Discover the Best PDF Eraser on Mac and How to Use It Without Damaging the Layout

Text erasing in a PDF refers to the process of removing or deleting specific text from a PDF document. In general, this is done to delete extra or unnecessary content from the document or while hiding sensitive or confidential text. Thus, the text gets permanently erased from the document, and you can begin sharing files for collaboration.

Being a Mac user, you must be thinking about how to erase PDFs on Mac. In this article, you will find all the answers concerning the dedicated PDF eraser for Mac.

Introducing the Best PDF Eraser on Mac

Editing and managing PDFs can be difficult, not until you have UPDF for Mac at your service. After all, this PDF editor is an all-in-one solution for your PDF needs. So, you cannot only edit the text, images, and links within your PDFs, but you can also erase unwanted or confidential content without damaging the document's layout. Using this Mac PDF management and editing tool is very simple and convenient.

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Meanwhile, there exist annotations like comments, text boxes, underlines, highlights, and strikethrough text, ultimately making document collaboration much more manageable. You can also combine multiple PDFs into one single PDF. The available dark mode can ease your night reading without stressing your eyes. Through AI, get your text summarized, translated, explained, and ideated. In fact, you can also compress your PDF file size.

How to Erase Highlight in PDF on Mac

Highlights refer to the visual emphasis within a PDF document. They are basically color-marking annotations applied to a specific text that helps draw the reader's attention. If a reader is an editor, they will locate the highlighted mistake and correct it accordingly. When the mistake is corrected, removing the highlight becomes necessary. To know how to erase highlights in PDF on Mac, these methods will help you.

Method 1: Use the Comments List Function 

Within Mac, UPDF comes with a unique feature known as Comments List. Under this feature, you will get the display of entire annotations, including highlights. Thus, you can easily remove the required text highlight by following these steps:

Step 1: Reveal the Comment List Function

After launching UPDF on your Mac, click the "Open File" button to import your PDF document. Once PDF gets displayed, move forward to press the "Comment List" icon on the bottom-right corner.

comment list of updf

Step 2: Erase Highlight in PDF on Mac

This will display all the annotations on the right-side panel. If you want to remove unwanted highlights in PDF on Mac, click the "Three Dots" icon of the unwanted highlight, select "Delete," and the annotation will get removed.

comment list of updf

Method 2: Use the Right-Click Function

You may have highlighted unwanted text in your PDF document that you want to remove now. The removal is possible by individual deletion of every applied annotation. And this is how you use the best PDF annotator on Mac to erase the content.

  • Enter the comment mode feature by clicking the "Comment" icon on the left toolbar.
  • This can be done by making a right-click on the applied annotation and then selecting the "Clear" option. Alternatively, you can also click the highlighted area and choose the trash bin icon to erase it.
how to remove highlights on mac

Note: All of the other annotations can be erased using the above method. Moreover, if you use the pencil tool to draw on your PDF document, you can use the eraser tool to erase it.

eraser tool on mac

How to Erase Text in PDF on Mac

PDFs are generally non-editable, but with UPDF, you can edit your PDF text on Mac simply, efficiently, and conveniently. The interesting part is that the alignment and layout of the document won't get affected or damaged in this process. Thus, you'll be able to erase unnecessary or confidential text without problems. But how to erase it on PDF Mac? Find your answer here in these simple steps:

Step 1: Enable the Editing Mode

Once your PDF gets displayed on the UPDF after a successful import, move into the edit mode by clicking the "Edit PDF" icon from the screen's left side.

edit pdf on mac

Step 2: Erase the Target Text from PDF on Mac

Move the cursor to the desired part of the text and perform a double-click to select it. Continue to press the "Backspace" key from your MacBook keyboard to erase unwanted or confidential text.

Alternatively, you can drag to select the text you want to erase, right-click, and choose the "Delete" option. This will also help you erase the text.

pdf eraser mac erase targeted text

How to Erase Page in PDF on Mac

Combining multiple pages helps make a successful PDF document. However, there may be a need to erase PDF pages for several reasons, each serving specific purposes for document management and presentation.

By erasing target PDF pages, your document will start looking professional, and your trust will be restored in the document. So how can you erase a PDF page on Mac through UPDF PDF organizer? These simple steps are great assistance for you:

Step 1: Select the Organize Tool

Your current PDF document is already open in the UPDF. Meanwhile, you can also import a file by clicking "Open File" in the new tab. Continue to press the "Organize Pages" icon from the screen's left side.

Step 2: Erase Page from PDF on Mac

All the pages of your document will be listed in horizontal order. Simply click the page you want to remove, and afterward, press the "Delete Pages" icon from the top.

delete pages of pdf on mac

How to Erase Watermark in PDF on Mac 

A watermark is a unique graphical illustration categorized as a transparent image, pattern, or text appearing as a faint background layer. The watermarks are generally applied to PDF documents to indicate authenticity, ownership, or intended use.

Meanwhile, a watermark can damage your document's looks and make it appear bad or unengaging. It can also hide important content within your document. So, if you want to erase a watermark from PDF, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Use the Page Tools Function

After importing and launching your PDF into the UPDF software on Mac, click the "Page Tools" icon from the screen's left-side toolbar.

Step 2: Erase the Applied Watermark from PDF on Mac

From the available "Page Tools" option on the screen's top, select the "Watermark" function. A panel will appear on the right side where you need to hover over your applied watermark and click the "Remove Watermark" icon.

pdf eraser mac remove watermark


PDFs are generally official documents because of their enhanced accessibility and useability. Concurrently, editing PDFs with respect to erasing content is not easy as it seems. This article discussed the best PDF eraser for Mac that makes PDF removal easy and simple for you. The tool is UPDF PDF editor, and you learned ways of erasing different PDF content using it. What are you waiting for? Download it now and enjoy all the amazing features!

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