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6 Best Essay Writing Apps Every Student Needs

Students need to write multiple essays throughout their life as a student, and only a strong essay can help secure a better grade. Writing a strong essay takes your effort to plan, organize, and then use exceptional skills to combine all the ideas in one essay. And to write a perfect essay, you may need to use many essay writing apps. While many options are available, only a few offer amazing features. Here, we list 6 ones for you to check.

Part 1. What Apps for Writing Essays Are There?

If you are looking for apps to assist you in writing essays, you will need different apps. There are editors, AI text generators, grammar-checking apps, apps for taking notes, and much more. Here are the top 10 types of apps you may use for essay writing:

  1. Essay Writing App in PDF Format: These apps provide text editing, image editing, and annotating features in an all-in-one form. Here you can create essays in PDF format and convert them to any format if you need. Take UPDF as an example, you can take notes when reading PDF documents, add texts to the PDF to write the essay, convert PDF to any format, compress PDF files, share your essay with your friends via email or link,  and more features to help you write the essay easier.
  2. Grammar Checking App: Grammar-checking applications check your text and point out any mistakes, along with the best suggestions. So, you can edit while writing or at the end.
  3. Text Improvement App: Text improvement applications help check the structure of your text. Sentences need to be well structured with good readability scores. With these apps, you can see which sentences or words are decreasing the scores of your text.
  4. Ai Text Generation App: If you don’t want to write the text by yourself, you can use Ai text generation apps. These apps take your ideas in a few words or sentences and automatically write whole essays that are plagiarism free.
  5. Focus Enhancing App: Focus-enhancing applications help you focus while writing. These allow you to mute and stop certain notifications and functionalities of your computer.
  6. Document Editing App: if you plan to write your essay in document format first, then document editing apps will assist you the best. These contain all the basic document editing features like text style and size changing, alignment, etc.
  7. Notetaking App: The notetaking applications help you quickly take your notes and organize them for when needed.
  8. Paraphrasing App: A paraphrasing app takes text inputs from you and changes the sentences and wording without affecting the main idea behind the text. These apps can help remove plagiarism.
  9. Plagiarism Checking App: The plagiarism checking applications take text input and check that against millions of online resources to check if you have any plagiarism. If found, these also point out the plagiarized part and the source so you can edit and remove plagiarism.
  10. Topic and Idea Generating App: Sometimes, you need to write an essay; the only guideline given is the niche name. So, this app can help generate the best ideas to create a strong essay.

Part 2. 6 Best Essay Writing Apps

Almost every essay writing app serves a different purpose. So, to write a strong essay, you need to use multiple apps together. Here we have listed the top options that will together offer you a complete experience:

1. UPDF - Best Note-Taking and Essay Writing Tool

UPDF is the tool that handles your PDF essay writing and note-taking needs. You can create a new essay with a blank PDF file and edit your previous essays in PDF formats directly. While writing your essays, you get all the document editing features like font, size, and color change, etc. Moreover, you can take notes on the PDF files via comments features like adding sticky notes, adding stickers, highlighting texts, drawing, etc. To make essay writing easier, UPDF provides sharing features to help writers share essay with teachers or friends via a link, QR code, or email.

UPDF allows for organizing PDF files, images, and text. It also has strong annotating features that can be used for note-taking while writing your essays, all in the same tool.

UPDF - Best Note-Taking and Essay Writing Tool


  • Viewing PDF.
  • Organizing and managing PDF.
  • PDF editing and annotations.
  • Converting scanned documents to editable files.
  • PDF Conversion.
  • Compress PDF.
  • Batch converting PDF files.
  • Protect PDF files with a password.
  • Sharing PDF via a link, QR code, and email.


  • Easy interface.
  • Available across all platforms and one payment for all devices to use.
  • Overwhelming features.


  • Only one-way PDF conversion.


You can try the UPDF essay writing app for free. And if you need full features, you can buy the license. The Annual plan costs $39.99 and the Perpetual plan with a one-time fee and lifetime access costs $59.99.

2. Grammarly - Best Grammar Checking App for Essay Writing

Grammarly is a simple and powerful grammar-checking app that students can use for essay writing. Grammatical errors can ruin your grade, no matter how powerful your text is. With Grammarly, you can be sure that most errors are gone.

From spelling mistakes to punctuation errors, it checks everything. Grammarly also checks sentence structure, and there is a plagiarism-checking tool with real-time results built-in. All this is available in an online app, and you can also integrate it into document editors like MS Word.

Grammarly - Best Grammar Checking App for Essay Writing


  • Grammatical error checking.
  • Vocabulary checking.
  • Plagiarism detection.
  • Checking text according to the genre.
  • Engagement and Delivery checking.


  • Real-time and one-time checking.
  • High accuracy.
  • Quick suggestions and editing.


  • Offline support is not that great.


Grammarly is available as free with limitations. The premium plan brings all features starting at $12.00 monthly.

3. Hemingway - Best Essay Writing Software to Improve Your Writing

Strong essays need to be concise and clear to the idea. However, most students add a lot of fluff content to their essays, reducing their worth. The Hemingway app is a tool that can help you improve your content. It uses a grading system, and lower scores are better.

Usually, a 7-8 score means that your content has easily readable sentences. It is easy to comprehend with the least number of complex words and passive voice sentences used.

Hemingway - Best Essay Writing Software to Improve Your Writing


  • Real-time score updates.
  • Distraction free editing.
  • Online and desktop apps to users everywhere.
  • Switching between write and edit modes to toggle suggestions.
  • Mainstream document writing features like headings, bullets, etc.


  • Descriptive suggestions.
  • Colors help identify error types.
  • Works with lengthy documents.


  • Often gives text a robotic touch.


Hemingway online version is free, while you can download the app for essay writing for Windows or Mac for $19.99.

4. ProWritingAid - Best Plagiarism Checker

ProWritingAid is your best choice for online text editing, proofreading, and plagiarism-checking software. Whatever you check with it, you get descriptive reports containing all the information to make the right chances.

ProWritingAid works as your writing coach, and while you bring the ideas, it ensures that you are writing everything correctly. It is also a good Grammarly premium alternative if you are looking for cheaper alternatives.

ProWritingAid - Best Plagiarism Checker


  • 5 English Language variations.
  • Visual insights about writing.
  • Real-time results.
  • Thesaurus tool built-in.
  • Redundancy check.


  • Budget-friendly for students.
  • Detailed writing reports.
  • Tons of integrations.


  • Plagiarism checking is paid.


ProWritingAid has a Free plan with limitations, while the Premium plan has all features. It starts at $30 monthly and is 67% off for a yearly subscription at $10 per month. The lifetime plan comes at $399, and you get a money-back guarantee for 14 days.

5. Jasper - Best AI Writing Essay App

Jasper - Best AI Writing Essay App

Jasper is currently the leading AI content generation tool available. It can help you save time for writing your essay since it instantly generates content using AI and NLP technologies. The content Jasper generates for you is well-engaging, and it is 100% plagiarism free. The main job while writing with Jasper will be creating your essay's outline.

Afterward, you can give it instructions to write according to each essay segment. If you do not like something it generates, you can generate content for the same idea again, and it will generate new content this time.


  • Write in over 25 languages.
  • Improve your content with content improver feature.
  • Chrome extension allows you to generate content on any site.
  • Built-in sentence formatting and grammar check features
  • Idea recommendation option


  • Quick unique text generation.
  • Gives text a human touch.
  • Least chances of grammatical mistakes.


  • Often repeats ideas and works.


The Boss Mode plan with Jasper starts with 50,000 words written monthly, starting at $59 monthly. Upon annual subscription, you pay $49 monthly with 17% savings. It also offers a 5-day free trial.

6. SelfControl - Best Focus App for Essay Writing

SelfControl application helps you focus on your essay by removing distractions from your computer. You often get notifications from websites and mail servers that can distract you, and you may forget the basic idea of your essay and waste a lot of time. With SelfControl, you can block as many websites as you want, ensuring you don't get any distractions while you finish your essay.

SelfControl - Best Focus App for Essay Writing


  • 3 basic distraction-blocking options (common sites, news, and mail).
  • You have control over how long you want to block the website, between 15 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Once you select sites to block, it saves them, and next time, it takes only one click to block them.
  • Whitelist option to immediately allow a website.
  • Command line interface control


  • Simple interface.
  • Blacklisting functionality.
  • Works on every Mac version.


  • No application blocking.


It is an open-source and free application that any macOS user can download, install, and use without paying. There is no paid version, and the free version includes all features.

Wrapping Up

With so many essay writing apps available, the decision can be a little complex for students. So, we advise checking the app's availability and how well it meets your use case. Additionally, compare the features, pros, cons, pricing, and ease of usage.

Lastly, you must consider the app's security, and with such evaluation criteria, you can easily select the right app for the right job. For example, UPDF makes a great choice for creating, and editing PDF essays and taking notes on PDF files since it meets every criterion. Similarly, you can find out grammar checking, AI writing, and any other apps that you require.