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Add Link To PDF on Win & Mac - Understanding Link Varieties & Common Techniques

Many PDF files and documents are bombarded with information and data. Due to the excessive content in PDF documents, many users feel it is hard to understand or read the whole information. To tackle this problem, you should add a link to PDF to adjust the content smartly in PDF files.

By adding a hyperlink to a PDF, you can link definitions, formulas, or extra explanations for a particular content without increasing the word count of your file. Through this article, learn how to add hyperlinks in PDF quickly.

Part 1: How to Add a Hyperlink to a PDF?

Do you want to add a link to PDF effortlessly? In this part, we will use the best tool through which you can do the task.

UPDF is the best PDF editor solution on the market today. It provides a convenient way to add a clickable link to a PDF. Users can also choose to link to a webpage or other pages within the PDF.

What's more, UPDF enables you to read PDF documents, annotate PDF documents, convert PDFs to other formats, as well as turn scanned PDFs into searchable and editable ones. Also, UPDF is known for its industry-leading security and top-notch user experience. You can access to most premium features by downloading it.

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Follow the below steps to insert a hyperlink in the PDF quickly. Remember, this tool supports both Windows and Mac versions, and the instructions are the same. Check out:

Step 1: Open a PDF Document

Launch the UPDF app, and click the "Open File" button that appears on the main interface of the app. This button launches an explorer window from which you can select the PDF file.

add link to pdf open file

Step 2: Go to the Edit Mode

Now click on the "Edit PDF" button that appears on the left sidebar. By clicking this button, you will enter editing mode.

Step 3: Insert Links to the PDF

You can now easily add links to PDFs. Simply click on the "Link" icon as shown in the below screenshot and select the links to insert. After clicking the link to add it to the position you want, you can also select the link type, such as "Link to Web" or "Link to Page".

  • Link to Web: Enter the URL address you want to jump to and click to jump to the changed page after applying
  • Link to Page: Enter the number of pages you want to jump to.
add link to pdf with UPDF

You can also add links with unique styles, such as link type, line style, line thickness, and color.

Other Features of UPDF

  • Open and view PDF files with multiple modes and great navigation
  • Add comments and markups to PDF documents with various tools
  • Make edits (including adding new text, deleting text, modifying the existing text, or changing the formatting of the document)
  • Summarize, translate, explain, or rewrite PDF content with its smart AI assistant
  • Convert PDF documents into other file formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Organize the pages in PDF smoothly, such as cropping, splitting, rotating, extracting, etc.
  • The OCR feature helps users turn scanned PDFs or image-based PDFs into searchable and editable PDFs.

Download UPDF and unlock all its potential now! Grab the chance to get UPDF and its AI add-on feature at a discounted price!

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Video Tutorial on How to Add Link to PDF on Windows

Video Tutorial on How to Add Link to PDF on Mac

Part 2: Types of Links in PDF

PDF documents can be induced with different elements, which not only include text but also add images and links. As we look into the types of links that can be added within a PDF document, there are two distinctive forms of links available. Let's look into the details of the types of links that can be used:

1. Link to a Website

Adding a webpage through a link connects a page on the internet with the document. As the user clicks on the link, they are redirected directly to the browser where the page opens. This helps you connect the sources directly to the document and will guide the reader about the reference of the content being provided.

2. Link to a PDF Page

You may have to connect the readers to different pages if you have a long document containing many PDF pages, either a research report or a study. For that, you can add a link to a PDF page with the help of a PDF editor. This will allow you to manage the documents and connect the reader with the content, rather than scrolling down to the page to find the specific content they have to look for.

Part 3: What Are the Benefits of Adding Links to PDF?

Why does one consider adding links to their PDF document? We will be looking into the benefits of adding links to PDFs as follows:

  • By adding a link to a PDF document, you will be able to provide a direct reference to the content being added there. Rather than connecting complete attachments of the content, you can avoid changing the formatting of your documents and save their appearance.
  • By including links to a PDF, you can authenticate the content you are covering. This will help you ensure that the content added is correct and not wrong in any case.
  • If you connect a page by the link in a PDF document, you will avoid scrolling through the complete document. This saves up a lot of time and is quite beneficial.
  • Considering you want to connect a YouTube video to your PDF document, rather than complicating the process, connect the link to the video and redirect the reader to the video with ease.
  • You can add links to a PDF document if you want to connect additional data to your content. This prevents you from complicating your documents and helps you keep them as brief as possible.

Part 4: FAQs about Adding Links in PDF

1. Can a PDF have clickable links?

Yes, you can easily add clickable links to your PDF files to add extra information related to your topic without increasing the word count of your document. UPDF has the function to help you. Download it and go to "Edit PDF" > "Link".

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2. How to add a YouTube link to a PDF file?

To add a YouTube link to a PDF file, you just have to copy the URL link of the particular YouTube video and insert it as a hyperlink in your PDF file.

3. How to add hyperlinks to PDF without Acrobat?

You can use multiple tools to add hyperlinks to PDF without using Adobe Acrobat. UPDF is the best option for you, as it provides perfect features at a much more cost-effective price.

4. How to delete the hyperlink from PDF?

It is simple to remove links from PDFs with the help of UPDF. Please go to the Edit mode first to reveal all the links, and then right-click on the links to delete them.


By adding hyperlinks to your PDF document, you can intelligently attach various kinds of information without making your file lengthy. This article has clearly addressed how to add hyperlinks in PDFs through reliable tools. Moreover, we have also mentioned the detailed steps to make your task easier and simpler. Download UPDF and start doing this task now!

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