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What is PDF Dark Mode? Introducing Dark Mode in The Ultimate PDF Reader!

Eyesight is the most valuable blessing to a person, and no one wants to compromise on it. To preserve the eyesight of the users, digital devices and tools introduce the revolutionary feature of dark mode. By enabling dark mode, you can keep your eyes at rest and save yourself from eye strains. Above all, it also saves a lot of battery for your device.

People prefer to use the dark mode while working on digital devices and reading PDFs. Finding a reliable PDF tool with Dark Mode to read PDF was a challenging thing until UPDF investigated this matter. With it, you can read your PDF files in dark mode to reduce eye pressure and maintain focus. This discussion is specifically designed to guide you more about PDF dark mode. You can download UPDF via the below button and follow the below guide.

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pdf dark mode

Part 1: How Do I Read PDF in Dark Mode on Mac?

Mac encompasses several valuable features to boost the productivity of users. You need to handle and read several PDF files daily and need to use devices for a long time. This can weaken your eyesight and can also cause headaches. To resolve this matter, you can use the built-in dark mode feature of UPDF for Mac.

This dark mode PDF reader will reduce the screen's brightness and let you work in a comfortable environment. You can also use this tool to convert PDF into other file formats. It lets you organize, edit, merge, and split PDF files effortlessly. 

How to Enable the Dark Mode Interface of UPDF on Mac

Instructions: To enable dark mode on Mac, click "UPDF" on the top-left corner, and select "Settings". Following this, locate the "Appearance" area in the General settings panel. Click to enable the "Dark" appearance. By this, your UPDF PDF reader will be modified to the night mode interface.

dark mode pdf on mac

Now you will find that your UPDF's interface becomes in dark mode. You can now enjoy reading PDFs in this night mode. Please note that this will only change the color of the interface, and will not change the color of the PDF file itself.

dark mode pdf reader updf

Want to enable the Dark interface of UPDF now? Download UPDF on Mac now.

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How to Turn Your Whole PDF File in Dark Background

After enabling the dark mode, if you still think the document itself is too bright. UPDF offers you another way to change the background of your PDF document to a dark color, which will provide you with a better experience with your eyes.

Instructions: to make the whole PDF file dark mode, select the "Page Tools" icon from the left panel and click on "Background." To continue, choose the "Add" button and select the black color from the available options. You can also customize its opacity and apply it by tapping the "Save" button. Learn detailed instructions on how to change the PDF background color.

Take the blue color as an example, the effect will be as follows, and of course, you can set any color you like.

pdf reader dark mode updf

Part 2: How Can I Read PDF in Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad are known to provide the best-in-class functionality to help users in their daily tasks. Students tend to read PDF files on iPhones and iPads because these are not heavy devices. The dark mode of UPDF for iOS can also help to boost your productivity. Just download UPDF to iOS via the below button.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

If you have just switched from iOS, you may not know how to enable the dark mode on UPDF to have a PDF night mode experience. Don't fret because enabling dark mode on UPDF for iPhone or iPad is not as challenging as you think.

Method 1. How to Enable Dark Mode on iOS Devices

Instructions: To turn on dark mode on an iPhone or iPad, launch "Settings" and go to the "Display and Brightness" option. Once on the "Display and Brightness" interface, select the "Dark" option to turn on the dark mode.

choose the dark mode ios

This is how you convert PDF to dark mode on iOS. You can now open any PDF document with UPDF on your iPhone and iPad and enjoy the night mode. Check the effect below:

pdf reader with dark mode

Method 2. How to Enable the PDF Dark Mode Theme on UPDF

Don't want to change your whole iOS system to Dark Mode? Don't worry, you can enable a dark mode theme only in the UPDF app. (Note: The theme is only for giving users a better reading experience by adding a layer of filters while reading, and it won't change your document itself.)

Instructions: After launching the UPDF app on your iOS device, import any PDF on its main interface. Press the "Drop-down" icon next to the Home icon on the top-left corner of your screen. Now, you will access a drop-down menu from where you can choose the "Preferences" option to access the new settings window. Here, hit the "Night" button in the "Theme" section to turn on the night mode on this app.

pdf reader dark mode ios
pdf reader dark mode ios

Except for the dark theme, UPDF also provides several other page backgrounds for you to choose from. If you think black is too much, you can choose from other page background colors to further optimize the PDF reading experience on iPhone and iPad. Let's see the simplified instructions you need to follow to undertake this task.

Instructions: First, enter the "Preferences" settings window by following the same steps as explained in the previous method. Now, go to the "Page Background" section and choose the color of your choice from the options given in this section.

pdf reader dark mode ios
pdf reader dark mode ios

It is up to you if you want to apply black or other darker colors to prevent your eyes from bright light while reading PDFs. However, you will also see some light background color choices in case you find it hard to read pages in darker environments.

UPDF always tries to keep the needs of its users in consideration while updating the app interface. With the increasing demand for dark themes, this tool allows its users to access this mode on the iOS app. If you want to learn more about UPDF, read the UPDF review on howtogeek. Download UPDF now and begin reading your PDF in dark mode now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 3: What is Dark Mode?

A dark mode is basically a design option in the UI design of the devices and tools. It enables the predominantly dark color and turns off the lighter one. Moreover, it has gained considerable popularity in recent years because of its productivity-escalating capabilities. You can find this valuable feature in several devices, operating systems, and websites.

In addition to this, it does not impact the elements and pictures on the screen. Only your background will be changed to a dark theme, and you can use your devices without worrying about eye strain and eyesight issues. This mode was specifically created to reduce the screen's overall brightness to give users a more comfortable experience.

Part 4: Benefits of Using a Dark Mode PDF Reader

You must be thinking, why dark mode PDF is such a big deal? It is quite a big deal because it can streamline your workflow efficiency and optimize your concentration. The benefits of reading PDFs in dark mode are not limited, and you can find some of them discussed here:

1. No Eye Strain

When you work with the PDF night mode, it saves you from irritating eye strains. Strains are basically caused when your eyes feel sleepy and tired because of unbreakable exposure to bright light. Moreover, you are likely to impact your eyesight badly if you constantly use the light mode.

2. Higher Readability Ratio

Other than decreasing eye strains, it can also boost your readability ratio. Using the dark mode, you can concentrate better and learn things in a limited time. Moreover, it also saves you from worrying about the battery life of your devices.

3. Enhanced Consistency

While working in the dark mode, you don't have to worry about the consistency of your learning capacity. Using a dark mode, PDF can increase visual consistency and streamline your other activities on different applications.

4. Privacy and Light Pollution

You know that anyone can read the screen of your device easily if it's in light mode. Thus, to ensure your device's and data's privacy, you can use the dark mode. Above all, when you read PDF files in dark mode, it also helps to maintain low screen exposure to other people. You can also decrease light pollution with this.

Part 5: FAQs on PDF Dark Mode

1. Is there a dark mode for PDFs?

Yes, there is a dark mode for PDF in UPDF. Not only dark, but you can also change the background of your PDF file to the color of your choice. As it never compromises the quality and context of PDF, you can also use this tool for business documents.

2. Which PDF Reader has dark mode?

UPDF is known to have a built-in dark mode for PDF files. You can convert PDF files of any length in dark mode and can also save them to dark mode permanently. Other than dark mode, UPDF also supports diversified valuable features that can make your PDF more outclass in no time.

3. How do I change a PDF to dark color?

UPDF offers a straightforward procedure for adding a dark background color to PDF files. To change the color, import your PDF in the interface and select the "Page Tools" option. After this, you will see the features in the above panel, and you can continue by selecting "Background."

Next, hit the "Add" button and choose "Background Colors." Now you can select the black color as the background color, change its opacity, and save it by clicking the "Save" button.

4. Is dark mode better for your eyes?

The dark mode is better for your eyes than the light mode because it can save you from eye strain and other visual impairments. You will also not feel any fatigue in your eyes if you work while enabling the dark mode.

5. Why do people like dark mode?

People like dark mode because of its visually appealing metrics and comforting properties. Moreover, enabling dark mode in your device consumes less battery than the light mode. It also helps to improve readability for people with visual impairments.

6. Is dark mode good for the brain?

No research shows that dark mode directly affects brain or cognitive functions. However, it is related to visual comfort and improves overall well-being. You can also feel the boost in productivity and concentration while using the dark mode.

7. What is the disadvantage of dark mode?

Although dark mode has uncountable benefits, there are also some disadvantages you can face. This includes compatibility issues and poor readability in bright environments. Moreover, you can also experience problems with color accuracy and accessibility.

8. How do you read a PDF without eye strain?

The best and most effective way to read a PDF file without facing any eye strain is to enable dark mode. By using the dark mode, you can read PDF files for a longer time and boost your productivity. It also makes the PDF information more accessible and readable for you.

Wrapping Up

After taking everything into account, it can be said that you can use the PDF reader with dark mode tools to escalate your PDF reading experience. If you are a Mac user, you can also turn your whole Mac interface into dark mode by following the abovementioned steps. Other than this, if your PDF is still in bright mode, you can use the most known tool, named UPDF, for this purpose.

As for iPhone and iPad users, you can also use the capabilities of UPDF to read dark-mode PDFs. You can find more information about the dark mode and its benefits from the above discussion. Start reading PDF in dark mode now via downloading UPDF from the below button. And if you like UPDF, you can purchase the premium version at a low price.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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