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Learn How to Convert PDF to PDF/A on Mac (macOS Sonoma Compatible)

This is the age of the internet and technology, and therefore, the use of digital documents is rapidly advancing as well. The most commonly used digital document format is PDF because of its extensive use cases and convincing accessibility. Meanwhile, you may need to convert PDF to PDF/A on Mac. After all, this conversion allows the long-term archiving and preservation of PDF documents. 

Apparently, in this article, you will find ways for Mac to convert PDF to PDF/A using a powerful macOS PDF tool. You will be learning the conversion in easy and simple steps.

Part 1: How Can I Convert a PDF to PDF/A on Mac Easily?

Known as the best PDF editing and management tool, UPDF for Mac is precisely what you need for your professional or daily tasks. In an ideal scenario, UPDF allows converting PDFs to various other formats, including PDF/A. Do you want to learn how PDF to PDF/A Mac conversion occurs? Find all the simplified instructions for this purpose:

Step 1: Download and Install UPDF on Your Mac

First of all, kindly download UPDF on your Mac device by clicking the button below:

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

After launching UPDF on your Mac device, click the "Open File" button to import your desired PDF document to convert into PDF/A. The imported document will automatically open in the reading environment.

convert pdf to pdf a mac open file

Step 2: Convert PDF into PDF/A Format on Mac

From the toolbar on the screen's right side, click the "Save as Other" icon. Continue to tap on the "Save as PDF/A" option from the expanded panel. Choose the desired location on your device and save the PDF/A document there.

pdf to pdf a mac save as pdfa

Excepting converting PDF to PDF/A on Mac, this software also allows you to edit your PDF text, images, and links and even allows adding watermarks or background colors. Meanwhile, you can also annotate your PDFs by adding comments, text boxes, underlines, stamps, shapes, and even e-signatures.

In addition, UPDF AI's availability helps users summarize, translate, or explain the provided text as input prompts within Chatbot. Not to forget, you can also combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF or even compress large-sized PDFs into small file documents.

Part 2: How Do I Convert Multiple PDFs to PDF/A on Mac?

Converting PDF to PDF/A on Mac is beneficial because it allows for preserving content, maintaining font consistency and metadata, and sustaining compatibility support. You may need to convert multiple PDFs to PDF/A format as a general requirement.

Meanwhile, if you convert various documents separately, it will consume a lot of your time. UPDF allows batch processing to make things easier for you. For converting multiple PDFs to PDF/A on Mac, these simple steps are pretty helpful to move forward:

Step 1: Select the Batch Combine Tool 

Open a new tab in UPDF and continue to click "Batch Combine."

convert pdf to pdf a on mac batch combine

From the Batch Combine screen, you need to press the "Add Files" drop-down icon that displays different options like "Add Files," "Add Open Files," and "Add Folders."

  • From "Add Files," it's possible to import multiple PDFs from your device.
  • From the "Add Open Files" option, you can add all already opened PDFs from different tabs.
  • Finally, the "Add Folders" option allows importing complete PDF folders.

Once done with PDF combining, move ahead to click the "Apply" button from the bottom right corner to combine and save your PDF on the device. By following this step, you can combine multiple PDF files on Mac easily.

mac convert pdf to pdf a add files and apply

Step 2: Convert Combined PDF to PDF/A on Mac

The second step is the same as Part 1. Import your combined PDF by clicking "Open File" from the home screen and pressing the "Save as Other" icon from the toolbar on the right side. Next, select the "Save as PDF/A" option from the expanded options and choose the desired location on Mac to save your PDF/A document.

Part 3: The Benefits of Converting PDF to PDF/A on Mac

PDF contains many important information and data related to your personal tasks. Hence, it's essential to convert PDF to PDF/A on Mac. But what are the benefits of this format conversion? Find here all the answers:

  • Long-Term Preservation on Mac: PDF/A is specifically created to ensure the long-term preservation of electronic documents. Hence, converting PDF to PDF/A ensures your document remains accessible for many years while preserving metadata. 
  • No Encryption or Passwords: Generally, PDF/A files are considered for long-term document preservation. So, they cannot contain encryption or password protection because they might become obsolete, making documents inaccessible. 
  • Reduced File Size: It's possible to remove those PDF elements unsuitable for archiving during the conversion process. In this way, the file size can be reduced significantly, which helps save storage within your Mac device.
  • Reliable Printing: PDF/A files are optimized for reliable and consistent printing. After all, it's essential when dealing with archived documents that may need to be reproduced in the future. The content preservation this format brings is exceptional. 

Part 4: FAQs on How to Save PDF as PDF/A on Mac?

1. What is PDF/A?

PDF/A is a specialized PDF format designed for long-term document preservation and archiving. Basically, it addresses the need for a stable and reliable format that ensures documents remain accessible and usable over extended periods, even as technology evolves.

2. Can I convert PDF to PDF/A with Preview?

No. Preview is a built-in software for Mac devices, and it's only a simple PDF viewer. Therefore, it's not possible to convert PDF to PDF/A on Mac with the Preview app. You will need to use dedicated PDF editing software, and UPDF is an ideal solution for Mac. 

3. How to convert PDF to PDF/A on Mac with Adobe Acrobat?

By using Adobe Acrobat, you can convert PDF to PDF/A on Mac. For this purpose, first, you need to open your PDF in Adobe. Afterward, select "Tools" and then proceed to click the "PDF Standards" option. Continue to click "Save As PDF/A" and choose the file location to save your PDF/A on macOS.

Although you may convert your PDF to PDF/A on Mac through Adobe, it has many limitations and restrictions. Firstly, Adobe is a costly software. Secondly, it leverages a complex interface that can be problematic for any new user. In this situation, UPDF is the trusted PDF solution to have. Check the full comparison between Adobe Acrobat and UPDF.

Wrapping Up

PDF is the major document format for storing and sharing data in daily life. Meanwhile, it's essential to preserve important content for longer periods, which is why you need to convert PDF to PDF/A on Mac. In general, this article provided you with step-by-step ways for Mac to convert PDF to PDF/A. Above all, you also learned about UPDF, which is an industry-leading PDF editor on the internet. After learning all the instructions, you may can't wait to download it and enjoy the features. Click the button below and get started!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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