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How to Reduce PDF Size on Mac in 3 Ways

It is high time to study how to reduce PDF size on Mac to work optimally with PDFs. When you reduce the file size of PDFs, enables you to transfer on any channel flawlessly. Moreover, comfortable store the files in any space hassle-free. In this article, you will be enlightened on the best techniques to reduce the PDF file size on Mac while retaining other quality factors of the PDFs. Choose the optimal method that meets your needs in the PDF file size reduction process by surfing the below content carefully. Many programs work exclusively on PDFs for precise usage but choosing the perfect one is a tedious task and here you will discover various strategies to perform the desired operations on the PDF files.

How to Reduce PDF File Size on Mac with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the reputed PDF editing tools that assist in the efficient performance of the PDF file format. The foremost goal of the file size reduction process is that it should minimize the file size without any data loss. The whole procedure must happen at a faster rate. You can select the methods based on these attributes. In this section, explore how to use Adobe Acrobat to reduce the PDF size on Mac systems effortlessly.

Follow the below instructions to reduce the file size successfully.

Step 1:  Install the Acrobat app for Mac from its official website and launch it.

Step 2: Import the PDF into its working space and press File -> Save as -> reduce file size option available at its top menu.

reduce pdf file size mac

Wait until the process completes and then save the file into your system drive for future reference.

How to Reduce PDF File Size on Mac with Preview

Another alternate method is to use the in-built PDF program of the Mac system like the Preview interface. Here, when you compress the PDFs, it affects the quality factors more than the original file. This preview app assists to compress the PDF files at the time of the export process.

Step 1: Launch the Preview app on the Mac and import the PDF file from your system drive

Step 2: Now, tap the File -> Export option and tap the Quartz pop-up menu. Finally, select Reduce File Size option from the expanded items.

reduce pdf file size mac good quality

How to Shrink PDF on Mac Online

You can also choose online methods to shrink the file size of PDFs. Take a quick look at the iLovePDF webpage and choose the Compress PDF section to perform the file reduction process.

Step 1: Go to the official website of the iLovePDF webpage and import the PDF file either from the system drive or virtual storage space like Google Drive and Dropbox.

shrink pdf mac

Step 2: Next, select the compression levels and press the Compress PDF button at the bottom right side of the screen.

shrink pdf file size mac

You can also add many files on the same interface by tapping the + icon. Wait for a few seconds until the compression process completes.

The Best Free PDF Tool on Mac

UPDF for Mac is an exclusive app that works effectively on the PDFs like a pro. This program allows you to make desired edits on the existing texts, and images or add extra content hassle-free. The in-built features of this program enable the users to perform desired changes to the PDF content without affecting the quality factors. 

reduce pdf size mac without losing quality

The key functionalities of the UPDF app 

  • Annotate and highlight the important content on the PDF effortlessly using this program. 
  • Edit option in the top menu facilitates adding, rewriting, and customizing texts and images in the PDFs. 
  • The page option helps to manage the pages efficiently. 
  • It has a simple interface that imports even large-sized PDFs flawlessly. 
  • Few clicks are enough to customize the PDFs in no time. 

These are the incredible features of the UPDF app and quickly download it to discover it more from practical perspectives.

FAQs on Reducing PDF Size on Mac

How can you tell the size of a PDF on a Mac?

In the Mac system, you can find the file size of any format by control-clicking on the desired file and choosing the Get Info option from the displayed items. On the top right corner of the screen, you will find the respective file size precisely.

Why is my PDF so big?

The font size and the image properties impact the overall size of the PDFs. Usually, they are big because of these reasons.

Will it Lose Quality when you reduce PDF size on Mac?

No, if you use a high-end PDF compress tool, then there will no quality loss after the file size reduction process. Less efficient programs may result in such outcomes. It is a wise practice to choose quality PDF tools to work on the PDFs.

Why do you need to reduce PDF size on Mac?

The compressed PDFs are easy to transfer and occupy less storage space in the memory drive. For these two reasons, there is a need to reduce the PDF size on Mac.


Thus, you have understood how to reduce the PDF size on Mac flawlessly using the above-discussed techniques. You can connect with the relevant method and satisfy your needs in the file size reduction process. The UPDF app serves you to perform a wide range of activities on the PDFs efficiently. Work on this program and make the best use of the PDF files to meet your personal and professional requirements. Stay connected with this article to explore enlightening facts on the PDF edit tools.