15 Online Jobs For College Students With No Experience

As you move to college, you may find your expenses increasing. So, if you want extra income from your free time, look for online jobs for college students. Multiple remote jobs can be done without needing experiences and technical skills, like PDF editing, content writing, online translation, and more. Let’s explore them all here.

15 Online Part-Time Jobs for College Students

There are lots of jobs that college students can try to earn remotely. Some are high paying while some offer a learning experience that might be helpful in studies and profession. So, here are our top 15 picks for the best online jobs for college students with no experience required that you can try.

1. PDF Editing, Creating, Converting, etc.

PDF editing is similar to document editing if you have the right tools. However, most people don't have the tools, hardware, and expertise to edit their PDF files. Opting for a part-time PDF editing job can be a great way to earn extra income.

The best tool you may use for the job is UPDF since it has all the PDF editing features you will need. From basics like text editing and annotations to image editing, page organization, combining, and compressing, this tool can do it all for you.

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Reasons to Choose: It is not time-consuming, and earning with it is simple. Additionally, it can benefit you in academics by better notetaking practices.

Average Earnings: Starting from $5 per edit.

How to Earn: You will get a PDF file with the requirements and must make all the edits accordingly.

Skills Required: PDF editing, Communication.

How to Learn: If you know how to edit documents, there is not much you need to learn. What you only need to do is to have a tool like UPDF.

Job Platforms: Freelancer, Guru, and Fiverr. These platforms have lots of PDF editing jobs available.

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2. Content Writer

As a content writer, you can offer your writing services, and if you have good English language skills, it will be very easy, to begin with.

Reasons to Choose: Very easy to begin with, and multiple varieties of work are available. Content Writing broadens your thought spectrum.

Average Earnings: Starting at $5 per 500 words article.

How to Earn: Write content according to the client’s requirements and optimize if asked.

Skills Required: English or other languages, document editing, storytelling, research, and logical thinking.

How to Learn: Read blog posts regarding the content writing niche you are working on.

Job Platforms: Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are three platforms with many clients for content writers.

3. Online Translator

You can start as an online translator if you have a grip on multiple languages. The job only involves translating from one language to another.

Reasons to Choose: You can cash your grip on different languages.

Average Earnings: Approximated at $3000 monthly.

How to Earn: You can master multiple language pairs, for example, English and French. Then you can translate text for people to get paid.

Skills Required: Language skills.

How to Learn: Try taking language courses at your college to learn.

Job Platforms: Fiverr, Guru, and People Per Hour since you can find translation jobs for several language pairs.

4. Video Editor

If you have a creative mindset and are interested, video editing services can pay you a lot. There are a lot of video editing requests as people are active on different video platforms but not everyone knows how to create one outstanding video.

Reasons to Choose: It is fun work, and can get high pay.

Average Earnings: Approximated at $3000 monthly.

How to Earn: Either start providing video editing services on part time job platform or create your YouTube channel where you edit and post videos to earn with ads or products promotion.

Skills Required: Expertise in video editing tools and media knowledge.

How to Learn: Choose a tool you will be working with for online jobs college students and get free or paid lectures online.

Job Platforms: Truelancer, Guru, and Upwork can be the right platforms for finding all types of video editing jobs, including short videos, professional editing jobs, and even long videos.

5. Voiceover

Voiceover is a job where you only have to speak some text and provide your voice as a service. Many people prefer finding a native speaker to help them voice over their videos.

Reasons to Choose: If you don’t have any other skills but have a great impactful voice, it is a good choice. And it does not have a lot of skills.

Average Earnings: Approximated at $2500 monthly.

How to Earn: Provide freelance services or contact YouTubers if your voice can improve their videos.

Skills Required: Good tone, clear voice, and great vocabulary.

How to Learn: You can practice via creating a script, noting where to use different tones, testing your recordings, and editing when needed. Or you can find some videos and learn some skills.

Job Platforms: FlexJobs, Truelancer, and Upwork are the platforms where multiple people are looking for voiceover artists in various languages.

6. Take Photos

Photography can be your source of earnings in different ways.

Reasons to Choose: If you have a knack for photography, know about using camera technicalities, and have a good camera/smartphone, it is a good way to earn. It is also a good way to enhance your photography skill set.

Average Earnings: Approximated at $4000 monthly.

How to Earn: Do event photography, product photography, or sell your photos on stock image sites.

Skills Required: Photography and editing.

How to Learn: You can learn photography and camera usage skills from online free and paid courses.

Job Platforms: Shutterstock allows you to sell your photos. Upwork and FlexJobs offer freelance photography jobs.

7. Blogger

Being a blogger means sharing your ideas on your blog. This job can give opportunities for affiliate marketing as well.

Reasons to Choose: Individuals with creativity and passion for sharing ideas can become a blogger. You can grow your blog to earn big someday.

Average Earnings: Approximated at $2000 monthly.

How to Earn: Start your blog and earn with ads or affiliate product promotions or provide blogging services to some other blogger to make money.

Skills Required: SEO, simple website building, Market research, and communication.

How to Learn: Being a blogger is easy, and things like communication, SEO, and market research can be learned by experience.

Job Platforms: WordPress and Wix to start your blog sites. You may choose to provide freelance blogging services at Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, or other platforms.

8. Social Media Manager

The social media manager job requires you to manage the social media handles of businesses and celebrities.

Reasons to Choose: You can learn to start your brand one day with a strong online presence. It also teaches marketing techniques that may help in personal marketing.

Average Earnings: Approximated at $3000 monthly.

How to Earn: Find businesses and clients who need someone to manage their social handles. Or start your personal business/influencer account.

Skills Required: Communication, Writing, Post designing, and Marketing.

How to Learn: Multiple free and paid online short courses are available to learn Social Media Management skills. You check the blog from Hootsuite: https://blog.hootsuite.com/ and videos from Flick - Multi-Social Marketing Tool.

Job Platforms: Upwork is the leading platform for freelance social media manager jobs. For personal accounts, you must try Facebook and Instagram.

9. PowerPoint Creator

If you are familiar with PowerPoint creation, you can create presentation slides for business personnel.

Reasons to Choose: You get expertise in presentation creation, which can help you professionally.

Average Earnings: Approximated at $3000 monthly.

How to Earn: Provide freelance services or create an informative presentation to teach students online.

Skills Required: Basic PowerPoint usage.

How to Learn: Multiple online courses are available.

Job Platforms: Freelancer, MillionFormula, and Fiverr are platforms where you can find freelance PowerPoint creator jobs for different subjects.

10. Customer Service

You can provide live chat, call, or email-based support services in customer service jobs.

Reasons to Choose: These jobs are relatively high paying, and require less time, skill, and input.

Average Earnings: Over $20 hourly as it is one of the high-paying part time online jobs for college students.

How to Earn: Browse customer service freelance jobs in online marketplaces and apply away.

Skills Required: Professional communication.

How to Learn: You can learn by providing these services according to the job requirements.

Job Platforms: Upwork, Freelancer, and FreeUp have the highest-paying jobs in customer service.

11. Web Designer

A Web designer designs the website front for businesses. So, these jobs usually require UI designing without any coding.

Reasons to Choose: Web designing is a huge market with high-paying jobs. It allows you to use your creativity and learn about the latest trends.

Average Earnings: $5000 monthly

How to Earn: Use multiple GUI design tools and provide freelance web design services. Alternatively, design a website for some business niche and show your design.

Skills Required: Web design and creative ideas.

How to Learn: Learn using GUI designing tools from online courses, video lectures, and the guide section for the tool that you use.

Job Platforms: Toptal and Arc contain great job offerings for freelance web designers. Use Wix to design and flip your websites, as it offers a great library.

12. Programmer / Developer

Being a software engineering, IT, or computer science student, you can offer your services as a programmer or a developer.

Reasons to Choose: Going for this helps you practice multiple languages, sharpen your programming abilities, and tackle newer challenges.

Average Earnings: Approximately over $6000 monthly.

How to Earn: You can make money by coding as a freelance programmer for multiple clients or as a remote employee at a company.

Skills Required: Logic building and programming language that you are working on.

How to Learn: Using YouTube video tutorials and online courses, you can learn logic building and any programming language for free. Online courses provide certifications as well.

Job Platforms: Provide freelance services on Fiverr, sell your Udemy course, or teach on a YouTube channel.

13. Amazon Seller

Amazon seller job is one of the best online jobs for students working from home and it is also known as dropshipping since you become the middleman between the customer and the manufacturer.

Reasons to Choose: You can enjoy hefty profit margins under competitive niches with the right market research.

Average Earnings: $10000 monthly

How to Earn: Search for a product you can sell, sort out your dropshipping routine, create an Amazon listing, and market.

Skills Required: Market research, communication, Amazon listing optimization, digital marketing.

How to Learn: YouTube is the best place to learn all these skills for free.

Job Platforms: Amazon will be the platform to sell products since it brings a huge audience. You can market your products on TikTok since it offers high market reach. Otherwise, provide freelance services on Upwork.


It is the job of Search engine optimization and involves multiple skills, including writing and technical SEO for the website backend.

Reasons to Choose: Working as a part-time SEOER gives you experience and teaches strategies you can use in your business in the future.

Average Earnings: $6000 monthly

How to Earn: Provide freelance SEO services or optimize your sites to rank them.

Skills Required: Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research, Content Writing.

How to Learn: SEO is all about hands-on practice. So, watch YouTube videos and practice on the Demo site.

Job Platforms: Fiverr and Upwork have lots of freelance SEO jobs. If you rank your website, flip it on Flippa.

15. Product Tester

As a product tester, you get different products and have to use them and then give an honest review about their pros and cons.

Reasons to Choose: Trying new products before anyone else uses it. Sometimes you can keep those products for free. Additionally, you are getting paid for all this. Moreover, it is one of the best online jobs for students working from home.

Average Earnings: $3300 monthly

How to Earn: Sign up on multiple platforms that provide remote product testing services. Get products, use them, and give your verdict.

Skills Required: No technical skills are needed.

How to Learn: No need to learn anything.

Job Platforms: UserTesting has electronics and hardware products and Influenster has skincare products, and Brooks needs testers for apparel and sports products.

Final Words

For working flexible hours from your home or college, you can work for different online jobs for college students that don't require any technical skillset. When selecting one, consider it a beneficial option if that job would help in your studies or future.

For instance, PDF editing will help you significantly with your college assignments and tests. That's why you must try to earn with it, and using UPDF for that might be a great choice with all features you need and a simple interface.

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