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Get Help From ChatGPT to Write College Essays: Know How

Every college student has to write many essays throughout their educational tenure. While these essays are essential since they help with the field of study, students always look for shortcuts. With the huge revolution of ChatGPT, students look forward to using ChatGPT for college essays. Surprisingly, this AI chatbot is capable and smart enough to do that for a student.

However, with all the good things about it, there are some aspects that you must know before using it for your college essay. This article covers everything about ChatGPT that college students must know before using it for their studies.

Part 1. How Does ChatGPT Work?

Before knowing if ChatGPT can write your college essays and how to do it, you must understand how it works. Basically, ChatGPT is none other than an Ai chatbot. However, it is a special chatbot built by OpenAI, and they used GPT language models for this chatbot. The special thing about ChatGPT that sets it apart from all other chatbots is that others are good only for specific use cases.

For example, if an AI chatbot is built to provide a customer service experience, it will not work similarly for other queries. On the other hand, ChatGPT is great in almost every niche. You can ask it anything like you would search on a search engine, which will give you the best answer. In fact, it can even help programmers debug and write code for their applications.

However, whenever you ask something, you must give the writing prompt to ChatGPT. When you give it a prompt, it will use the natural language processing algorithms to process what you want and then get the answers from the datasets upon which it is trained.

Part 2. Can ChatGPT Write College Essays?

Yes, ChatGPT can write college essays, and the experience will be as simple as asking it "write 500 words college essay on the topic "early detection of cancer" ". Within a few seconds, if you are running the prompt, ChatGPT will start generating your essay. However, the experience won't be great since you have no control over the content it generates.

You can write your college essays with ChatGPT since the model is trained to give adequate answers to whatever question you ask it. The right way to use ChatGPT for writing your college essays is as follows:

  1. Give ChatGPT the prompt to generate ideas for your essay within the specific niche。
  2. Select one of the ideas and ask it to create an online essay.
  3. Now use it to do research for every part of the essay.
  4. Finally, you can ask it to write the required content volume for every essay section.

Once it generates the whole content, you can proofread and edit it per the requirements. Remember that you will still need to personalize the essay at some points to ensure it stays relevant to the assignment.

Part 3. What are the Differences Between ChatGPT-Generated Essays and Human Written Essays?

Ask a human to write an essay and an AI chatbot to write the essay on the same topic. Even when you cannot tell which one’s which, there will be significant differences between the processes and the final product. Below is a detailed comparison table including all the important aspects of an essay written by a human and an AI chatbot, specifically ChatGPT.

Output speedChatGPT is much quicker with its outputs and can generate whole essays within a few seconds.Humans can write an essay with hours or days of hard work.
Research accuracyWith ChatGPT, there will be little to no doubts about the research accuracy since it works with algorithms.Human essays can always include room for error regarding research accuracy.
UniquenessChatGPT is designed to generate unique content free from plagiarism.Some parts can appear on plagiarism checkers even when humans manually write essays.
Grammatical errorsThere are little to no chances of grammatical errors in essays written by ChatGPT.It is humanly possible to contain multiple grammatical errors in a single essay.
DiversityChatGPT works on algorithms to bring diverse ideas into one essay, depending on the prompt.Although humans can also bring diversity to essays, switching perspectives and ideas as swiftly as ChatGPT is not easy.
Exponential improvementChatGPT consistently improves research and writing essays.Improving research and writing essays takes a lot of time for humans.

Part 4. How Do You Know if ChatGPT Writes an Essay?

In the past, AI chatbots were not that advanced, and even if they generated great content, you could easily detect it by reading since that content missed the human touch. However, with the advancement of ChatGPT 3 and 4, it has become relatively difficult to tell if ChatGPT or a human writes the essay.

Now that you cannot tell by reading if the content is manually written or generated by ChatGPT, the only solution is AI detection tools. When you use these tools, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Upload/paste the content into the AI detection tool.
  2. Run the tool to check the percentage of content that is AI-generated.

While the experience is very simple, you must note that even AI detection tools sometimes fail to provide the correct result. Additionally, some are free, while some are paid, so the user experience with each one will be very different. Here is the list of all the top methods and tools you can use to know if ChatGPT writes an essay or not:

  1. Undetectable's AI Checker
  2. Copyleaks
  3. Originality.ai
  4. Content at Scale
  5. OpenAI Classifier
  6. Giant Language Model
  7. Writer.com
  8. Turnitin

Part 5. Why Shouldn't You Use ChatGPT to Write College Essay?

Everyone knows how easy and simple ChatGPT makes writing college essays. An essay that will take hours or days of hard work can be written within a few minutes with ChatGPT. However, there are several reasons why every student must refrain from using it, including the following:

1. Unethical and against the values

Most assignments clearly state that the student himself must write the essay. So, if you use ChatGPT to write that essay, it will be unethical as you are going against the rules.

2. If you are caught, you may face a penalty.

Multiple tools can detect AI-generated essays. If your teacher uses that, you will be caught, and the penalty can include failing that course in the worst case.

3. Such college essays do not represent your abilities and ideas.

A college essay has many purposes, including representing and polishing your abilities and ideas. However, that purpose will fail when you don’t write the essay yourself.

4. The essay won't be right without a solid prompt.

ChatGPT is very effective if you know the right prompt. So, if you cannot give the right prompts for generating your essay, the essay will not meet the assignment's minimum requirements.

5. Final review and editing can take a lot of time and energy

When you write something yourself, you know every bit of it, and the review and editing process does not take a lot. However, if you generate the essay with ChatGPT, editing can take a lot of time.

6. You might miss the important personal details in such essays

Some essays require adding personal details, including your experiences, survey information, self-collected data, etc. Since ChatGPT does not know about that, your essay will miss such important details. More importantly, it will be hard to customize and personalize that essay.

Part 6. The Best Tool You Will Need to Write a College Essay

UPDF AI is the leading tool that college students need to improve their essay writing experience. This powerful AI assistant is designed specifically for handling PDFs, providing multiple features that will transform the way you work with these documents.

When it comes to the writing process itself, UPDF AI proves to be an indispensable tool. It helps you brainstorm ideas, check grammar, eliminate spelling errors, and polish your content, all within a single platform. This wide feature set ensures that your college essay is well-structured, coherent, and free of any language-related mistakes. UPDF AI improves your writing process and helps you produce exceptional essays efficiently.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

The Best Tool You Will Need to Write a College Essay

Plus, UPDF AI excels in explaining complex concepts and technical terms. It can simplify dense educational materials or technical explanations found within PDFs, making them more comprehensible to individuals. This is invaluable when you need to grasp intricate ideas and incorporate them into your college essay in a clear and concise manner.

One of the key benefits of UPDF AI is its ability to summarize PDF content. When conducting research for your college essay, you often come across lengthy documents with vast amounts of information. With UPDF AI, you can quickly generate concise summaries, saving you valuable time and providing you grasp the main points without getting overwhelmed.

UPDF AI is the greatest assistant for college students writing essays. Its capabilities to summarize, translate, explain, and improve PDFs provide a launching pad for productivity and creativity. With UPDF AI by your side, you can streamline your research, enhance your understanding of complex concepts, and produce well-crafted essays that showcase your knowledge and skills.

Final Words

A college essay is an assignment that helps students polish their research and message-delivering abilities. Putting effort into writing an essay can help you learn much about your field of study. However, these days students try to use ChatGPT for college essay. Even when it is a capable tool that can help you write your essay, it can badly affect your grades since there are detection tools out there.

So, instead of using unethical ways and tools, use the tools that help you improve productivity. UPDF AI makes a great example that can help you study efficiently with all its features. Do try UPDF AI today!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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