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15 Habits of Successful Students: A Useful Guide for Students

One thing you will find common among most successful students is that they stick to certain habits. These habits of successful students help them achieve their personal and academic goals.

These habits give them a roadmap for every activity in their life. And when you have a roadmap, you can maintain discipline while avoiding distractions which makes it easy to become successful.

If you are those who want to succeed in your studying or life, you can also follow these habits they have. Keep reading to find out what habits successful students have and follow their road to achieve your goals.

15 Habits Successful Students Have

You may find multiple habits in successful students. Here we have shortlisted the top 15 habits that can help you bring a positive change in your personal and academic life.

1. Effective Study Plan

Planning everything gives you a clear idea of what you will do at what time of the day. Successful students commonly follow this habit of creating a study plan according to their whole day schedule, keeping them more productive than ever.

The best part about creating a study plan is that you can include any activity you want in your day. For example, you may start with your priorities and main goals for different parts of the day, have a To-Do list, and create other lists like this Todo list Template:

Effective Study Plan - one of good habits of successful students

Similarly, you can have a daily planner that divides your whole day into hours, and you can plan what you will be doing every coming hour. The daily planner template helps you stay more focused on the main task you have to achieve for the day.

Create daily planner template is one of successful student habits

However, sometimes a premade template is imperfect for creating a study plan and a PDF format template is not easy to customize. That's where UPDF comes and it can help you easily edit PDF templates without causing any formation issues. Say you want to change the to-do list with the topics you want to cover for an upcoming test. Here are the steps on how you can edit the PDF template to fit your needs:

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Step-1: Open UPDF on your PC and open the PDF to-do list planner template.

Open PDF template to customize the study plan

Step-2: Now Go to the left menu and select Edit mode.

edit to do list PDF template

Step-3: Click on the text you want to edit and edit it. You may need to adjust the positioning or any other things like text size and fonts. It can be easily done with UPDF

Edit text in PDF template using UPDF

Step-4: Go to the right-side menu and click the save button. From here, you can save in any way that you want.

Now you have the PDF planner template edited according to your requirements. And you can add any content to the template with UPDF to customize your study plan.

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2. Keeping Reading

Keeping reading will help students broaden their perspective and increase their knowledge.

Reading seems very obvious, but successful students read in their way. They know which way to read is correct for them and which is not good. What they like to do is to review their read material and divide it into smaller parts.

They then review the concepts and the main idea behind whatever they read. Once they understand, they will move toward the remembering part with the help of self-tests and flashcards.

3. To Reflect and Improve

Successful students are always open to improvements, whatever it takes. They understand that they can be wrong and are always looking for opportunities to improve. For instance, if they cannot achieve the desired score on a test, they may discuss it with one of their teachers or seniors to know where they lack. Once they know, they will make sure to fulfill that gap in the future, and that's how they improve.

4. Asking Questions

Active participation is essential during class. While many students are just not confident enough to ask teachers about a certain topic, the reality is that they are not attentive enough during class. The successful students, on the other hand, are always eager to ask the teacher anything that they don't understand. As a result, their concepts are clearer than others.

5. Managing the Study Place

You cannot do some things outside of their designated area. For instance, you cannot cook out of a kitchen with the same productivity. Successful students pay attention to their study area and ensure to keep all the distractions out. Some of the most common distractions to keep out are:

  • TV
  • Distracting people
  • Games, etc.

That's why you will often find a successful student in a library.

6. Getting Ample Sleep

Sleep is very important for the proper functioning of the brain and the body. Successful students tend to take enough sleep at the right time of the day so that their brain functions properly. They ensure to make sleeping time a part of their schedule and ensure that they don't have any disturbances when it is time to sleep.

Important: Naps may be helpful during the day, but you cannot replace a good night’s sleep with a nap.

7. Giving Up on Multitasking

Multitasking is one of the biggest scams of this generation. People are made to think that they are not good enough if they are not simultaneously working on multiple things. In reality, you need to stay focused on one thing for the time, and the time you save by staying focused can be spent on other things.

That's exactly what successful students do; they never add any distractions when trying to achieve something.

8. Attentively Taking Notes During Class

It is impossible to remember everything that you study during a class. However, some important points can help you revise everything, and your results will improve. The only way of knowing those points is by taking lecture notes.

Successful students always take notes during class; whenever they are studying the same topic, they go through those notes, and grabbing onto the topic becomes much easier for them.

9. Breaking Goals into Small Milestones

You know that a quiz on some topics is coming up next week and you cannot prepare for the whole quiz in one night. What successful students would do in such situations is that they break the whole quiz syllabus into smaller chunks and devote some time to each chunk one by one.

On the other hand, the unsuccessful students may try to prepare for the whole quiz in the last few days which will make them feel the hard to finish

10. Keeping Everything Organized

Organizing your lifestyle and activities takes you a long way ahead. Staying organized means having a clear overview of what you will achieve in life and then following your goals. Many students organize, but successful students stay organized.

It means that they stick to the organizing plan that they set. It helps them to achieve every milestone at the right time while other students are lost down the way very quickly.

11. Participating in Extra-Curricular Activities

A successful student will never become a bookworm. As much as they give importance to their studies, they will also pay attention to other extra-curricular activities. That might be a gathering out of school or a sport they play with their friends.

However, while they do that, they know their boundaries very well. Unsuccessful students often slip away regarding boundaries, which becomes a huge hurdle on their way to success.

12. Giving Up On Perfection

Although achieving 100 is possible on a text, the eagerness to achieve perfection sometimes makes you unproductive. A successful student will always assess the situation and know how they must react. That's why they sometimes give up on perfection and go after excellence which keeps them ahead of everyone else.

13.  Creating Alike Friends

Your friends greatly impact your future, and you will often find successful students with friends with similar interests. They will focus on their studies while maintaining a balanced lifestyle and often form study groups. It helps every one of them to excel in life.

14.  They are Honest

Successful students value personal values a lot. For instance, they will set a rule that they will not be dishonest with the teacher, themselves, or the test, so they don't cheat. Sometimes taking a shortcut is also cheating, and successful students ensure they keep up with their integrity, personal values, and, most importantly, study.

15. They Keep Tools Their Good Options

Successful students neither rely too much on technology and tools nor do they stay completely away from them. Instead, they use these tools at the correct place to improve their productivity. For instance, If they feel they are becoming unproductive in taking notes on PDF files, they can use PDF annotation tools like UPDF to take notes easily with comments, sticky notes, stickers, and more.


Anyone can achieve success if they are disciplined and determined enough. While it seems hard, if you see successful student habits, you note that each habit is directed towards making them better versions of themselves in every aspect of life. So, whether they make their study plan or take notes, every time they are improving, thanks to these habits.

One prominent habit of these successful students is using the right tools to benefit them. For instance, they use UPDF to take notes on documents, and edit and customize their study plan. With its editing features and easy process, things get very simple for students.

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