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Learning The Smallest Details of The Apple WWDC Scholarship in 2024

If you are a student or developer with high-end software and app development knowledge, applying for the WWDC Scholarship in 2023 is the best fit. Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is an annual event by Apple Inc. to help developers learn about the latest technologies within Apple devices. However, not everyone can afford it.

Apple introduced the scholarships to help deserving students and developers attend the conference. In this article, we have outlined some methods and tips to apply for this scholarship successfully. Let's dive into the details and fill out your form today! As a bonus, we also introduce a useful PDF editor that will help you take care of all the document applications. Try it for free!

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Part 1. What is WWDC Scholarship?

WWDC Scholarship offers an opening for talented students to attend the conference to interact with fellow developers, attend technical sessions and labs, and learn from various Apple engineers. The scholarship offers you an opportunity to get a better understanding of the latest apple trends and apply them based on your needs.

The thing to keep in mind is that it is only offered if you demonstrate exceptional skills and create some innovative and original projects on Swift Playground. Keep a sharp eye on the deadlines and try to apply as soon as the scholarship opens. It will help you avoid the end-time hassle, and you can plan the updates on your projects accordingly.

Part 2. What is the Prize for WWDC Scholarship?

Getting a WWDC Scholarship in 2023 is undoubtedly the highest achievement. The students and developers get a chance to be recognized around the world. The efforts they put into making Swift Playground a better platform do not go in vain.

The scholarship is much like prize money that you get through a WWDC ticket and other benefits. It covers the conference ticket cost, which is charged around $1,599 every year. Moreover, in some cases, other than the ticket expense, the scholarship also covers lodging and travel assistance.

In addition, you also get Apple Developer Program membership free of charge for one year. It further enhances your capabilities and helps you secure a potential future in the tech industry. You also get exposure and experience in various fields related to software.

Part 3. Who Can Apply for WWDC Scholarship?

When attending a conference based on a scholarship, everyone loves to come forward and showcase their talent on such a big platform and in front of a highly experienced crowd. But only some are eligible to apply for this scholarship program, as there are certain limitations set. Let's have a look at the eligibility criteria for a better understanding.

  • Age Limit: If you are 18 or older, you can apply for the 2023 WWDC Scholarship by filling out the form with valid documents. In the case of between 13 to 17 years of age, one must get consent from parents or guardians before applying.
  • Registration: The required candidate must be registered as an Apple developer with Apple for free. Other than that, candidates who are members of the Apple Developer Program are also eligible.
  • Enrollment: Students and developers must ensure they are enrolled in a verified and accredited academic institution before applying. Enrollment with an equivalent official homeschool is also acceptable.
  • Graduation: Applicants must ensure they graduate from some high school or an equivalent institution within 6 months. Or, in another case, they must be waiting for acceptance into an accredited institution.
  • Membership: The deserving students must be current members of a legally nonprofit organization. The membership program should be outside the high school syllabus and teach technology, science, math, or engineering.

Part 4. How to Apply for WWDC Scholarship?

There are certainly effective methods to apply for this scholarship in 2023. A few necessary things to keep in mind before applying are listed below.

4.1 Certain Requirements That You Should Take Care Of

  • Submissions: Your project submissions must be a Swift Playground. It would be best if you created it alone, and you can also modify the template yourself. Only then will your submissions be considered. Avoid doing grouping work as it will only go in vain.
  • Formats: Before creating the project, remember to build and run it on Xcode 14.2 on macOS 13.0 or Swift playground 4.2.1 on iPadOS 16.0. In addition, it should be optimized to display smoothly on all devices or iPad Pro if it is built on Swift playground 2.2. Make it into a .zip file with no more than 25 MB.
  • Connection: All the project content should display in English only. During the process, make sure to build it from an offline perspective. All your submissions are checked with offline connections.

4.2 Application Process to Apply without a Hitch

  • Signing In: Use your Apple ID linked to your developer account to sign in and provide details. Ensure that all information you fill in to sign in must be accurate. Cross-check the info before signing in.
  • Documents: After signing in, you need to provide proof of your enrollment in any institution along with the contact information of your high-ranked education supervisor. The documents can be in (PNG, JPG, or PDF) format.
  • Membership Proof: If you are a member of any nonprofit or a STEM organization, as mentioned above, it is necessary to provide the information related to your membership. It should be in the format of (PNG, PDF, or JPG)
  • Upload the Project: You should use a Mac device for uploading your Swift Playground. You must write the technicalities and features in your Swift playground in about 350 words or less. Make sure to mention the exact date and avoid any mistakes in the content.
  • Additional Information: If needed, you can add some extra information, such as if you have any apps on App Store. Moreover, you can also share your extra resume with various groups at Apple.

Part 5. What is the Acceptance Rate for WWDC Scholarship?

Apple Inc. has not publicly disclosed the acceptance rate for any of its WWDC events. People worldwide will compete for a limited number of awarded seats, so it can be assumed that the level needs to be more competitive. Moreover, the acceptance rate also varies yearly as the number of spots changes.

However, based on rumors, the acceptance rate for WWDC 2023 Scholarship is estimated to be 10-20%. The only way to increase your acceptance chances is to follow the abovementioned guidelines and apply as quickly as possible. Remember to keep your samples to a maximum of 3 minutes to make watching more convenient.

Part 6. How Many People Apply for WWDC Scholarship?

People around the globe compete to get WWDC Scholarships every year. So, it is hard to tell the exact number of applicants. Moreover, there has yet to be any official statement regarding this information. Also, the number of seats to be awarded in all years change accordingly.

The number of people that apply also varies on certain conditions, such as the number of seat openings, qualified applicants in a particular year, the budget, and the overall goal. Regardless of the number of applications, WWDC offers a great opportunity for developers and students to bring much-enhanced innovation into their lives.

Part 7. Who Can Won the WWDC Scholarship?

Source: wwdcscholars.com

Winning a scholarship ticket for WWDC is the dream of every Apple developer and emerging student with a high software skill set. There are ways to increase your chances of winning the 2023 scholarship and shining worldwide.

Applicants should make their project apps more creative rather than complex. For a better understanding, you can look at the recent year’s winners. Research their submissions and take notes. Use the most effective animations in your samples rather than time-taking and mind-boggling complex algorithms.

Submitting applications at the start is another way to boost the chances of winning the 2023 scholarship for WWDC. Based on estimations, this year's deadline will commence on March 14th and last till March 24th, 2023. There are only 350 seats for this year, so submitting your samples early will make your way into WWDC 2023 much easier.

Convey your message more reliably, use proper source code, understand the Swift playground terms, and, if applicable, submit an extensive portfolio of your coding and other project achievements for greater chances.

Part 8. Tips to Help You Win the WWDC Scholarship

Winning the WWDC Scholarship is a tough task to tackle, but with certain considerations and meeting the desired requirements, it can be much simpler and easier for you. Therefore, use the UPDF PDF editor to organize the required document comprehensively.

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1. Fulfill the Necessary Requirements

Take the 2023 WWDC Scholarship requirements fully into account. Fill every data in the correct form and in a legal way. Mention the valid age, educational status, and active membership with organizations. Use UPDF on your Apple device to fill out the PDF form and edit any texts, images, or links all-in-one place. Also, make yourself familiar with the deadlines.

2. Identify Your Achievements and Strengths

Showcase your portfolio of coding and achievements for a greater number of chances. To convert your documents into other formats, you can use UPDF's convert PDF feature. As Apple Inc. requires, you can convert your finalized documents into PDF, JPG, and PNG formats.

3. Demonstrate Your Passion

Fully showcase your talent and convey your passion for technology and software development in your application. Explain Everything precisely. To highlight your skills more comprehensively, use UPDF annotating feature to highlight and underline any necessary skills or points. You can also add comments, sticky notes, and text callouts to promote your passion in detail.

4. Get Feedback from Field Experts

Before submitting your application, get feedback from others, such as tech experts and developers. Their valuable suggestions on improving your application and making it stand out. UPDF enables you to share your documents in a simple way. You can share it via link or mail to get the desired feedback.

5. Be Yourself and Organize Everything

Finally, be courageous and true, and let your perspective shine worldwide. Apple values diversity and encourages applicants from various backgrounds and experiences. Organize your documents and set the required orientation to give more innovative control over your documents.


As the commencement of the WWDC Student Scholarship is just a little away, now is the perfect time for you to gear up the preparations. Everything should be done with a focused mindset, from following the guidelines to applying them. Take note of the deadlines and shape your documents or samples as required with UPDF. Moreover, keep track of the seat allocations and try to fill in the form as earliest.

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