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It's Easier to Compare Two PDFs on Mac with These 2 Methods!

Working with PDF files sometimes has been quite exhausting work to do, especially when it comes to comparing two PDF files. Comparing two PDFs can be hard because most of the time you need to have those two PDFs opened and reviewed one by one. Even that case becomes worse on Mac devices. But for now, you don't need to worry about it anymore. We have made some tips that can help you compare two PDFs on Mac!

Method 1. Compare Two PDFs on Mac Using UPDF

Have you ever heard about UPDF before? UPDF is a simple, but yet powerful PDF editor software that can help you with every PDF problem that you have, no matter what operating system that you use. Especially when comparing PDFs on Mac. UPDF supports opening two PDFs files at one time in a different window. This feature helps you compare 2 PDFs for differences and gives you the convenience of editing the document while comparing them at the same time. Here are some easy steps to compare two PDFs Mac using UPDF. There are three steps that you can follow to compare two PDF files on Mac:

Step 1. Opening the PDF File

First things first, you need to have the UPDF software installed on your device. You do not need to worry about it, UPDF supports all kinds of operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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But in this case, we will focus on comparing PDF files Mac. After you have installed UPDF, you can open the software and choose the "Open File" option in the new tab window that is currently open.

compare pdfs mac open file

Step 2. Opening the Second PDF File

After you have opened the first PDF file that you want to compare. You may repeat the first step for opening the second PDF file that you wish to compare on Mac. It's a simple way, you just need to hit the plus button icon that appears at the side of your current PDF file which opened. After that, you can choose the "New Window" option to open the second PDF file that you wish to compare.

compare pdfs mac open in new windows

Step 3. Comparing the 2 PDFs on Mac for Differences

Since now you have the two PDFs opened, you can just drag them freely to a position that you like and are comfortable with. This Compare PDF feature on UPDF for Mac will give you the freedom to compare those two PDFs and edit and modify them without switching tools or jumping from one window to another.

compare pdfs mac compare files updf

Now, you can enjoy reviewing PDF documents with a delightful experience by using UPDF. However, UPDF not only can help you compare PDF diff Mac, but this Software also can help you with more useful features that they offer. You can also edit your PDF, Convert, Compress, Annotate, use AI, and other useful things like PDF Form which you can fill, sign, and create PDF form like a pro. Learn more features of UPDF here. So, what are you waiting for, download UPDF now!

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Method 2. Compare PDF Document Mac Using Adobe Acrobat

Besides using UPDF, you can also compare PDFs on Mac by using Adobe Acrobat. As we know, Adobe Acrobat has been a leading brand when it comes to PDF files. However, Adobe Acrobat is sometimes confusing and costly to use especially for those who are not really into tech. Here are some steps to compare PDF documents on Mac by using Adobe Acrobat:

  1. Open the Adobe Acrobat software and select the "Tools" section at the top bar. After that, you may choose the "Compare Files" option on the list that is shown at the bar.
  2. The compare option box will appear and you can choose the left and the right panel for the first and second PDF file that you want to compare.
  3. Click the "Compare" button to review the comparison result and summary for those two PDF files.
compare pdfs mac compare in adobe

As we talked about before, the Adobe Acrobat user interface is sometimes confusing for some people who are not used to it. Compared to UPDF, in Adobe Acrobat you need to find a specific option first before you can start to compare PDF documents on Mac. It takes some extra work to do the comparison, and it also costs more than other software like UPDF. In Adobe Acrobat you have to spend US$239.88 per year to use the compare PDFs on Mac feature which is not an option for some of us who use the feature for daily and personal use.

UPDF vs. Acrobat - Which Method Should You Choose to Compare PDFs on Mac?

As we have talked about both of the software that we can use to compare two PDF files on Mac. Here are some details that we have summarized for you to make you easier to choose which software that gives more advantages when it comes to comparing two PDFs on Mac:

 UPDFAdobe Acrobat Pro DC
Compare PDFs Side-by-Side
Compare PDFs by Highlighting the DifferencesUPDF doesn't support this feature yet, however, it will release this feature soon.
Edit PDF
Annotate PDF
Easy to Use
ProsEffective and EfficientFamous Brand
ConsUnderratedExpensive and Complex
Performance Speed4.8/54.7/5
The cart shows us the difference between UPDF and Adobe Acrobat, which are the two methods that we can use to compare PDFs on Mac along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. In short, we can conclude that UPDF is the best pick software to use when it comes to comparing two PDFs on Mac. It's cost-effective when you only need to pay US$35.99/Year to have the same and even better features than Adobe Acrobat which offers you US$239.88/Year. What's more exciting? You can now download the amazing UPDF editing software and get an exclusive discount by purchasing its Pro plan right now.

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Not only that, but UPDF also gives us ease and comfort when comparing PDFs on Mac and other stuff like AI features that help us to save time, money, and work to be done. Speaking of the user interface, you can sense the modernity, passion, and positivity in the UPDF's design. On the contrary, Adobe Acrobat's interface is simple and a little outdated. When you're trying to use advanced features, you will get confused about its UI. Learn more comparison between Adobe Acrobat and UPDF >

compare pdfs mac adobe vs updf

Why Do We Need to Compare PDFs on Mac?

Comparing two PDF files might be something new for some people, so what exactly is the convenience of comparing PDF files on Mac?

Reduce Workload Stress

Comparing PDFs on Mac helps you to work with multiple rounds of revisions. It's stressful work to go on checking revisions made on a PDF one by one when you have so many revisions done. That is why sometimes changes can slip through the cracks.

Spot the Differences

The compare PDFs feature on Mac can help you spot the differences easily, determine differences between them, or verify if approved changes have actually been made.

Basically, there are two comparison types that can be done on this feature which are visual and text differences. For a visual comparison, you will be helped with spotting notes, highlights, watermarks, markups, signatures, and others. However, you can also spot the textual comparison within text boxes, header/footer, or stamped text. That is why comparing two PDF files on Mac is very useful in some business industries like notary, administration, sales, and others. Since it deals with a lot of document revisions and detail-oriented PDF files.

FAQs on Comparing PDFs for Diff on Mac

1. Can I compare PDFs on Mac with the Preview App?

There are a lot of PDF preview app choices that you can choose to compare the PDF side by side. You can also open a PDF file in your browser and compare it yourself. But, when you try to compare PDFs on Mac with the Preview app, it doesn't have the compare feature. It means you need to spot the differences manually by yourself, there can be a human error and it will not be effective especially when you have dealt with a lot of documents and revisions.

2. Can I compare PDFs on Mac with PDF Expert?

You can also compare two PDFs file on Mac by using PDF Expert. But it has a similar case to the Preview app which doesn't give you the compare feature. Besides, this tool is expensive with limited features. You can get the ease and more features of comparing two PDFs on Mac with less cost with UPDF.

3. What is the best PDF comparison tool for Mac?

From all the explanations and discussions that we have had before, we can conclude that UPDF is the best software to use when it comes to comparing two PDFs on a Mac. It's easy to use, powerful and costs you less than the other app that offers the same feature. Besides, UPDF has become one of the leading PDF editor software with amazing Generative AI Tools.

Compare Two PDFs on Mac Using the Best Software

Comparing two PDFs on a Mac can be hard work to do, especially when you have to do it by yourself. There are a lot of software choices that you can use to help you compare PDFs on Mac. However, they are sometimes costly or not easy to use. That is why a lot of people choose to use UPDF to help them compare two PDFs. Besides it is an easy app to use, with useful features, and other advantages, it also costs you less than any other PDF comparison tools. Read UPDF reviews on howtogeek, one of the high-authority tech sites to learn more about it, and try it Now!

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