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Resize PDF On Mac: Your Ultimate Guide (macOS 14 Compatible)

If the current size of the PDF document you have doesn't correspond to the specifications of the project, you may find that you need to resize the document. Resizing a PDF on Mac can be easily done if you have the right tool for the job. Here, we will look at some of the options you have and how you can use them to ensure your document is just the right size.

Part 1: How to Resize PDF Page Size on Mac Via UPDF

If your main goal is to reduce the size of the pages on the PDF on Mac, the PDF resizer you need is UPDF for Mac. This is a PDF management tool that allows you to resize PDF on Mac by compressing PDF file size, cropping PDF page size, deleting PDF pages, and resizing PDF images. This is thanks to the numerous page management features that UPDF has. If you are interested, you can click the download button below to download it and follow the below guides to resize PDF on Mac.

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Method 1. Resize PDF on Mac by Compressing PDF File Size

If you want to make your PDF file size smaller on Mac in order to share or email to others, then, you can use UPDF's compressing features.

Step 1. Open PDF with UPDF

First, you need to open your PDF file with UPDF for Mac.

Step 2. Access to Save as Other

Now, you can tap on the "Save as Other" icon on the right toolbar and then select the "Reduce File Size..." option.

resize PDF mac

Step 3. Resize PDF File Size

Then you can select any of the options about document quality. When you tap on it, the compressed file size will appear, and you can choose the one you need. Once done, click the "Save As" button.

resize pdf on mac updf

Method 2. Resize PDF Page on Mac by Cropping PDF Page Size

If you want to resize PDF page on Mac, you can crop its size by following the below guide.

Step 1: Open the PDF and Click the "Crop Pages" icon

If you still do not have UPDF on your Mac, you can click the below button to download it. Open UPDF on your Mac and open the PDF whose pages you want to resize. You can simply drag and drop the file into the main interface to open it.

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Click on the "Crop Pages" icon on the left to access the features that you need.

select crop pages

Step 2: Adjust the Page Size

Click on the "Options" icon to set the page margins that you want the cropped pages to have.

select options

Step 3: Apply Changes to All Pages

To crop all the pages on the document, enable the "Apply Changes" option and choose "All Pages in Range".

apply changes to the images

Method 3. Resize PDF on Mac by Deleting/Splitting PDF Pages

If you have one large PDF and even if you use the methods above, you still cannot get the size you want, you can resize PDF on Mac by deleting or splitting PDF pages. Here is the guide for you.

Step 1. Click the below button to download UPDF if you do not have UPDF on your computer. Double-click on the UPDF icon to launch it. And open the PDF with UPDF.

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Step 2. Now, navigate to "Organize Pages". Now, you can find the "Delete" and "Split" icons. If there are some pages that you do not need, select these pages by holding on "CTRL" or "CMD" and clicking on the pages or click on "Select Pages" to choose the pages, then, tap on the "Delete" icon to delete all the pages.

Resize PDF on Mac by Deleting PDF Pages

If you need all the pages in the PDF, you can click on "Split", and enter the page numbers you want to split. Click on the "Split" to split the PDF pages into several parts. Now, you can get the PDF files in smaller sizes to share with others one by one.

Resize PDF on Mac by Splitting PDF Pages

Step 3. Click on the "File" > "Save" to save the PDF file.

It is so simple and so you can do it. Let's download UPDF and do this! If you are satisfied with this tool, upgrade to the Pro version now with the time-limited discount!

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Method 4: How to Resize PDF Images on Mac

If you want to resize PDF on Mac because images do not match the requirements, you can also use UPDF. It has a built-in image editor that allows you to resize the images on the PDF document. This is a good solution if you find that some of the images on the document are too large and are affecting the document’s text-to-image balance.

Here’s how to use this image editor in UPDF to resize the images on a PDF;

Step 1: Go to the Edit Mode

Start by opening the PDF with the images that you would like to edit.

You will then need to enter edit mode to resize the images. To do that, simply click on the "Edit PDF" icon.

go to edit mode

Step 2: Select the Image and Choose the "Crop" option

Now click on the image that you want to resize to select it.

Once selected, you should see various image editing tools appear. Since we want to change the size of the image, click on "Crop Image" to select the cropping tool.

click crop

Step 3: Resize the image in PDF

With the crop tool selected, use the mouse to drag the image to achieve the required size.

Except for resizing PDFs on Mac, UPDF offers other features that you should know:

  • UPDF is one of the simplest ways to organize the pages on a PDF document. You can use it to resize PDF pages, split them, add new pages, rotate them, reorder them, and even delete pages from the document.
  • You can optimize PDF with different document qualities.
  • It also has PDF editing features that will allow you to edit the texts, images, and links on the document.
  • It is also one of the best PDF converters, allowing you to convert PDF documents to the most popular formats including Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, RTF, Text, Image (PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF), HTML, XML, and PDF/A.

You can learn more features about UPDF by reading this UPDF review article, watching the below video guide, or clicking the below button to download UPDF.

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Part 2: How to Resize PDF on Mac with Preview

If your goal is to reduce the size of the file, you can use Mac Preview. Preview can be able to help you reduce the size of the document by compressing a file. This can be very useful when you have a very large file and you want to reduce the file size to make it easier to share.

Here’s how you can use Preview to compress a PDF file;

  • Step 1: Open the PDF document you want to resize in Preview by right-clicking on the PDF and selecting "Open With" > "Preview".
  • Step 2: Click on "File > Export" but don’t choose “Export as PDF.”
  • Step 3: Click on the "Quartz Filter" drop down menu and select "Reduce File Size". Preview will immediately compress the PDF file.
How to Resize PDF on Mac with Preview
  • Click the "Save" icon to resize PDF on Mac.

It is easy to resize PDF on Mac with Preview, however, it can only help you resize PDF by compressing the PDF file and you cannot just the size you want to compress per your requirements like with UPDF.

Part 3: FAQs on How to Resize PDF on Mac

Can I Resize a PDF on Mac?

Yes, it is quite possible to change the size of a PDF document. Preview only allows you to compress the file, reducing its overall size. However, you will need to use a specialized PDF editor if you want to change the size of the pages or the images on the document. So we recommend UPDF, it is an all-in-one solution for all PDF-related problems, which is a reliable choice for users.

How Do I Resize a PDF on Mac without Losing Quality?

UPDF can resize the pages and images on the document without affecting the overall quality of the document, and it has 4 qualities according to users' needs.

How Can I Change PDF Size?

If you want to change the actual dimensions of the pages, then UPDF is a safe and very effective option. You can open PDF with UPDF, then, click on the "Crop Pages" icon > "Crop" to adjust the PDF size.


Now, you can use UPDF or Preview to resize PDF on Mac. You can choose the method you like. But here, we recommend you to use UPDF. UPDF is a solution that can help you resize PDF on Mac with 4 different methods based on your needs. Moreover, it has many other features like UPDF AI, editing PDF, annotating PDF, and more. Download it today, and enjoy the journey with UPDF!

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