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The Best AI App for Students to Boost Their Productivity

Artificial intelligence is making a huge revolution in education for students and educators. With the evolving nature of knowledge, there must be some AI-powered tools to support and improve the learning journey for students. Fortunately, various AI apps for students have emerged as valuable tools to manage the time and learning experience of students effectively.

These tools can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and tailor the lessons accordingly. Not to mention, these practical applications even provide support to disabled students by offering speech-to-text and various assistive technologies. Read this article to the end to learn about some of the best AI apps for students and get the most benefits.

Part 1: 6 Best AI Apps for Students

AI apps for students have fulfilled the demand for instant responses and personalized learning experiences. In this part, you will be informed of the 6 best AI apps for students available worldwide:


UPDF is a comprehensive tool for almost all kinds of document-handling features and queries. Alongside performing the diverse PDF editing features, this tool supports AI functions, including translating, summarizing, and explaining. The advanced AI integration of this software enables the users to chat freely with it and have responses with creative ideas.

Additionally, this AI app for students can help you with any questions about your uploaded PDF document. It will quickly examine the entire content and give you instant answers. Additionally, it's a helpful tool for students working on research articles. You can upload your file and ask for information or assistance, and it will provide prompt responses.

ai app for students updf

Key Features

  • You can translate your words into various languages to boost the worldwide acceptance of the text written in your documents.
  • Users can access its built-in prompt to perform several functionalities on any of any part of their PDF content.
  • This AI chatbot for students lets you directly interact with PDF documents for better content understanding.


  • This tool is more budget-friendly than other AI apps for students available in the market.
  • Users get free 1GB of Cloud storage, which boosts productivity and efficiency.
  • Thanks to its lightweight interface, this app delivers quick results and efficient performance.
  • Other than working on Windows, this versatile software can run on any other operating system, making it more accessible.

If you are a student looking to improve your content writing, click on the "Free Download" button now and enjoy special discounts on the UPDF Pro version.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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2. Grammarly

Most people wonder if Grammarly is an AI tool, as they mostly use it for grammar correction. However, after seeing the success of ChatGPT, Grammarly has now introduced an effective AI productivity tool. In addition to fixing your grammar mistakes, this tool now offers AI suggestions to enhance your content's quality. You have to simply choose the text and use AI prompts to make your writing better.

grammarlygo ai app for students

Key Features

  • Users can set the tone of the written content to optimize the writing process using this app. 
  • Get access to the already present prompt library to utilize prompts such as “Improve Text” and “Shorten Text.”
  • This best AI app for students allows them to add their preferred language to get the preferred output text.


  • GrammarlyGo provides customization options to find the right voice for your brand.
  • The interface of this tool makes it easy for students to apply AI changes to the PDF content.


  • This AI grammar checker is still in the beta phase, so you may face some inaccuracies.

3. Socratic

Socratic is an AI app for students that lets you ask questions related to high school or university coursework. It provides top-notch educational materials from trusted websites in the form of well-organized search results, clear explanations, and links to helpful videos. Additionally, you can ask questions by typing a question or simply exploring different topics related to your research.

socratic ai app for students

Key Features

  • Users can even ask queries from this AI app by taking a photo of their written question or using the voice search option.
  • Socratic is designed to assist with a wide range of subjects, including Science, Math, and Literature.
  • You will get written explanations of various concepts along with illustrations to aid comprehension.


  • Google's AI technology quickly displays results from diverse sources the moment users input their questions.
  • Socratic worked with teachers to create visual explanations for every subject, making it easier for you to understand the concepts.


  • This AI tool is not available for Windows and Mac users, limiting its use case.

4. Zotero

Zotero is another AI app for students that comes in handy when you want to collect, annotate, organize, cite, and share your research. When you browse the web, it automatically senses research and provides you with articles available at any website. Moreover, it streamlines research organization by allowing personalized categorization and sortation. Users can create collections, add tags, and set up auto-updating searches to manage research material.

zotero ai app for students

Key Features

  • Students can get instantly generated references and bibliographies for their research, and it directly inserts them at a required place in the files.
  • This AI-enhanced tool synchronizes your data while keeping the files across devices and maintains references accurate and updated.  
  • You can work in collaboration as it distributes course material to students and lets you co-author a paper with a partner at no cost.


  • Zotero is a non-profit organization that facilitates seamless, adaptable research workflow.
  • The support of over 10,000 citation styles allows you to match any style guide or publication.


  • You will only get 300MB of storage in the free version of this app, and the premium version is very costly.

5. Otter.ai

Otter.ai is an AI note-taking app for students that provides specialized assistance in their academic success. Its AI technology provides captions and notes for both virtual and in-person lectures and classes in real time. If you connect it with Microsoft Calendar, Otter.ai automatically connects and records your Zoom, Microsoft Team, and Google Meet recordings. Additionally, the AI-powered capabilities sense an audio track and generate notes automatically.

otter.ai ai app for students

Key Features

  • It helps students in contextual understanding of the lecture by highlighting important information and capturing slides during virtual sessions for recalling.
  • By turning on the automatic captions of this app, you can comment and insert an image within the lecture with advanced study tools.
  • The takeaway panels allow you to tag others and ask questions during class without interrupting the whole discussion.


  • Its AI features create automatic summaries once the lecture is completed, helping students to remember key points.
  • You can enhance productive interactions with its real-time transcriptions in a shorter time span.


  • It does not offer multilingual support, as students of Spanish language often suffer on this platform.

6. QuillBot

QuillBot, driven by AI, assists users in enhancing their writing by inputting text and examining the provided suggestions for improvement. Students can get help in writing while sentence rephrasing, article rewriting, and creating AI-generated content. With its multiple language support, it checks the grammar of the entered data and enhances its writing features by proofreading. As an AI language model, its principle is to fulfill all student requirements.

quilbot ai app for students

Key Features

  • This best AI app for students helps them write better by suggesting new phrases and enhancing clarity with its top-notch natural language processing techniques.
  • The rephrasing text feature produces the best alternate versions of a word or even a whole text while maintaining the sense of content.  
  • QuillBot assists students in avoiding plagiarism, simplifying the complex ideas in the content, and making it engaging with cohesive devices.


  • It is incredibly user-friendly and efficient, and you don't need to reach out to customer support.
  • This tool gives a generous free plan to students, which is a valuable favor for them.


  • At times, it falls short of meeting your experiences for sentence paraphrasing and offers restricted features if you're not a registered member.

Part 2: How to Choose the Best AI App for Students?

Students often get confused while choosing the best AI app to fit their academic requirements. We have compiled a detailed table to help them choose the best one to assist in their routine academic work.

CostYearly Plan: US$32.99
Perpetual Plan: US$52.99
UPDF AI Add-on: US$9/month
Premium: US$12/month
Business: US$15/user per month
FreeFree (For more storage, you will have to pay to buy a plan.)Pro: US$16.99 per monthBusiness: US$40 per monthMonthly: US$9.95Semi-Annual: US$39.95Annual: US$49.95
Processing SpeedHighestModerateModerateModerateModerateModerate
Write AI Content
Interact with PDF

Part 3: FAQs About the AI App for Students

Q1. Which AI is the best for students?

UPDF is the best AI app for students because it offers incredible top-notch features. You can insert your query in the chat box and send it to the chatbot to get your desired answers on this tool. Moreover, it explains, translates, and summarizes the content to increase contextual understanding.  

Q2. How to use AI for students?

AI has revolutionized the way students write their essays or optimize their revision process. Many AI apps for students are now available in the market, which boost their productivity while studying. However, they have to follow a few guidelines to ensure ethical use.

Q3. Is it good for students to use AI?

Yes, AI tools open new gateways to creativity, enabling students to learn and adapt to modern technology. These tools have made the learning process easier with their quick virtual assistance, helping them with answering tricky questions and giving feedback.

Q4. Is using an AI to write essays cheating?

Students can get assistance in rephrasing, enhancing language, and getting feedback from AI while writing essays. But if you complete your assignment of writing an essay with AI only, it is misconduct and against the ethical considerations of academics.

Q5. Can you get in trouble for using AI?

Yes, it can cause trouble and create an awkward situation in the classroom for using AI completely. Generative AI has a specialty to guess what comes next and can be identified easily. These chatbots and applications are designed for your assistance, not to copy the AI-generated material fully.

Wrapping Up

Now, you have acknowledged the significance of AI applications in this modern world. We found out the role of artificial intelligence in the lives of students and explored free AI apps for students. These AI tools assist students in getting answers to specific queries, helping in research, giving feedback, improving writing, and for many other purposes.

However, if you are in search of finding the best AI app for students among these tools, UPDF stands out the best. This versatile tool translates, summarizes, and explains essential facts available in the content. Moreover, you can achieve expertise and excellent efficiency in academics while using this tool. To utilize the capabilities and top-notch features of this tool, click the "Free Download" button.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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