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Apple Events 2023: Everything You Need to Know (macOS Sonoma Included)

Every year, Apple Inc., a technology company based in the United States, hosts exclusive events to unveil new products and features to its customers and developers. These events are not typically held alongside other industry events but are standalone Apple Events. However, predicting event dates can take time to pin down, as it is often announced at the peak end.

Despite the Mac event in January 2023, Apple still has more events planned for this year, and in this article, we will attempt to predict what may be announced at these events.

Part 1. What are the Apple Events?

Apple events

Apple events are held alone by Apple, and typically they are live-streamed and are available to watch online from any corner of the world. The events help announce new products, features, and software updates to the general public, developers, and customers.

Typically, there are four Apple events every year, and they will be held every year at similar times:

Apple EventsHeld Time
Apple Spring eventMarch or April
Apple Fall eventSeptember
Final eventOctober
Apple event schedule

Apple Events 2023 is going to be the most exclusive event this year. With around 1.74 billion users worldwide as of 2023, Apple still looks forward to increasing that figure. To make the events livelier, Apple's latest offerings and upgrades are demonstrated by top executives for an enhanced experience.

Part 2. Apple Events to be Held in the Year 2023

If we track down the previous years, Apple holds around three to four events annually. As Apple is already done with the surprise event in January 2023, it can be estimated that four more events will occur this year. Let's have a look at what these events hold for us.

2.1 Spring Event: April 2023

Apple's last spring event was held on March 8, 2022, at 10 AM PT. During that, we witnessed the debut of the iPhone SE along with Mac Studio and Studio Display. In addition, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro were announced in new green shades. So, keeping that in mind, we may expect some top-of-the-line products during the Spring Event.

The last time this Apple event took place was in April 2021. We may also expect delays in this year's event due to the surprise event in January 2023. Based on our prediction, we may see the release of 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Pro with M2 Ultra Chip, HomePod, 27-inch external display monitor, and the M2 Mac Mini.

The event will likely occur before April 20, 2023, but we must wait for the official announcement. Meanwhile, let's look at the dates of the previous event.

Apple Spring EventsHeld Time
2022Tuesday, March 8
2021Tuesday, April 20
2020No event due to COVID-19
2019Monday, March 25
2018Tuesday, April 20
2017Tuesday, March 8
Apple spring event schedule

2.2 WWDC: June 2023

The last WWDC event occurred on June 6, 2022, at 10 AM PT. A few products and some major software upgrades were unveiled during that event. MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, iPadOS 16, iOS 16, watchOS9, and macOS Ventura were the highlight of that event. It can be noticed that Apple mainly targets OS upgrades during the WWDC.

The upcoming WWDC event will likely take place around June 5, 2023. Regarding OS upgrades, we may see the unveiling of iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS17, MacOS 14, and watchOS 10. Some new physical products might also come to light, like last year. Moreover, we will likely get a preview of xrOS for the first time and the must-awaited AR/VR headset that has been delayed for a long time.

Hence, if the Spring Event doesn't happen this year, the products to be announced during the event might be shifted to WWDC 2023. Have a look at the dates of the previous event. Note that the WWDC in June 2020 was delayed due to COVID-19. Apple also holds a special scholarship for students. For more information, you can read our article about the WWDC scholarship.

Apple WWDCHeld Time
WWDC 2022June 6-10
WWDC 2021June 7-11
WWDC 2020June 22-26
WWDC 2019June 3-7
WWDC 2018June 4-8
WWDC 2017June 5-9
Apple WWDC event schedule

2.3 Fall Event: September 2023

The "Far Out" event, also known as Apple's September Event, happened last year on September 7, 2022, at 10:30 AM PT. Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 lineup, including four models, an updated Apple Watch SE, the new Apple Watch Series 8, and an exciting Apple Watch Ultra.

This event is of utter importance to iPhone fans, as the new newest devices are announced along with the release dates. Few people believe this to be the trademark event of Apple Inc. The event is predicted to happen around the second week of September 2023.

As a precise estimation, we expect to see the release of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and a new iPhone 15 Ultra that will replace the Pro Max series. In addition to these products, we might see the launch of the Apple Watch 9 and the AR headset in case it gets delayed again in the WWDC event.

So, as we see the release of a new iPhone every year, we will have insight into previous event dates below. It is important to note that no new iPhone was released in September 2020 due to COVID-related production barriers.

Apple Fall EventHeld Time
2022Wednesday, September 7
2021Tuesday, September 14
2020Tuesday, September 15
2019Tuesday, September 10
2018Wednesday, September 12
2017Tuesday, September 12
Apple Fall event schedule

2.4 Late Fall Event: October/November 2023

The year 2022 didn't experience any late fall events. However, the last one occurred on October 18, 2021, at 10 AM PT. Apple Inc. unveiled the MacBook Pro models, third-generation AirPods, and some new colors for the HomePod Mini as the major upgrades.

Apple will likely launch some new products before the year ends. The event skipping in 2022 ensures an event will be late this year. The third quarter of October might be the perfect time to unveil new iPads and Macs in the Apple Special Events 2023.

We may experience the launch of an M3 chip that will be placed in the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and 24-inch iMac. However, the October events are generally not guaranteed to occur as over the past six years, there have only been 3 instances when this event occurred. See below the previous days and dates for this event.

Apple Fall EventHeld Time
2022No event
2021Monday, October 18
2020Tuesday, October 12
2019No event
2018Tuesday, October 30
2017No event
Apple's Last Fall event schedule

Part 3. What has already been Announced for Apple Event 2023?

In January 2023, Apple launched its latest MacBook Pros in 14 and 16-inch sizes featuring enhanced M2 Pro and M2 Max CPUs. Along with the Macs, the company also unveiled new Mac Mini models powered by M2 and M2 Pro processors. Additionally, Apple released an upgraded HomePod that is larger and can be bought for $299, as per their press statement.

apple events 2023 macbook pro

Part 4. What is the Next Apple Event 2023?

The next Apple event of 2023 has yet to be officially announced. However, rumors in the tech industry indicate that we will see an event in late March or early April. These rumors are based on the past events of 2022, 2020, and 2019 that occurred in March.

The year 2021 is an exception, as the event happened in the April of that year. Few people doubt the announcement of this event just because a few of the products like MacBook Pro, HomePod, and M2 Mac Mini have already been announced during January as a surprise to many people.

Part 5. What Will be Announced at the Next Apple Event 2023?

Until recently, it was indicated that Apple's spring event in March or April would include unveiling the Apple VR Reality Pro headset. However, reports suggest that Apple has postponed the release of the headset, leaving uncertainty about whether the event will be canceled or if Apple will still organize the event for other products.

According to rumors, it is likely that the other products Apple will release include the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro, a Mac Pro featuring the M2 Ultra Chip, a HomePod, a 27-inch external display monitor, and the M2 Mac Mini.

Part 6. The Best Software You Should Have on Your Mac

As the new iPhone 15 is just on the line, it will bring new innovative features and experiences. The same is with iPad and Mac devices. In this growing phase, you should shift from outdated software to new ones. Such software that caters to modern file management and helps you edit PDFs in seconds is UPDF for Mac.

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It saves time in organizing files, and the UPDF icon enhances your Apple device display into a more attractive one. Enjoy a smoother experience and work professionally on your Apple devices. Let's move on to the feature discussion.

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Apple events edit pdfs
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Apple's 2023 Event Plans convert pdfs
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Apple Special Events 2023 organize pdfs
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Apple events annotate pdfs
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Apple events 2023 ocr pdfs


As the number of Apple users increases worldwide, so do the Apple events. These are the much-awaited events to experience an exciting new product or OS upgrade. Moreover, you can also get to enjoy each of its events online.

Keep an eye on the announcement of dates and try to connect with other Apple fans to know their prediction about upcoming events. Meanwhile, you do this, try out the UPDF on your devices and experience the whole PDF editor experience.

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