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Discover Top 10 Sites to Download Free Audio Books for Easy Content Consumption

Accessing affordable and diverse content has consistently challenged readers, especially those who prefer audiobooks. Many people encounter issues like tight budgets or a lack of available titles in local libraries. The solution to these problems is available in the form of free audiobooks. Additionally, the audio format enables readers to explore captivating stories while doing other tasks.

In this article, we'll thoroughly discuss the top 10 websites, providing a wealth of literary content for users without spending a lot. Moreover, for readers who still prefer the traditional approach of reading eBooks, we will introduce UPDF, the finest eBook reader. Download it now to smoothly switch between audiobooks and eBooks for an enjoyable reading experience.

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Part 1. Top 10 Places to Download Audio Books for Free

It is now easy to start a journey into the world of literature with the abundance of free audiobooks on the internet. These free audiobook sites provide access to a wide range of narratives that suit different preferences.

Furthermore, it is a preferred choice due to the ease and cost-effectiveness whether you're a devoted book enthusiast or just enjoy reading occasionally. Let's explore these platforms where you can get your favorite audiobooks without any cost:

1. Digitalbook.io

Digitalbook.io serves as a user-friendly online directory for the effortless discovery of audiobooks. Users can apply their relevant filters, including popular, trending, genre, and language, to find their desired results. Moreover, the platform offers the flexibility to either download audiobooks for free or listen to a brief snippet. The website's ability to browse through genres, authors, and languages enhances the overall user experience.

digitalbook.io free audiobook website


  • You can also listen to audiobooks at variable speeds, including 0.5, 0.75, 1.25, and 1.5.
  • There is an extensive collection exceeding 100,000 items, encompassing both audiobooks and regular eBooks.


  • Digitalbook.io has low ratings on different review websites, indicating a mid-range user experience.

2. Spotify 

Spotify is one of the free audiobook sites that allows its users to explore captivating narratives in audiobooks. From science fiction to romantic tales, you can access over 200,000 audiobook titles in the catalog. In addition, you can immerse yourself in exceptional stories of up to 375,000 titles with 15 hours of audiobook listening time every month. The platform enables you to unlock the world of stories across different devices, whether on the go or at home.

spotify free audiobook website


  • Users can seamlessly switch between audiobooks, music, and podcasts, all in one place for elevating listening experience.
  • You don't need to buy a premium plan because Spotify supports the individual purchase of audiobooks from the web player.


  • For those on the free plan, you cannot access the complete collection of audiobooks.

3. Storynory 

Ideal for children, Storynory stands out by providing written text with its free Audiobooks online. The diverse collection includes original stories, fairy tales, classic tales, educational books, and brief stories suitable for the little ones. Plus, the platform frequently releases new audiobooks and enriches the library regularly. On this platform, audiobooks can be downloaded or accessed through Apple Podcasts.

storynory free audiobook website


  • The available books on Storynory are categorized into grades, from 1st to 8th, making it an ideal option for kids.
  • Additionally, there is an iOS app available to stream directly from your devices without any display advertisement.


  • In comparison to other audiobook websites, Storynory has limited audiobook options.

4. LibriVox

LibriVox has a large collection of free audiobooks for volunteers who read chapters from books available in the public domain. The platform offers extensive search options based on title, author, genre/subject, or language. These audiobooks are free for anyone who wants to access them on their computers, iPods, or other mobile devices. When checking a book's description page, listeners can get into the details and enjoy individual chapters without the need for downloads.

librivox free audiobook website


  • It gives options to download the entire audiobook, including ZIP files, directly from LibriVox, torrent, and iTunes.
  • The advanced search tool allows you to search the catalog to make the exploration of audiobooks personalized and enjoyable.


  • The interface of this website is pretty outdated, which can ruin your audiobook listening experience.

5. Audible 

With an extensive collection of audiobooks, Audible offers two audiobooks for free download as a gift for you to keep forever. It provides an impressive library featuring bestsellers and new releases. You can listen seamlessly from your mobile device or computer to experience its exciting collection. Furthermore, you can choose one audiobook per month to download for free after buying its subscription.

audible free audiobook website


  • Audible gives you the freedom to enjoy a variety of listening experiences, including audiobooks, originals, and podcasts that match your preferences.
  • It often offers exclusive sales and offers to ensure that you not only get access to high-quality content but also enjoy unique discounts.


  • The trial period isn't technically free, lasts for just one month, and is limited to two downloads.

6. Scribl

Scribl provides a special way to enjoy audiobooks by letting users pick their favorites based on different factors. With a wide variety of content, it allows you to download audiobooks based on their length and content. Plus, you can discover books by using filters of specific story elements like writing style, theme, and main character's qualities. While choosing a book, you can get a detailed overview of it in the form of story elements, reviews, and synopsis.

scribl free audiobook website


  • Scribl has a mobile app for convenient listening on your phone, which lets you create a readily available collection.
  • Whether you love historical novels, a mystery with a specific style, or a story centered around a strong female lead, it matches what you enjoy.


  • While there are some free audiobooks available, finding them can be challenging, as most carry an expensive price tag.

7. Hoopla 

Hoopla stands out as an easy-to-use free audiobook site that offers a seamless experience for users. Readers can opt for their required audiobook from the available categories, including popular genres and collections, trending, and new releases. Furthermore, you can directly search your targeted audiobook in the prompt box to save time. With the flexibility to access audiobooks from a variety of devices, it gives suggestions for similar artists or content, analyzing your search nature.

hoopla free audiobook website


  • Users can navigate effortlessly through the website with effective sorting and filtering features, making it easy to find the perfect audiobook.
  • Additionally, Hoopla includes a kid-friendly mode for a safe and enjoyable listening experience for younger audiences.


  • Hoopla's extensive collection requires a valid library card from a supporting library, similar to OverDrive.

8. Open Culture 

Open Culture provides a vast collection of free audiobooks conveniently listed for effortless navigation. You can have a vast collection of 1,000 free audio novels, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry audiobooks that you can download for free. Moreover, these audiobook downloads are hosted on various websites, so some may provide direct links to MP3s. In addition, the site allows you to download ZIP files and audiobook formats.  

open culture free audiobook website


  • You can scroll through the alphabetized list to explore the diverse range of offerings on a single page for convenient browsing.
  • Additionally, Open Culture extends beyond audiobooks by providing free online movies, courses, language lessons, and eBooks.


  • Some audiobooks are only available for streaming purposes, as you cannot download them.

9. Loyal Books

The utilization of Loyal Books for audio textbooks free download is a straightforward process. Audiobooks are arranged by the Loyal Books in the top 100 or genre categories such as Children, Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, and more. Plus, you can get a brief summary of the whole book to get valuable insights and to know whether it is to your taste or not. Additionally, it allows you to stream directly on their websites and access the book through an RSS reader.

loyal Books free audiobook website


  • A Loyal Books mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users.
  • Users can listen to and download each chapter of the book individually.


  • Loyal Books contains numerous ads, which can potentially disrupt the seamless reading experience.

10. Audiobooks.com

Audiobooks.com allows its users to explore the extensive collection featuring over 425,000 audiobooks. Plus, you can opt for a selection from carefully crafted book lists such as the New York Times, bestsellers, and perfect first listens. With a clean interface, the forum enables you to come up with a clear mind and directly search for a great book. It gives you thoughtful information through unbiased reviews and ratings of both the book and the narrator with a detailed summary.

audiobooks.com free audiobook website


  • It gives access to over 10,000 free audiobooks by downloading the app and utilizing in-app playback controls for enjoyable listening.
  • If you become a member of Audiobooks.com, you can get exclusive monthly deals, along with additional listening options from the VIP program.


  • It limits you to downloading only 3 free audiobooks while accessing the website.

Part 2. The Best Free PDF eBook Reader in 2024

Free Audio Books online have some drawbacks, like potential difficulty in retaining information through listening alone and distractions in the environment. To address these issues, you might want to try reading PDF eBooks with UPDF. It is a top-notch PDF eBook reader that overcomes the limitations of audiobooks. With UPDF, you visually absorb the content for better concentration and understanding.

free audio books updf

Furthermore, the software lets you annotate, highlight, and bookmark sections within the eBook for a personalized and interactive reading approach. You can tailor your preferences in the layout with multi-tab viewing and turning on the dark mode. So, we recommend downloading UPDF to enjoy traditional reading pleasures in a more adaptable and engaging way.

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Key Features of UPDF PDF eBook Reader

  • Read PDF Books with Multiple Layouts: UPDF offers defined layouts to explore your PDF files with a personalized reading experience. You can effortlessly view your PDF documents in various formats, including single-page view, two-page view, scrolling, or two-page scrolling. Additionally, it gives you the flexibility to choose the layout that suits your preferences for the best reading experience.
  • Read eBooks in Light/Dark Mode: It offers a transition between light or dark mode to enhance your eBook readability. By opting for dark mode, you can alleviate strain on the eyes that caters to your visual needs. Moreover, it allows you to add bookmarks and search the required text in eBooks without putting yourself in difficulty.
  • Annotate eBooks with Various Tools: This PDF software provides a comprehensive set of annotation tools to enrich your PDFs, including sticky notes, highlighters, and text notes. Users can improve documents further with drawings, stickers, and personalized annotations. Plus, it supports 13 markup features, such as text comments, underlining, and customizable stamps.
  • AI Integration: UPDF AI serves as a powerful tool for managing PDF documents. While opening eBooks on the tool, users can get the summary of the text quickly to save time. Additionally, it can explain difficult terminologies and translate your eBooks into your native language for easy comprehension. You can also interact with your books by asking any question related to it with AI capabilities.  
  • Compress PDF eBooks: You can perform both lossless and lossy compression on PDF eBooks efficiently without compromising quality. With the flexibility to choose the highest quality or maximum compression, UPDF ensures optimal portability for large PDF files. In this way, users can conveniently share PDF eBooks through email without size limitations.
  • Convert PDF to Other Formats:  UPDF serves as an all-in-one PDF conversion powerhouse and allows export to various formats. The supported formats include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PowerPoint, all image types, and more. Plus, users can enjoy efficient batch conversion for multiple PDFs and precise OCR technology for turning scanned PDFs into editable formats.
  • Edit PDF: UPDF is a versatile PDF editor that enables text, image, and link modifications for an organized and manageable document. It facilitates professional PDF customization with font styling, image editing, and the addition of various clickable links. Also, users can resize pages, change backgrounds, and add watermarks for a polished look.
free audio books updf ai

After acknowledging UPDF's advanced capabilities, consider downloading UPDF now. Additionally, you can benefit from special features like unlimited conversions, advanced OCR tools and more AI benefits by upgrading to UPDF Pro with an exclusive discount.

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Part 3. What is an Audiobook?

An audiobook is the recording of a book or other text being read out loud instead of reading the text from the printed page. People can hear the word-to-word text of the book that the narrator speaks through audiobooks. The author of the book, professional voice actors, and celebrities can be the narrator. Moreover, free audiobooks online can be listened to on any smartphone and computer device while walking or traveling.

Some individuals find it difficult to read books; therefore, audiobooks facilitate them in hearing book content. It is also helpful for people who have low vision or dyslexia problems to listen and understand book content. Many publishers release the audiobook version of their books simultaneously with printed and e-book editions. Furthermore, the popularity of audiobooks has grown significantly with the advent of digital technology.

The audiobooks are available in different formats to accommodate the different technologies and preferences. Recording of audiobooks is available in the physical compact discs (CDs) form to listen to the written text. Also, free audiobooks can be downloaded in digital formats such as MP3, AAC, and other audio file types. Many platforms offer audiobooks through streaming services, allowing users to access vast libraries without the need to download them.

Part 4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Audiobooks

With the help of audiobooks, readers can manage their time effectively by listening to the content of the book. The choice of the audiobook format depends on individual preferences, available technology, and accessibility requirements. There are advantages and disadvantages of audiobooks that should be considered for effective usability. So, the advantages and disadvantages have been discussed below.

Advantages of Audiobooks:

  • Multitasking: Audiobooks allow people to do other activities such as exercise, driving, and household chores while listening to audiobooks. Plus, it is an efficient way to do tasks simultaneously rather than doing tasks individually.
  • Accessibility: People with visual impairment and reading difficulty can use the audiobook to learn and understand the book text. In addition to that, this is a successful alternative method to access the literature of books for disabled people.
  • Learning and Retention: Listening to audiobooks helps people retain information in a better way than reading books. Other than that, learning and understanding of content is quicker sometimes through listening to it.
  • Convenience: With the digital formats and digital services of audiobooks, you can carry the vast library with you anywhere. Additionally, it provides a hand-free learning experience for the users to understand the book.

Disadvantage of Audiobook:

  • Pacing: The audiobook can have fixed pacing determined by the narrator, which might be too fast or slow for the listener. In comparison, traditional readers can adjust their reading speed based on personal preferences.
  • Distractions: The experience of listening can be impacted by external factors such as background noise and interruption. Moreover, focus on audiobooks can be interrupted while switching tasks.
  • Technology Dependency: As audiobooks rely on technology, technical issues such as device malfunction can disturb the listening experience. Furthermore, the unavailability of the internet can impact the listening experience of the users.
  • Limited Interaction: People might not get the same level of interaction with the audiobook as compared to the traditional reading book experience. In addition to that, some readers prefer the tangible experience of holding a book and visual engagement with text.


While free audiobook sites offer a convenient way to enjoy stories, they pose difficulty in staying engaged and understanding the content. For those looking for an alternative, UPDF is an excellent choice for a blend of reading familiarity and advanced tool flexibility. You can smoothly read PDF eBooks with a personalized experience and different customizable layouts.

Whether you're making notes, compressing, converting, or editing PDFs, it offers a complete set of features. In addition, users can enhance their reading and document management by trying UPDF today. So, download it for free and explore the many possibilities for efficient and enjoyable interactions with PDFs.

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