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How to Delete Text from PDF on Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide in 2024

Regardless of your professional status, there is always room for improvement in your written documents. For writers, there's always a better thought waiting around the corner to kick off things. At times, it occurred after finishing the content in the PDF document. Even If you saved the document in PDF format, revisions will also follow you there.

Removing the text or highlighted text won't be accessible unless you have a specialized tool, especially for Mac devices. In this guide, you will learn how to delete text from PDF on Mac within a few clicks.

Part 1. How to Delete Text in PDF on Mac (macOS Sonoma Compatible)

Mac users don't have that kind of luxury to use any software on their devices because of security concerns. macOS has strict restrictions regarding third-party applications, maintaining the quality of performance. That's why you won't find many PDF editors that would do the editing for you.

However, there are also plenty of options available for Mac users, but most of them are expensive for just deleting the text. Out of all the PDF editors available on the App Store, UPDF for Mac is one of the most affordable options. In fact, you can try the editing for free. Click the button below to enjoy plenty more features that are accessible for free.

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Deleting the text from PDF on Mac using UPDF is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is just follow the following instructions:

Step 1: Open the PDF

Launch the UPDF application on your Mac device. When you launch UPDF, the main interface will become visible. Once there, simply select the "Open File" button to choose the PDF document from which you wish to delete the text.

how to delete text in pdf on mac open file

Step 2: Remove Text from PDF on Mac

After opening the particular PDF document, you'll see an "Edit PDF" icon placed on the left side of the toolbar. Click on it to enable the editing mode, displaying a number of content editing features that let you edit text, images, and links in a single click.

Now, simply click on the text that you want to delete from your PDF. After clicking on the text, the purple line will appear, suggesting that you are in command of copying, deleting, and editing the text. At this point, your cursor will start blinking, allowing you to use the backspace to remove the unwanted text from your PDF.

delete text from pdf mac press backspace to delete text

If you don't want to follow these steps, you can move to the part where you can remove the unnecessary text by tapping the right-click. A tab menu will appear, providing you with a "Delete" icon. By clicking on the delete icon, you easily remove the selected text from the PDF document. That's it. After that, you can add new text to PDF when needed.

delete text from pdf mac recognize text using ocr delete text

UPDF allows you to view, edit, annotate, convert, organize, compress, fill and sign, batch process, and OCR PDF easily. These are just a glimpse of the features; inside these features, you would access plenty of valuable tools to enhance your productivity. Try it now, or upgrade to the Pro version and enjoy all the premium features.

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Part 2. How to Delete Text in a Scanned PDF on Mac

If you find that you can't delete the text as you are unable to select it, maybe it is because your PDF is a scanned or image-based PDF document.

Deleting the text from a scanned PDF on Mac is easy if you've heard about UPDF's OCR technology. But it can be tricky for the new users. Generally, you will have to turn the scanned document into editable first. We'll discuss the instructions thoroughly.

Step 1. Perform OCR to Your Scanned PDF Document

To begin, launch the UPDF tool on your Mac device. Once the application is open, locate and click the "Open File" button to choose the file you want to edit from your computer.

Once the scanned document is opened, look for the "OCR" button located in the right menu of the screen. Clicking on this button will open up the OCR setting window, providing the layout, document language, and page range options for you to select.

delete text from pdf mac recognize text using ocr

Click the "Perform OCR" button after you finished all the settings for OCR. This will allow you to turn the scanned document editable.

how to delete text from pdf on mac perform ocr to scanned pdf document

Step 2. Begin to Delete Text in the Scanned PDF on the Mac

Now you can go to the "Edit PDF" mode and begin deleting the text like you are editing on a word processor. It's as easy as previously described in Part 1.

Part 3. Why You Need to Remove Unnecessary Text from PDF on Mac

Who else wants their document crowded with unnecessary pieces of content? The answer is; no one. Suppose you're presenting a business document, and your content is loaded with highlighted texts, strikethroughs, unnecessary comments, etc. So, what impression will your presentation give the higher authority?

Removing unnecessary text from PDF on Mac not only improves the document's overall quality but also contributes to better collaboration and a more professional presentation. It's a practical step to enhance the value and usability of your PDF files.

There are several other benefits you'll achieve by removing the unnecessary text from PDF documents on Mac:

  • Enhanced Clarity: By eliminating extraneous or irrelevant text, your PDF documents become more precise and more focused. This improved readability ensures that readers can quickly grasp the essential information without getting distracted by unnecessary content.
  • File Size Reduction: Unnecessary text can contribute to larger file sizes, which may be inconvenient when sharing or storing PDFs. Deleting irrelevant text helps optimize the document's size, making it easier to manage and transmit.
  • Fine Collaboration: When collaborating on PDFs, keeping only relevant text ensures that team members focus on the key points during discussions. It promotes efficient communication and decision-making processes.
  • Time-Saving: By eliminating unnecessary text, readers can quickly locate the necessary information, saving time and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Easy Text Navigation: A PDF with minimal irrelevant text enables faster and more accurate searches, making it easier to find specific information within the document.
  • Helps in Revisions: When updating PDFs, deleting unnecessary text simplifies the revision process, allowing you to focus on relevant content changes.
  • Business Professional: When presenting PDF documents to clients, colleagues, or customers, a well-organized and concise file creates a more professional impression.

Part 4. FAQs on Deleting Text in PDF on Mac

1. Can you remove text from PDF on Mac with Preview?

No. It is possible to view and make some adjustments using the annotation feature on Mac with Preview; however, it is not possible to delete or remove text from a PDF using the Preview app on Mac.

2. Why can't I remove text from PDF on Mac?

There could be many reasons why you aren't able to remove text from PDF on Mac. It might be a restriction problem the owner sets or a PDF protected by a password. Other issues may include no appropriate editing software, outdated software, or corrupted PDF files. That's why we recommend you use UPDF for this task. Click the button below to download it now.

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3. How to delete text from PDF on Mac with Adobe Acrobat?

In order to delete the text from PDF on Mac using Adobe Acrobat, you need to access its "Edit PDF" tool to remove the text in Acrobat. Now, the editing tool is active; simply click or select the text by dragging that you want to delete, then press backspace to remove the selected text. The remaining text will adjust automatically if it is part of the group.


Deleting the text from PDF on Mac is a straightforward process if you follow the right tool. In this guide, we've already shown you how to delete text from PDF on Mac with UPDF. Mac users might face challenges due to limited editing options and security concerns, but UPDF offers an affordable, feature-rich solution. By deleting unnecessary text, you can make your PDFs more straightforward and professional, saving time and improving collaboration. With this knowledge, you can confidently edit your PDFs, ensuring they look their best and convey the right information without distractions. So, make your PDFs shine with the help of UPDF on your Mac! Download it Now!

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