeep's Fundamental Physics
  2. DC Pandey's NEET Objective Physics
  3. Concepts of Physics by HC Verma
  4. NCERT Physics Class XI
  5. NCERT Physics Class XII
  6. Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick, Halliday, and Walker
  7. Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov
  8. SL Arora
  10. PW NTA NEET Rankers Test Series - 2024
best books for neet preparation neet books for physics

Top 10 Best Books for NEET 2024 for Chemistry

Aside from Physics, another field of science students need to master is Chemistry and it might be the second-hardest section in the NEET examinations. Another similarity the two sections have is that they both contain 50 questions with a maximum marks of 180. There are three main concepts divided into sections contained in Chemistry. These include Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. Based on the previous years, Physical Chemistry might be similar to Physics itself as most of it is numerical-based questions while Organic and Inorganic Chemistry seem to carry more weightage. On the other hand, judging from the comments from previous takers, they mentioned that Inorganic Chemistry is the easiest out of the three as it will mostly be based on your memory.

With that in mind, we've compiled another 10 books that students should choose so that they can prepare more properly. These include practice books by VK Jaiswal, MS Chauhan, and N Awasthi which give you an edge by familiarizing you with related topics. There are also books such as the Dinesh Chemistry Guide and JD Lee's Concise Inorganic Chemistry that are best used if you want to study multiple-choice questions.

  1. Arihant's Organic Chemistry Objective
  2. OP Tandon's Physical Chemistry
  3. NCERT Chemistry Class XI
  4. NCERT Chemistry Class XII
  5. Physical Chemistry by P Bahadur
  6. Dinesh Chemistry Guide
  7. JD Lee's Concise Inorganic Chemistry
  8. Inorganic Chemistry Practice Books by VK Jaiswal
  9. Organic Chemistry Practice Book by MS Chauhan
  10. Physical Chemistry Books by N Awasthi
best books for neet preparation neet books for chemistry

Top 10 Best Books for NEET 2024 for Biology

Lastly, other than Chemistry and Physics, students also need to practice and master the field of Biology which also includes both Zoology and Botany. Biology is very different from the previous fields as it has the largest number of questions with 100 and also carries the highest maximum mark of 360. This means that since it carries more weight, students should focus on it more than anything else. Although there is a lesser likelihood of numerical-based questions appearing. However, remember that you still have to prepare for both Chemistry and Physics so you should not get carried away when studying Biology. This is likely to happen because both Botany and Zoology have a lot of concepts and students need more time to take in all of that information.

So here are the best books for NEET 2024 when it comes to Biology. These include the classic NCERT Biology Class XI and Class XII textbooks which have been present for almost every list we have made. In addition, Trueman Biology Volume 1 and Volume 2 will help you touch up on the fundamentals as well as more complex topics.

  1. Trueman Biology Volume 1
  2. Trueman Biology Volume 2
  3. Gr Bathla's Publications for Biology
  4. Guide on Biology by Pradeep
  5. NCERT Biology Class XI
  6. NCERT Biology Class XII
  7. Objective Biology by Dinesh
  8. Ansari's Objective Botany
  9. SC Verma Biology
  10. MTG Objective NCERT at your FINGERTIPS
best books for neet preparation neet books biology

The Best Free eBook Reader for NEET Preparation 2024

Now that we've covered all of the Top 30 NEET 2024 Best Books, there's one thing that a lot of students might not know. That is, reading eBooks might be a better way to prepare for the NEET than buying traditional books. This is because eBooks give you more freedom and don't suffer from the wear and tear that plague traditional books. When using eBooks, you could also highlight important parts of the topic you're studying and can just easily undo it if you've made a mistake.

This is why we recommend and what better software to use than UPDF itself? UPDF is the most advanced, powerful, yet simple PDF software that even has its own AI. It has a lot of features but I'll give you some that will help you get the most out of your chosen best books 2024. Download UPDF for free now to experience a more productive approach to enhance productivity.

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best books for neet preparation updf ai editor

The main features include:

  • Read PDF books with Multiple Layouts: Using UPDF, you can read your PDF eBooks in single-page view, double-page view, scroll through it, or even scroll through two pages at once.
  • Read eBooks in Light/Dark Mode: UPDF also makes sure that you don't hurt your eyes while reading as it caters to both Light Mode and Dark Mode users.
  • Annotate eBooks with Various Tools: You also don't need to buy highlighters or sticky notes because you can annotate your eBooks using the various built-in tools inside UPDF.
  • Compress PDF eBooks: If the PDF eBooks take up too much storage, you can also use UPDF to compress it without losing quality.
  • Convert PDF to Other Formats: Interestingly, UPDF also allows you to convert your PDF eBook into other formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.
  • Edit the PDF: Lastly and probably the most unique feature UPDF has is that you can edit every single element within the PDF such as text, images, watermarks, backgrounds, and even forms. It's fast, easy, and simple.
  • AI integration: As mentioned before, UPDF has its very own AI. One neat thing about it is that you can ask the AI to summarize your entire eBook so you'll only read the important parts. Another thing is that you can even ask the AI questions about the book or even make the AI create some questions you can solve.

If you're interested, why not download and check UPDF out? UPDF Pro serves as your gateway to next-level productivity with AI capabilities to interact with documents. You can enjoy all these exclusive perks at an impressive 60% off by upgrading to UPDF Pro.

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FAQs about the NEET Preparation 2024

1. What's the date of the NEET exam?

Now that you know which books to read and why you should turn them into PDF eBooks, you must be curious when the NEET Exam takes place. The NEET 2024 will be conducted on May 5th. NEET Exams are conducted every year in the month of May.

2. When can you check the results of the NEET Exam?

After you've finished taking the exam, you'll also want to know if you've passed or not. The NEET Exam results for the last 2023 examinations were released on June 13th, 2023. This means that results might come out in the month of June this year as well.

3. Is it important to read books for NEET preparations 2024?

Yes, it is very important to read books for NEET preparations 2024. Reading these books is the best way you can get the necessary knowledge to get a passing score or even possibly ace the test. Preparation is key to success and if you use the proper tools such as UPDF, your chances to succeed rise sky high.


We've discussed the 30 best books for NEET preparation 2024 for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as well as why turning those books into PDF eBooks is a top-notch strategy. The NEET 2024 is very important and again, determines if a student can pursue their dream career. Leverage the power of UPDF and try downloading the FREE version to see if it's the right fit for you.

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