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How to Use Mac Preview to Remove Password from PDF

The vast majority of the time, we safeguard a PDF and ensure we remember the password. However, there is still a significant possibility that we may get several PDFs with an unknown or forgotten PDF password, even though we legally have the right to view them. Despite this, we can provide you with a solution to unlock PDF on Mac in any circumstance, regardless of whether you know or have forgotten the user (open) password or the owner (permission) password, by utilizing the best PDF unlockers for Mac like Mac Preview to remove password from PDF.

How to Remove Password from PDF without the Preview App

Even the simplest operations, such as copying and editing, can appear complex when working with a protected PDF file. When encrypted files are decrypted and constraints on copying, editing, and printing are lifted, a PDF may be used entirely, and its capabilities may be wholly exploited. Import the files you want to remove the passwords into aJoysoft PDF Password Remover and click the "Remove Password" button. That's all it takes!

preview remove password from pdf

You should get rid of the open password if you want others to see the PDFs you've uploaded. When you use the feature to Remove Password, you will only be required to enter the Password once; after that, the restriction will no longer apply to your PDF. Now you have immediate and unrestricted access to all of your PDFs without having to deal with bothersome password prompts.

Step 1. Drag as many PDFs as you need to the "Add Files" box or click the option to add them all at once.

how to unlock a pdf in preview

Step 2. Click "Remove Password", and this will allow you to decode several PDFs in a single step.

Note: If your PDF is protected by an open password, you need to click the lock icon and enter that Password.

mac preview remove password from pdf

Step 3. Choose the folder you want to save the files to as part of the decryption process.

What You Should Do After Removing Password from PDF

If you own a Mac and want to edit PDF files, you may do it easily using UPDF- PDF editor. Bring any possibilities to life in the PDF document you're working on. It is a professional PDF editor that edits your PDF text and images easily. With UPDF, you can read, annotate, edit, and organize them all in one location.

  • Simple and intuitive annotations

UPDF is a PDF reader and annotator that is easy on the eyes. It has straightforward navigation tools and rich annotation capabilities that allow users to immediately add highlights, text boxes, shapes, and other components to PDFs.

remove password from pdf mac preview
  • Integrated support for PDF editing

You can edit the text content in PDFs the same way you would edit documents in Word. You can make changes to the original text's font and size without having to leave your PDFs.

You can modify a picture by clicking it, then resizing, moving, replacing, copying, deleting, or cropping it in an interface that is simple to use along with helpful snap-to suggestions.

how to remove password from pdf preview
  • Simple and Straightforward Page Management

It is possible to extract pages from PDF documents, rotate, reorganize, replace, or remove them, or add new pages quickly and easily.

how to remove password protection from pdf in preview

Can You Remove the Password from the PDF using Preview?

Preview is the built-in software for Mac users for reading PDF files and viewing other file formats. Sometimes, a PDF file with sensitive and confidential information comes up with a password, and users try to remove that password with Preview. However, if you don't know the password, you cannot remove it with Preview.

Thus, to solve this issue and to remove passwords from PDFs even if you don't remember them, you can use a powerful software named aJoysoft PDF Password Remover. With just a few clicks, you can remove all types of restrictions in a PDF file. Jump to the next part to learn how this software can make PDF files more accessible, even if you don't know the passwords.  

How to Remove Password from PDF on Mac Preview (You Must Know the Password)

Mac users can unlock PDF files using the Preview app. On a Mac, Preview is the application used to open, examine, markup, and manage images and PDF files. It does a lot of things, including encrypting and decrypting PDFs. You can follow the procedure given below if you want to know how to remove the password from PDF in Preview.

1. How to Unlock a PDF in Preview (Remove Owner Password)

Step 1: Preview can be used to open the owner-protected PDF file.

Step 2: Click File, then Export as PDF.

remove password from pdf mac preview

Step 3: Enter the owner's password where it says to, and then click "Unlock."

how to remove password from pdf preview

Step 4: To decrypt a PDF on a Mac, give the file a new name, deselect "Encrypt," and hit "Save."

how to remove password protection from pdf in preview

2. How to Unlock a PDF in Preview (Remove Open Password)

Step 1: You can open a password-protected PDF file in Preview.

Step 3: Input the needed open password.

how to remove password from pdf in preview

Step 3: Select File > Export to PDF.

Step 4: You need to rename the file and please remember to leave "Encrypt" unchecked, then click "Save", and this will unlock PDF files for free on a Mac.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Preview to Remove Password from PDF

You will only be able to successfully utilize the Mac Preview to remove the password from a PDF if you know the password.

Additionally, if you want to preview and remove the password from PDF, you will need to unlock each file separately.

You may decrypt the files and carry out the earlier actions by employing a PDF unlocker. In addition, a PDF may be unlocked with Preview on a Mac in just a few simple steps. We've already seen the process for how to remove password protection from PDF in Preview.

Benefits of using Preview to eliminate the password from the PDF:

  • Remove the need for a password to access files for free.
  • The files are kept secure

Drawbacks of using Preview to remove the password from the PDF:

  • It is essential to be aware of the password to enter while unlocking the file.
  • There is no capability to unlock PDF documents in batches


UPDF and aJoysoft, two pioneers in the software business, have the same goals: to unlock PDF permissions or remove rights from PDF online safely and effectively, produce innovative solutions with user-friendly interfaces, and cater to the ever-evolving requirements of their clients. To edit PDF, annotate PDF, convert PDF or even OCR scanned PDF, you can use UPDF to help you. Give it a shot now.