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How to Survive Finals Week? (The Complete Guide with Tips)

Students often take a lot of stress as their Finals come closer. If you do not transform that stress into discipline and energy, then you may not survive this week. Luckily, we have all the amazing tips and tricks that you can implement during this stressful situation. This way you can easily survive your finals week so stick with us for the best guidance.

Part 1. 5 Preparation Tips Before Final Exam Week

Before you start studying for your finals week it is important to make the right preparation. This little preparation can significantly improve your efficiency while studying. So, here are our top 5 preparation tips for finals week.

1. List Final Exam Schedule

Your preparation starts with setting a clear plan and that will begin by listing your schedule for the final exam. Here you will understand the sequence of all exams and their days. This way you can be prepared for the preparation measures effectively.

finals week list final exam schedule

2. Create a Study Plan

After you understand your exam schedule you must create your study plan. The plan must effectively cover all your topics and once you create it you will stick to this plan. Set realistic deadlines that you can meet easily and have ample breaks to rest.

If you don't want to use an application and want a physical printout for planning your finals week study schedule, then UPDF is the best choice. UPDF provides you with multiple PDF plan templates to download and use for free.

You can use UPDF's PDF editing capabilities to edit the template according to your needs before printing it.

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3. Relax Yourself

This is the time when you will feel a lot of stress but that is not going to help at all. What you need to do instead is to relax. Taking adequate breaks and staying focused and calm will help. Moreover, you may indulge in mindfulness activities and treat yourself to motivating meals. And want to make you laugh with funny memes? You can get one from these 16 funny finals memes and share on social media.

4. Have Enough Sleep

It is very important to have enough sleep to keep your mind active for efficient studying.

Here are some tips for getting enough sleep:

  • Keep your room silent
  • Sleep early and make a routine
  • Keep yourself away from phones for at least 30 minutes before sleeping

5. Effective Study Tools

Lastly, you must manage some effective study tools like note-taking tools and document viewing tools. UPDF is the right tool for taking notes, opening all types of documents for studying and its AI capabilities can help improve your studying efficiency. Having timers and other tools to keep yourself relaxed is also important.

finals week effective study tools

Part 2. How to Study for Finals Week? (10 Tips)

At this point you are prepared well for your finals week. Below are our study tips that can improve your efficiency. Most students don't know how to study efficiently, and these tips are all about that.

1. Start Early

Early preparation for finals is very important. Start, at least a month before. This provides enough time for better understanding, minimizes anxiety, and enhances recall. Make a study timetable and pay attention to those subjects that appear difficult for you. Frequently revise the materials learned to be prepared well.

2. Ask Yourself Questions Before Studying

The best understanding comes when you know the purpose before studying something. So, begin studying with a question. This way you will conceptualize ideas instead of cramming topics.

You may ask questions like:

  • What is the significance of this topic?
  • Why do we need this method?
  • Do we have any alternative options for this topic?

3. Take Notes

Taking notes during the study is very helpful for recalling later. When taking notes, you must note important points instead of noting the whole thing. You must organize your notes according to topics to make it easier when revising things.

If your study material is in PDF format and you want to take notes, then you must try UPDF. Its annotation features allow you to take notes by adding text comments, stickers, highlighting, etc.

You can use these features and access your PDFs on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. So, download UPDF on all your devices to efficiently take notes on PDF by following the below steps.

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Steps: Open the PDF with UPDF. Then, click "Comment". Now, select "Highlight" to highlight the contents, add the comments by using the text box, sticky note, text comment, or callout, draw any important content with the pencil, and more. Save the changes by clicking "File" > "Save".

take notes with UPDF for PDF file.

And except for taking notes, you can use UPDF to do many PDF edits like annotating,  converting, PDF form creating, and more. Read what Tech Advisor has to say about the functionalities of UPDF or you can learn how to use it by watching the video tutorial.

Important: Don't forget to note the content you cannot understand to get its explanation later.

4. Ask Questions

You may come across things that you don't understand as you study. Asking questions is the only solution. You may ask from a professor or a fellow student but asking from a tool like UPDF AI will be more efficient and you will understand much better this way.

5. Discuss With Your Classmates

Whatever you study you must discuss it with your students. This way you can share things that you both don't understand, and both will share concepts to develop better understanding. Remember that being in one place is not essential since you may study online.

6. Review

Make a habit of reviewing everything that you study instead of studying one time since that is not enough. Every time you complete a topic, you must review it completely since that will raise new levels of understanding. Improve your notes as you review them for better revision later.

7. Set Timer for Relax

Allow yourself a specific time to study every topic and keep breaks between every topic. Use a timer to study and relax adequately. Maintaining this balance is vital to protect your body from burn-out situations. It also helps you stay motivated towards your finals week.

finals week set time for relax

8. Clear Distractions Objects

This is one of the most crucial times of your life. For this, you want to keep all distractions away. Whether it is your smartphone, your computer, or any person who distracts you, they must be removed. Keeping distractions away helps you focus when studying for finals week.

9. Change the Study Environment

Remember that your study environment must neither be too cozy nor be very harsh to be in. Organize a space for yourself where you can focus while staying active and fresh.

10. Follow the Schedule

Lastly, you must follow your schedule. You had all the options to set realistic deadlines and divide topics for an easier studying experience.

So, once you set your schedule you must stick to it otherwise all this effort will not bear any fruit

Part 3. Tips During Final Exam

Taking preparation measures and studying effectively is as important as appearing in your exam correctly.

Here are a few tips you may follow on your exam day:

  1. Get enough sleep on that night so your mind is fresh and active to tackle all the questions in your exam.
  2. It is important to start your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast that fuels the body and mind.
  3. Arrive at the exam site early and be prepared with everything like your computer, stationery, etc.
  4. Focus on what you prepared and stay focused and calm. It is not the time to take any more stress.
  5. Focus on exam instructions before attempting any question and always review your answer before turning it in.

Part 4. FAQS About Finals Week

Q1. Why is Finals Week So Hard?

Finals Week is challenging because of the collective exams that cover one semester's worth of information. Additionally, the consequences are based on final grades and time management to complete it all in a limited number of days as well as personal stress from academic material.

Q2. What Not to Do During Finals Week?

In Finals Week, do not cram, miss sleep, and skip meals as well ignore stress management and self-isolation. Find a balance between study and healthy habits along with breaks.

Q3. How Long Do Finals Last in College?

Finals at college usually span one to two weeks. All the exams are conducted on a specific date and time of this period. They have different durations as per the needs of courses and institutional policies.

Q4. Finals Week or Final Week: What Are Their Differences?

"Finals Week" describes the last week of a semester when students take their final exams. Since "Final Week" can mean the last week of any program or activity. It does not necessarily refer to a test week for an academic institution.

Final Words

No matter how well you have studied throughout the session, if you don't take your finals week seriously you may struggle during the exam. The main issue many students face is that even when they take it seriously, they cannot study well due to stress. So, we created this guide to prepare for this week, study for your finals, and appear in the exam with great efficiency.

Remember to pick tools that improve your productivity and efficiency like UPDF. UPDF is a great tool to help you take notes, create planner, and study assistant with AI. You can download it for effective study and benefit from its features.

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