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Top 5 Free PDF Book Reader with Best Experience

eBooks are rapidly replacing traditional printed books in today's digital world. These latest forms of documents are lightweight, portable, and secured as well considering that they are in the form of a PDF file type, making them a convenient alternative to taking with you wherever you go. In addition, there are also certain software applications like PDF book reader which you can download on your desktops or phones to access.

Meanwhile, finding the finest PDF eBook reader, on the other hand, might be difficult if you are unaware of key factors such as operating system compatibility, PDF format, and so on. Fortunately, this article will find you invaluable help to give a list of the best PDF ebook reader to choose from so you will have maximum satisfaction in your book reading.

Top 5 PDF eBook Reader


 Starting ahead of the finest list of PDF ebook reader applications that you deserve on all your devices is the UPDF. Made available to every type of device may it be your Windows or Mac desktops or even iPhones or Android, this software guarantees you will have the greatest book reading experience and recognize yourself as a bookworm living the best time of your life as this app offers an explicitly unique yet elegant interface.

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Some apps could not read images and other unique elements found on ebooks but the UPDF does not know that kind of flaw as it is integrated with an advanced OCR feature that makes sure you get the other half of what you are expecting.

There is no limit to the number of ebooks or PDF files you can read or open with the UPDF while you are also able to highlight and save important texts found on each page with the annotation and editing tool as well. Absolutely free and efficiency-wise, you are entitled to savor that maximum enjoyment as you read ebooks as well as edit PDF files.

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  • Great reading experience with multiple viewing modes.
  • Allows you to add bookmarks while you are reading PDFs.
  • Smooth page navigation.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface with easy access.
  • Make annotations and notes to PDF documents.
  • Edit PDF documents easily and freely.

2. Kindle

Next on the line is the Kindle PDF eBook reader which is a well-known name that allows users to access and read a variety of file types on Windows, Android, and other platforms. The Kindle is the innovator and catalyst for modern ebook reading. As a result, you may personalize the layout in terms of background colors, font styles, and accessibility features. You may also use the browser to view your Kindle library.

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This PDF ebook reader has a visually pleasing interface that allows you to go over your reading experience at ease while enabling you to simply access and store your PDF eBooks in the cloud or on your device. It also allows users to save their present location and return to the library, as well as return to the previous page read, with minimum distraction from the page-flipping symbols.


  • Has a bookmark feature.
  • Simple and plain interface.


  • Requires an Amazon account.

3. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is a free PDF eBook reader that works on Windows, Android, and Apple iOS devices. Signing in with a Google account is all that is required to access it. Some of Google Play Books' important features include; Allowing users to alter typefaces, text size, line height, and other parameters, as well as toggle between day and night modes. With the Google Play Books app, you can effortlessly upload PDF or unprotected ePUB files for reading.

When linked in with the same Google account, bookmarks, reading locations, and notes are synchronized across all devices. This software also has a smart feature that allows you to search within a book's text, in a dictionary, or on the internet. Users may modify the font, text size, and line height, as well as flip between day and night modes. The user may also track their progress while reading and see how many pages are left in the book. Lastly, the EPUB and PDF formats are supported by Google Play Books.

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  • You can have free books after signing up.
  • Offers a variety of flowing text options as well as a large number of scanned pages.
  • 3D page turning for reading PDF ebooks is available.


  • You need to have an account to access PDF ebooks.

4. iBooks

Another one on the list of the best app to read PDF books is Apple’s very own iBooks app. This PDF eBook reader is both free and simple to use. The books may be purchased straight from the application. Its user interface resembles a contemporary bookshelf with nicely organized volumes. Users may change how bright or dark the website is, as well as the font size of their choosing, in the page layout. The user may also select the reading mode and theme. It has a night mode option, which allows you to view the website in black with white lettering for easy viewing.

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Page flipping may also be done by swiping your finger over the screen, simulating the movement of a real book. Bookmarks are also available to help you remember where you left off. When you close the book and reopen it, it will automatically open to the bookmarked page.


  • Elegantly designed interface
  • Customizable modes for reading.


  • May only be available to Apple platforms and devices.

5. Kobo Books

Last but not least PDF book reader app is known to have rivaled Amazon’s Kindle the majority of users appraise. The smart software is available for a variety of platforms, including PC, iOS, and Android, and, like many other solutions, it contains useful features and functions you can utilize in a very quick manner. Functions include being able to change the font sizes, utilize a built-in dictionary, highlight text as well, and more. There is also a specific day-night mode for reading in varied lighting conditions.

e book reader pdf

The interface of Kobo is made simpler than the conventional PDF readers making it a premiere competitor for most PDF reading software you can have while the program also has sync capabilities integrated where it will allow you to continue reading where you left off on different devices without missing a page. Lastly, the app is not only limited to opening PDF file types for books but also EPUB, PDF, CBZ, and CBR are among the formats supported by the software.


  • Customizable reading display.
  • Can sync between devices and multiple platforms(Phone to desktop).


  • Does not support every file format to open.

A quick guide in selecting which PDF ebook reader to use

Finding a better choice of choosing a PDF ebook reader app is indeed a challenge especially when you are a bookworm. You would know for sure that one ebook reader on your device will not be enough to make sure you get to read with ease. All of these PDF eBook reader applications are capable of reading eBooks and are well-designed.

Many people utilize the eBook and PDF reader that came with their mobile device, but for those who want to do their own research and discover a better alternative, these PDF book reader options are worth considering if you want to find the best PDF reader out there. So make sure to consider a PDF reader that is multi-platform-capable, and integrated with the latest and lesser tools to help you navigate and smoothly scroll down the pages. To cut the premiere guide short is to use the UPDF- a versatile app that does not only stop on giving you a great reading experience but also provides you all there is to have for managing PDF files.