How to Lock MacBook Step-by-Step Explanation (macOS 14 Supported)

Our computers store every kind of information that can be personal and professional. However, with this facility to store various files on the computer, data theft is a common problem that many users face daily. To avoid this, you should implement safety measures to protect all your information and data stored on your computer. Read this article to learn how to lock your MacBook so that all your files, folders, and other important information keeps secured and private in every circumstance.

Part 1: Why Need to Lock MacBook?

There are various causes and reasons why you should lock Mac. In this part, we will discuss a few reasons that will indicate why you need to lock the MacBook.

Prevent Data Theft

There are several cases and incidents of data theft. To prevent yourself from this mishap, the first step you can take is to lock your MacBook with a strong password. By doing so, no one can enter your system without your password.

Privacy Concerns

Privacy in this age is a huge concern for many users. To prevent the access of strangers to your MacBook, it’s important to lock your system. This will help you to easily save your photos and videos on your desktop without worrying about your privacy.

Secures Sensitive Information

Our MacBook consists of sensitive information such as confidential contracts, agreements, and invoices. To preserve your professionalism, you should secure such information by locking your system with a strong password.

Restricts the Data Editing

If your MacBook is not locked with a password, anyone can open your files and documents and can execute the modifications. That is why you should lock your MacBook to prevent this from happening.

Part 2: How to Lock MacBook with a Password?

To lock Mac, the first option is through a password. By creating a password on your MacBook, you can only enter it into your system through the set password. In this section, we will address how to lock MacBook through a password.

Step 1: Initiate by clicking on the "Apple" icon displayed in the top left corner. From there, open the menu of "System Preferences" by clicking on it. On its window, click on "Security and Privacy."

choose security and privacy option macbook

Step 2: Click on the "General" tab and then enable the option of "Require Password." Also, select the time range to require the password for login. You can choose "immediately" to lock your MacBook instantly when it goes to sleep or screen saver mode.

enable required password option mac

Part 3: How to Lock MacBook with Keyboard Shortcuts?

Another simple and instant way to lock MacBook Air or Pro is with keyboard shortcuts. By using the keyboard shortcuts, you can instantly lock your system within seconds through the combination of keys.

  • Use Power Button: You can press the Power button to switch on your Mac or to wake it up from sleep mode. You can also press the power button for 1.5 seconds to put it in sleep mode. Also, to force shut down your Mac, keep holding this button until it gets turned off.
  • To Put Mac into Sleep Mode: Press the "Option," "Command," and "Power" buttons simultaneously. Or, press the "Option," "Command," and "Media Eject" keys at the same time.
  • To Put Display in Sleep Mode: Press the "Option," "Shift," and "Power" buttons and keys simultaneously. Or, press the "Control," "Shift," and "Media Eject" keys at the same time.
  • To Lock Screen Instantly: Press the "Control," "Command," and "Q" keys together.
  • To Log Out from macOS Account: Press the "Shift," "Command," and "Q" keys at the same time.

Part 4: How to Lock Mac Using Hot Corners?

The Hot Corner feature lets you lock your Mac when you move your cursor to any particular corner of the screen. For this, you need to set a lock MacBook shortcut on your screen so that you can instantly lock your system without any difficulty:

Step 1: Tap on the "Apple" icon displayed in the top left corner. Click on the "System Preferences" that will open its small window. From there, select "Desktop and Screen Saver."

desktop and screen saver option mac

Step 2: Now, you see two tabs that are Desktop and Screen Saver. Go to the tab of "Screen Saver" and then click on "Hot Corners" displayed in the bottom right corner.

hot corners mac

Step 3: Now, you can select any corner to lock your screen among four corners. Choose any corner side and then select the "Lock Screen" option from its drop-down menu. Once done, tap on the "OK" button.

lock macbook

Part 5: How to Lock Mac with Touch Bar?

MacBook Pro offers a feature called Touch Bar, through which you can also lock your screen easily. By customization, you can add the option of screen lock on the touch bar efficiently.

Step 1: Click on the "Apple" icon and choose the "System Preferences" from the drop-down menu. On its window, select the option of "Keyboard."

keyboard settings mac

Step 2: A new window will display from which click on "Customize Control Strip" given at the bottom. Here, select the option of "Screen Lock" and drag it to the end of the screen to add it to the touch bar. Now, click on the "Done" button to confirm the process.

how to lock mac

Part 6: FAQs about Locking MacBook

1. What is the lock button on Mac?

The lock button is the power button that is available on the top-right side of your keyboard, but it does not lock the Mac. This button can put your Mac to sleep or can be used to wake it up. You can also use this button to switch on or force shut down your MacBook instantly.

2. Does the locking screen put Mac to sleep?

Locking and putting Mac to sleep are two different options. By locking your MacBook, the background apps and activities are still running, and it consumes the energy of your system constantly. However, by outing Mac to sleep, all the background activities automatically stop and consumes relatively less energy from your system.

3. How do I lock my Mac without turning it off?

To lock your Mac without making it turn off, you can use the keyboard shortcuts. Press "Control + Command + Q" keys to lock your system without turning it off.

4. Can I lock apps on Mac?

Use the AppLocker tool to lock your apps on the MacBook easily. This tool can be used to lock your apps through a password so that anyone who is trying to open an app on your MacBook needs your permission.

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Everyone should take necessary measures to enhance the security and privacy levels of their systems. This article can practically help you with how to lock MacBook Pro and Air using multiple methods. By doing so, you can maintain the safety of your system and can keep all your stored data and information protected. Besides of it, choosing the right app will double secure your files also, UPDF - an all-in-one offline PDF editor solves your problems and provides the best users experience.

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