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A Guide That Answers How to Write a Body Paragraph in an Essay

Every part of an essay serves a purpose. Among all the different parts, the introductory paragraph gives an overview of the essay, and the conclusion summarizes the whole essay. Similarly, the body paragraph of an essay supports the basic idea of an essay with the argument and evidence. It is among the critical parts of writing an essay. Hence, every student must learn how to write a body paragraph.

This article covers everything on how to write a body paragraph from the right tools to write this paragraph to the components of this paragraph, along with the writing guide.

Part 1. Best Tools to Help You Create a Body Paragraph

As you know, the body paragraph is a crucial part of every essay, and there is no room for mistakes. Doing everything yourself without assistance from the best tools means you will lack performance. While you write the material yourself, you can get some help from the tools to improve your efficiency. Below are the two most important tools for writing a body paragraph.

1. UPDF – Best Note Taker and PDF Editor for Research

UPDF will make writing the body paragraph for your essay significantly easier. It is because it is the only PDF viewing and editing tool you will ever need. Writing an essay involves a lot of research and note-taking. With UPDF, you can do all the research on PDF files and take notes in those files.

Additionally, you can use it for editing your body paragraph. For the best experience, it comes with Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone apps. All the devices where you sign up with the same account will relate to UPDF Cloud for on-the-go file sharing with different options like QR code scanning, link sharing, and even email. The best part is that it offers a student discount, so you never have to worry about it getting out of your budget.

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UPDF – Best Note Taker and PDF Editor for Research


Using the right tools as a student will bring the assistance you need, and it can significantly improve your efficiency. See how much of a difference the right tools can make for a student in this video.

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2. Grammarly – Best Grammar Checking Tool

As you manually write the body paragraph, you may make many grammatical mistakes in the essay. Turning that essay in with all those mistakes can greatly impact the grades. That’s why you need to use Grammarly. It is the best tool you can use for grammar-checking requirements. The best part about Grammarly is that it instantly points out any mistakes in the content and suggests solutions for them.

Grammarly is a free tool, but the free version lacks the most important features. So, it is recommended that you go with the premium version since it brings the following features:



  • Checks spelling, punctuation, clarity, and grammar instantly.
  • Comes with a built-in plagiarism checker tool.
  • Has a built-in citation generator tool for essays.
  • The essay checker feature gives a basic overview of your essay and grade ideation.
  • Detailed report with scores to learn about your performance.

Part 2. What is Body Paragraph?

A body paragraph is a text inside an essay that includes a supporting argument for the topic of the essay. It contains all the important sections of the essay apart from the introduction and the conclusion. This paragraph in an essay follows a specific format to keep the essay's focus around the main topic.

An essay usually contains 5 paragraphs. Here the first and last paragraphs are the introduction and conclusion. The remaining three paragraphs are known as the body paragraphs.

Part 3. What Should a Good Body Paragraph Include?

Everybody paragraph follows the same structure with a list of main components, including the following:

1. Topic Sentence

The topic sentence is the first sentence, also known as the key sentence, and it prepares the readers for the information provided in the paragraph. There could be multiple body paragraphs in one essay, and each must have its topic sentence. Topic sentences are vital in the influence of the body paragraph since it pivots the new information for every paragraph.

2. Your Argument

The main goal of a body paragraph is fulfilling the main idea of the essay's thesis statement, which is done through the argument. The argument part of a body paragraph is also known as the supporting sentences, where you have to discuss your claims and supporting points. After writing the topic sentence, the rest of the body paragraph is used for writing the argument before the evidence or example.

3. Supporting Evidence or examples

You cannot propose any idea without solid evidence or examples when writing an essay. So, as you write any argument, you must write the support examples, research, evidence, studies, statistics, and even citations. These add weight to your argument and make the essay more impactful. So, the combination of the argument and the supporting points fill the body paragraph.

4. Conclusion

This conclusion is not the conclusion of the whole essay. However, it is the concluding sentence used for that paragraph only. Leaving the paragraph and moving to a new one without concluding it is wrong. That’s why a conclusion sentence is added at the end of every body paragraph before moving to another paragraph.

Once you complete these 4 parts, your body paragraph is complete.

Part 4. How to Write a Good Body Paragraph?

Now that you know what to include in the body paragraph, let's have a detailed overview of how to write a good body paragraph.

Step 1. Making Research

A body paragraph starts with gathering the right material, which requires a lot of research. When doing your research, you must go through multiple sources, and for academic essays, those sources usually are previously written and published research papers.

However, the good part is that UPDF makes things very easy. You can open any PDF file in UPDF and take notes of any material you want to support your idea. It helps you remember all the ideas and improves your productivity.

Step 2. Write an Outline

Once you have all the data you want to include in the body paragraph, you must outline it. Writing an outline means creating a roadmap for the whole essay. So, you can list down all the main parts of your essay that may include:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Body Paragraph 1: idea 1
  3. Body paragraph 2: idea 2
  4. Body paragraph 3: idea 3
  5. Conclusion

Once you create the outline and decide how many words you will add to each one, writing the whole essay, especially each body paragraph, will become much easier.

Step 3. Write a Good Topic Sentence for The Body Paragraph

A topic sentence keeps the readers reading, so you must make it the most effective. Learning how to write a topic sentence for a body paragraph can be a little complex. However, you can follow the steps below for better efficiency:

  1. Create a thesis statement for the whole essay and consider the outline of the essay.
  2. Now be clear about what every paragraph clears and form your opinion on that idea.
  3. Select specific and precise wording and make topic sentences for every paragraph that connect with transitions between paragraphs.

Step 4. Write your Argument and Provide supporting Contents

Most of the body paragraphs will be covered by the argument. It is where you can state your points per the research. However, with every point, you must mention the support point to add value to your opinion and thought process. While writing the supporting points, you must provide the right type of evidence and use the right citation style, depending on the assignment.

Step 5. Write a Good Concluding Sentence

A concluding sentence covers the whole paragraph above and the right idea to take to the next paragraph. So, learn how to write a concluding sentence for a body paragraph. Summarize the whole paragraph into one sentence, which will be a good concluding sentence if it conveys the idea of the whole paragraph.

Step 6. Get Suggestions

Now you are done with the body paragraph, it is time to get suggestions. You can ask your teacher how you did or discuss it with the students. Take a few suggestions and review the essay by yourself. Note every suggestion and implement the useful ones.

Step 7. Update and Finish

Now you need to select the right suggestions and update your essay. Finally, give it all the finishing touches, including formation and editing, and, most importantly, proofread a few times to ensure no errors are left in the body paragraph.


With the number of essays you will write throughout your student life, most of which significantly impact your grades, you must not take any risks. So, you must prepare in every aspect possible. Only preparing how to write a body paragraph in your essay is not enough since you need to use the right tools to your benefit for better productivity.

That’s where UPDF will make a great choice. It brings all the necessary PDF editing features without creating complex writing situations. So, the next time you write an essay, pay attention to all the tips and steps discussed above and use the right tools for the best performance.

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