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Everything We Know About WWDC 2023 So Far

With time, WWDC has grown to be one of the most noteworthy events held every year by Apple Inc. On the 10th of May 1993 when developers worldwide first witnessed this event. As the new year has already started, many wonder what WWDC 2023 has got for them. Continuing this, WWDC is set to be the biggest in contrast to its counterpart events.

A few notable announcements are expected to bloom in this year's event. Let's explore this article and learn about the WWDC, its scheduled date, and what to expect from this year's event so far.

Part 1. What is WWDC? What Does WWDC Stand For?

WWDC is no doubt the main hub when it comes to big announcements from Apple. But what does WWDC stand for? And what is WWDC in reality?

apple wwdc

In these four alphabets, WWDC stands for Worldwide Developers' Conference. If you are an Apple enthusiast, you might already be familiar with this. The existence of this event is all about conveying the upcoming changes in Apple devices to developers and to consumers too.

However, despite the name, WWDC's meaning is not just related to software. In recent years we have seen products getting launched during this event, such as iPad Pro models and Mac Pro. The main idea behind this keynote developer conference is to make developers speed up Apple's latest device developments to make the process smooth.

Part 2. What Date and Time is WWDC 2023?

When you look at past WWDC dates, we can estimate that this year's event will take place in June, as every year. The first or second week of June was the most consistent one when the recent events occurred. So, the key dates will be either the 5th or 12th of June 2023.

As of time is concerned, the main keynote conference usually stand-off around 10 AM PT. However, the exact commencement time for the Apple WWDC event this year has yet to be announced, and we must wait a bit for it.

WWDCEvent Time
WWDC 2022June 6 to June 10
WWDC 2021June 7 to June 11
WWDC 2020June 22 to June 26
WWDC 2019June 3 to June 7
WWDC 2018June 4 to June 8
WWDC 2017June 5 to June 9

Part 3. Where Will WWDC 2023 Be Held?

Since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2019 was the last year when the WWDC event was held in person. It makes 2020 the first year this Apple mega event was held virtually. Following this, 2021 and 2022 were both held virtually to some extent.

Regarding 2023, as the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have been lift-up, this year's event is most likely to be the first fully in-person event since 2019. However, the event is expected to be held at San Jose McEnery Convention Center as in past years. But still, the date and the venue are to be confirmed yet. As usual, the scheduled dates will be announced 1 to 2 weeks before the event.

Part 4. What to Expect from WWDC 2023? What Will Be Announced at WWDC 2023?

Whenever we hear about the WWDC events, our expectations go high quickly. While WWDC is mainly a developer-focused event due to intensive code explanations and workshop sessions, there are usually some updates that might be interesting to average consumers.

First, let's have some insight onto the expectations regarding this event. Since 2013, the tickets to this event get sold out usually within 2 minutes. So, we can expect a full house conference because all of its tickets have been sold since 2008.

4.1. Software Announcements

This January, Apple held its event for the first time in over a decade. The new versions of Mac Mini and MacBook Pro models and two new powerful chips were announced. This year's March event will likely not be held as the Macs are already announced.

That means WWDC 2023 is set to announce its next software updates related to Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone. That indicates that we might see iPadOS 17, iOS 17, watchOS 9, macOS 14, and the next version of tvOS. Now, that makes the event more exciting!

4.2. Hardware Announcements

As every year, mostly mega software upgrades highlight Apple's keynote event; the case might be different this time. The long-awaited VR headset, Apple Reality Pro, has been in its final stages for a long time. Based on rumors, this year's Apple Developer Conference might finally unveil this device.

According to rumors, the Apple Reality Pro headset might provide the experience of video-conferencing and a 4K video. It is expected to be in lightweight design, with premium materials and more.

apple wwdc 2023 annoucement vr

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Part 6. FAQs about Apple Worldwide Developer Conference

Is WWDC free? How much does a WWDC ticket cost?

No, WWDC is not free. Apple Inc. has maintained the event ticket cost of $1,599 as a standard. However, they provide scholarships to students and developers who need help to afford tickets. Still, checking the pricing on Apple's official website before attending the event is best suggested.

Why is it called WWDC?

It is called WWDC because the main focus of this event is to educate and discuss Apple's various updates across its platforms with software developers worldwide.

What is the purpose of WWDC?

WWDC aims to announce major software and hardware upgrades and changes to developers and consumers worldwide so that they can use recent updates and optimize their Apple devices accordingly.

How old do you have to be to go to WWDC?

You have to be at least 18 years old to go to WWDC. Keep in mind that you are only allowed if you are registered as an Apple developer. Moreover, if you are between 13 and 17, you must get your parents or guardian permission to attend the event. You must have an active Apple developer program membership with certain legal requirements.

How many developers will attend WWDC?

In previous years, the WWDC has hosted around 5000 to 6000 developers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020, 2021, and 2022, WWDC events were streamed online and saw over 22 million attendees. So, as of 2023, WWDC is concerned, the number of developers attending the event is expected to be more than 6000.

Do Apple prices drop after the new release at WWDC?

Usually, Apple does not drop the prices of its products immediately after the WWDC because this event's main focus is on software rather than hardware releases. However, if new products are launched during this event, the prices might drop gradually.

How long after Apple announces a new product is it available?

The main products are announced and shipped after 7-10 days after the main event's date. Moreover, in the case of spinoff devices, they are announced and shipped a month later.

When's the next Apple release?

Apple has not officially announced its next release date as of yet. However, they have already announced a few products in 2023, such as M2 Mac Mini, HomePod, and MacBook Pro in 14-inch and 16-inch sizes. But that doesn't mean that they have skipped their spring event.

Wrapping Up

As the event looms nearby, we do not have to wait much for the WWDC 2023. Based on the reports of new releases, this year awaits significant upgrades. With still some confirmation on the new VR headset, it can bloom the market and generate traffic of buyers in a short time. Also, remember to try out the UPDF PDF editor on your Apple devices to resolve your PDF-related issues.

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