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Searching for the Best Books for CLAT Preparation 2024? Discover Them Now!

Are you looking to make a career as a competitive and one of the top lawyers? You have to get admitted to the top university by taking the CLAT exam. This highly competitive exam happens every year, so the candidate passes it to gain admission. The article is about the best books for CLAT preparation 2024 to get the highest marks.

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Part 1. What is the CLAT Exam?

Students undertake this test to gain admission to law universities. CLAT includes multiple choice questions that the candidate has to solve in a given time. The questions of the exam are a way to assess the aptitudes and skills of a person for this profession. Additionally, the correct answer to the question gives one mark, while there is a negative mark on the wrong answer.

This exam has different sections, including questions on the English language, legal and logical reasoning, general knowledge, and quantitative techniques. Ultimately, good marks in all sections will secure admission of the person to the university. As it is a highly competitive exam, candidates need to read a lot of books to get good marks.

Part 2. The Best Books for CLAT Preparation 2024 for English Language

One of the sections in the CLAT exam is the English language to know the person's basic knowledge about it. Through this section, the hold of the individual on the English language is being tested. For this reason, people should read the newspaper and books to improve their vocabulary.

You can do regular practice by solving mock tests and sample papers for the CLAT exams, which can improve your practice. Moreover, the best books for CLAT 2024 for the English language are given below so you can use them for CLAT exam preparation:

  • Oxford English Grammar Course Advanced (Michael Swan and Catherine Walter) 
best books for clat preparation oxford english grammar clat preparation
  • High School English Grammar and Composition (H. Martin and P.C Wren)
best books for clat preparation high school english grammar clat preparation
  • Word Power Made Easy (Norman Lewis)
best books for clat preparation word power made easy clat preparation
  • 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary (Wilfred Funk)
best books for clat preparation 30 days powerful vocabulary clat preparation

Part 3. The Best Books for CLAT Preparation 2024 for GK

The general knowledge of the CLAT exam candidate is tested through questions about current happenings. This section tests the student's knowledge of current affairs and geography. For this, candidates should read the newspaper and magazines to keep up with current affairs. Moreover, students should read books related to history and geography to boost their knowledge.

Other than that, there are GK books that give a wide range of topics that are easy to understand for the candidates. Below are the best books for CLAT preparation 2024 for the general knowledge section of the exam:

  • Manorama Yearbook (Mammen Mathew)
best books for clat preparation manorama yearbook clat preparation
  • Lucent's General Knowledge (Lucent Publication)
best books for clat preparation lucent general knowledge clat preparation
  • Current Affairs Yearly (Arihant Publications)
best books for clat preparation current affairs yearly clat preparation
  • Pearson's Concise GK Manual (Pearson)
best books for clat preparation pearson concise general knowledge clat preparation

Part 4. The Best Books for CLAT Preparation 2024 for Logical Reasoning

In addition to the English language and general knowledge, there is also a section of logical reasoning questions. Therefore, the logical reasoning questions section includes missing numbers, series, and statement assumptions reasoning. With the help of complex scenarios or puzzles and logical reasoning questions, the problem-solving skills of the candidate are tested. We will now present the books for CLAT preparation 2024 in the following section for your ease:

  • A New Approach to Verbal and Analytical Reasoning (B.S Sijwali, Indu Sijwali)
best books for clat preparation approach verbal analytical reasoning clat preparation
  • How to Crack Test of Reasoning: In All Competitive Examinations (Jaikishan and Premkishan)
best books for clat preparation crack test reasoning competitive clat preparation
  • Analytical Reasoning (M.K Pandey)
best books for clat preparation magical analytical reasoning clat preparation
  • Wiley's ExamXpert: A Simple Approach to Logical Reasoning (Wiley)
best books for clat preparation wiley examxpert logical reasoning clat preparation

Part 5. The Best Books for CLAT Preparation 2024 for Legal Reasoning

People take the CLAT exam to get admission to a law university. For this purpose, the most important section of the exam is legal reasoning. The purpose of these questions in the exam is to test the interest of individuals in law study. It is a competitive exam, so it is crucial to get the highest marks in this section compared to others.

Furthermore, the legal reasoning questions section is related to English and logical reasoning, as participants have to read and comprehend this section. Also, this section tests the candidate's problem-solving ability in legal issues. The best books for CLAT preparation 2024 for legal reasoning are given below to help you score high marks:

  • Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning (Pearson)
best books for clat preparation legal awareness legal reasoning clat preparation
  • Universal Guide to CLAT and LL. B Entrance Examination (Lexis Nexis)
best books for clat preparation universal guide clat llb clat preparation

Part 6. The Best Books for CLAT Preparation 2024 for Quantitative Techniques

In CLAT exams, there is a section of quantitative techniques to test the candidate's ability to solve basic arithmetic. It includes the mathematics syllabus, such as Number Systems, Proportion and Ratio, and many others. These questions are designed to evaluate a person's understanding of mathematical concepts. In addition, algebra, geometry, and theorem concepts are included in this section.

There are some recommended books for preparing for the quantitative techniques section of the CLAT exam. The best books for CLAT 2024 for getting high scores in the quantitative techniques section are given below:

  • Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT (Sarvesh K.Verma)
best books for clat preparation quantitative aptitude quantum cat clat preparation
  • Quantitative Aptitude Competitive Exams Help Book (Written by Dr. Aggarwal)
best books for clat preparation quantitative aptitude competitive exams clat preparation
  • Maths 30 days Wonder (KJS Khurana)
best books for clat preparation maths 30 days wonder clat preparation
  • Fast Track Objective Arithmetic (Arihant Publications)
best books for clat preparation fast track objective arithmetic clat preparation

Part 7. The Best Free eBook Reader for CLAT Preparation 2024

All the above-recommended books for CLAT preparation 2024 for different sections help you get the highest marks. Nowadays, everyone has access to devices and uses them for different purposes. eBooks can easily be downloaded or read online from various platforms. Other than that, eBooks are often more affordable than printed textbooks. Some eBooks have interactive elements that enhance participants' learning experience to prepare for the CLAT exams. 

Plus, it allows the participants to carry the vast study material wherever they go, making a flexible study schedule. UPDF is the ultimate tool for reading eBooks that enables people to read PDF eBooks conveniently. Furthermore, the features that enhance the accessibility of PDF eBooks to readers are explained below:

best books for clat preparation read pdf updf
  • Multiple Reading Layouts: UPDF allows you to change the layout of a PDF eBook for a personalized viewing experience. For this purpose, you can read the eBooks in the single-page, multi-page, or double-page view.
  • Light/Dark Mode Available: This PDF eBook reader tool provides the feature to read books in dark mode for people who have low vision. Additionally, it helps to reduce the eye pressure and maintain the focus of the reader. Some people prefer to read in light mode, which can also be possible with this UPDF feature.
  • Annotate eBooks Smartly:  Similar to traditional books, UPDF has an Annotation tool to mark important things in PDF eBooks. Other than that, you can engage with eBooks by highlighting and underlying the text. You can also add comments such as additional information for better understanding.
  • Compress PDF eBooks: You can compress a large file of PDF eBooks to share it with friends through email. Plus, people can compress the PDF file quickly without losing quality. It helps the CLAT exam participant to send large eBook files with lossless compression conveniently.
  • Convert PDF to Other Formats: PDF has limited editing capability; therefore, UPDF can convert the PDF into other formats. These file formats include PowerPoint, Excel, different image formats, and Word. In addition to that, editing the document becomes easy by converting it into one of these formats.
  • Edit PDF eBooks:  People can edit the PDF eBook effortlessly with the help of the edit feature of the UPDF. Additionally, the tools allow you to edit text, images, and watermarks in the PDF file. Plus, you can edit the headers and footers to improve the reading experience.
  • AI Integration: Participants of the CLAT exam can use the UPDF AI feature to summarize the text of a PDF eBook. Furthermore, this feature enables you to explain the technical or complex terms in the eBook. Other than that, you can translate the eBook content into another language without the need for a separate translator.

Upon recognizing all these features of this eBook reader, you should download UPDF on your device. Plus, you can upgrade to its Pro version to enjoy limitless PDF reading and editing features for better preparation for the CLAT examination.

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Below is the video of UPDF to help you learn more about UPDF. Watch it now.

Part 8. FAQs About CLAT Preparation 2024

Q1. How to Choose the Best Books for CLAT Preparation?

It is important to choose the right book to pass the exam and get the highest marks in the CLAT. Therefore, you should know the syllabus of the exam so you choose the best books for preparation. Plus, you should look to choose a book that can provide all the information related to the subject concisely.

Q2. What's the date for the CLAT Exam?

The date for the CLAT exam generally falls in December. Moreover, the registration starts as soon as July 2024. The answer key to the exam question will be just a day after the examination.

Q3. When can you check the results of the CLAT exam?

The result of the CLAT competitive exam is usually released one week after the examination in December. However, you get access to the answer key just one day after the exam.


All in all, CLAT is the competitive entrance exam for admission to law school. It is conducted for undergraduate and postgraduate law programs. This exam consists of different sections, such as questions about the English language, general knowledge, logical and legal reasoning, and quantitative techniques. In addition to that, the purpose of these sections is to assess the participant's different abilities and skills.

The best books for CLAT preparation 2024 can help you gain the highest marks in the exam. Rather than carrying the books with you, eBooks can be with you on your device anywhere you go. UPDF is a multipurpose AI tool that can assist you in handling these books anywhere you want. To maximize the use of the PDF eBook, download the UPDF to your system and explore the features of this tool.

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