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How to Add Link to PDF

Many PDF files and documents are bombarded with information and data. Due to the excessive content in PDF documents, many users feel it is hard to understand or read the whole information. To tackle this problem, you should add a link to PDF to adjust the content smartly in PDF files.

By adding a hyperlink to a PDF, you can link definitions, formulas, or extra explanations for a particular content without increasing the word count of your file. Through this article, learn how to add hyperlinks in PDF quickly. If you need a free PDF editor, UPDF is one of the best choices to view, edit, annotate, and manage PDF files at no cost.

Part 1: How to Add a Hyperlink to PDF?

Do you want to add a link to PDF effortlessly? In this part, we will use three offline tools through which you can insert a hyperlink in PDF quickly.


If you are looking to add links to PDF, UPDF is one of the best free PDF editor solutions on the market today. UPDF is free software, that enables you to add links in PDF format, and is easier to use. Also, UPDF is known for its industry-leading security and top-notch user experience.

If you are looking to add links to a PDF, UPDF editor can help you within a few clicks. Follow the below steps to quickly insert links into a PDF:

Step 1: Launch the UPDF app, and click the 'Open File' button that appears on the main interface of the app. This button launches an explorer window from which you can select the PDF file into which you wish to add links to PDF.

add link to pdf

Step 2: Now click on the 'Edit' button that appears on the left sidebar. We will use this section to add links to PDF.

add link to pdf

Step 3: You can now easily add links to PDF. Simply click on the "Link" icon as shown in the below screenshot and select the links to insert. After clicking the link to add it to the position you want, you can also select the link type, such as "Link to Web" or "Link to Page".

  • Link to Web: Enter the URL address you want to jump to, and click to jump to the changed page after applying
  • Link to Page: Enter the number of pages you want to jump to.
add link to pdf

You can also touch to add links with unique templates, such as link type, line style, line thickness, and color.

add link to pdf

With UPDF, you can:

  • - Open and view PDF files with multiple modes and great navigation
  • - Add comments and markups to PDF documents with various tools
  • - Make edits (including adding new text, deleting text, modifying the existing text, or changing the formatting of the document)
  • - Save your changes
  • - Share with others
  • - Organize the pages in PDF smoothly

2. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a friendly PDF tool that comes with many features to edit, create and share PDF files. By navigating to the editing features of Adobe, you can easily insert multiple hyperlinks to your PDF file to add more data intelligently. You can also select the style of the added link, such as its color, and can highlight it using the related tools.

Moreover, you can utilize other options to organize, sign and create PDF files with the help of advanced features. To insert a hyperlink in PDF using Adobe Acrobat, follow the given instructions below:

Step 1: Start by opening the tool Adobe Acrobat and then tap on the “My Computer” button displayed on the left side menu of Adobe. Now browse the PDF file you want to edit and click on “Open” to upload the file.

add hyperlink to pdf

Step 2: After uploading the file, go to the "Tools" tab and tap on the "Edit PDF" option to continue. From editing options, select the "Link" tab and then click on "Add/Edit Web or Document Link." Now drag the rectangle shape on the area where you want to insert a hyperlink.

how to add hyperlink in pdf

Step 3: Now, a dialog box will appear on your screen under the heading called "Create Link." From this dialog box, you can choose multiple options such as link type, highlight style, and line thickness. From "Link Action," choose the option "Open a web page" and add your link. Once done, click on the "Next" button and then tap on "Set Link."

how to add link in pdf

Step 4: After inserting the link, go to the “File” button and click on “Save” to store all the changes.

3. Foxit PDF 

Foxit PDF is a famous PDF tool as it comprises advanced editing and collaborating features for PDF files. Along with taking benefits of its editing features, you can insert tables, graphs, images, and hyperlinks to PDF documents instantly through Foxit. In this single platform, you can find every related option to add hyperlinks to PDF files with great efficiency.

As Foxit PDF allows the users to add hyperlinks to PDF with precision, we have mentioned detailed steps regarding this for your ease:

Step 1: Launch the tool on your device and upload the PDF file. For this, navigate to the “Home” tab and tap on “Open File” to browse the file on this tool.

insert link in pdf

Step 2: After uploading the file, go to the “Edit” tab and then click on the “Link” option. Now from your mouse, draw the shape on the specific area where you want to add the hyperlink.

Step 3: This will open a dialog box on your screen from where you can adjust the settings like line thickness, border style, and highlight. From the destination options, select "Open a web link" and then tap "Next." After giving confirmation that you want to create a link, the hyperlink will be inserted automatically.

insert hyperlink in pdf

Part 2: How to Add Link to PDF Online?

Are you looking for online tools to add hyperlinks in PDF? In this part, you will encounter two online platforms that will help you to add a link to PDF online.

1. PDFescape

This tool is a free online PDF editor containing various tools to modify PDF files efficiently. You can change basic styling properties in PDF files along with adding and deleting the text. You can also access its premium features, such as converting multiple PDF files with a single click. Furthermore, this tool can be used to insert a link in PDF within no time.

The best thing about this online tool is that it’s completely free and does not include a watermark in the edited PDF files. For adding hyperlinks using PDFescape, the steps are as follows.

Step 1: First, access the website of PDFescape and click on “Free Online” to initiate the process. Afterward, click on “Upload PDF to PDFescape” from the given options. Now browse the PDF file you want to upload and import it on this tool.

add link to pdf online

Step 2: After uploading the PDF file, select “Insert” and then click on the option "Link." Now draw the link shape on a specified area where you want to attach the link.

add hyperlink to pdf online

Step 3: After drawing the link on any area, a small menu will open where you can insert the link to any webpage. Once done, tap on “OK” to add the link to the selected area.

add link to pdf online free

2. Sejda 

Sejda is a complete PDF tool as it includes every basic editing option. You can use this tool to merge, split, highlight and extract pages from your PDF file. The user interface of Sejda is simple and basic, which can help the users quickly conduct their editing in a delightful environment.

Apart from editing the PDF file, you can use this online platform to add multiple hyperlinks to your PDF file effectively. You add URL links, email addresses, and phone numbers in the form of hyperlinks through this online tool. To add a link to the PDF page, we have given the easy steps to do so using the Sejda PDF editor.

Step 1: Go to the website of Sejda and click on the “PDF Editor” tool available on its home page. Afterward, tap on “Upload PDF File” to import the PDF file on this tool.

embed link in pdf

Step 2: After uploading the file, select the option of “Links” displayed on top. Now draw the shape on the area where you want to insert a hyperlink.

Step 3: This will open a menu box where you can select the link properties. Click on “Link to external URL” and add the link to the webpage you want to add. Now tap on “Apply Changes” to save the changes on your PDF file.

add link in pdf online

Part 3: FAQs about Adding Links in PDF

1. Can a PDF have clickable links?

Yes, you can easily add clickable links to your PDF files to add extra information related to your topic without increasing the word count of your document.

2. How to add a YouTube link to a PDF file?

To add a YouTube link to a PDF file, you just have to copy the URL link of the particular YouTube video and insert it as a hyperlink in your file.

3. How to add hyperlinks to PDF without Acrobat?

You can use multiple tools to add hyperlinks to PDF without using Adobe Acrobat. You can utilize online tools such as Smallpdf and Soda PDF. Whereas, for offline tools, you can try PDF Expert and Nitro PDF Pro.

4. How to delete the hyperlink from PDF?

Some tools have the embedded option to delete hyperlinks by navigating to the properties of added links. Also, many tools automatically display the “Delete” button when you select the hyperlink inserted in a PDF file.


By adding hyperlinks to your PDF document, you can intelligently attach various kinds of information without making your file lengthy. This article has clearly addressed how to add hyperlinks in PDF through reliable tools. Moreover, we have also mentioned the detailed steps for each PDF tool to make your task easier and simpler.