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A Comprehensive Review of Scholarcy Research Paper Summarizer & Its Better Alternative

In the past, researchers, students, and academics had to spend significant time exploring and reading research papers to extract the key information. However, technological advancements have made consuming complex research papers easy in minutes. Scholarcy research paper summarizer is one such tool that can instantly provide comprehensive summaries of research papers. So, let's comprehensively review the Scholarcy research paper summarizer, evaluating its performance and pros and cons. In the end, we will also present a better alternative to Scholarcy. So, stick with the article to pick the best tool for automatic text summarization of research papers.

Scholarcy Research Paper Summarizer – A Comprehensive Review

Scholarcy is an online research paper summarizer tool that can intelligently read research articles and break down the contents into different sections, such as abstract, synopsis, highlights, summary, etc. Besides creating summary flashcards, it also provides links to open-access versions of cited sources for quick navigation to specific research works.

In simple words, Scholarcy claims to be an automatic text summarization tool that can pinpoint key points of the research paper into different sections for easy consumption. It provides a free Chrome and Edge extension, while the complete Scholarcy capabilities are accessible for $9.99/user/month for individuals and $8K+ for academic institutions.

Scholarcy holds a 3.5-star rating on Trustpilot, a well-reputed review platform. As per reviews, users like the quick summarization capabilities of Scholarcy but struggle with its limited AI-powered functionalities and glitchy interface. In contrast, users can get truly AI-based summarization of research papers with UPDF and even ask more research-related questions with the dedicated AI chat box. Download and test UPDF yourself.


Performance Efficiency of Scholarcy Research Paper Summarizer

Now that we know what Scholarcy research paper summarizer offers, let's do a performance test and evaluate its efficiency.

We are taking a research paper about "AI Techniques for Detecting and Diagnosing COVID-19" from IEEE Xplore as an example and using Scholarcy free online automatic text summarization tool to summarize the research paper.

scholarcy research paper summarizer scholarcy user interface

After analyzing the research paper, the Scholarcy provided five summary flashcards, i.e., key concepts, abstract, synopsis, highlights, and summary. Looking at the abstract, it was just the copy-paste version of the abstract shown in the research paper. The only difference was that it highlighted the key phrases and provided weblinks for key terms.

scholarcy research paper summarizer abstract

The "Scholarcy highlights" section provided key points of the research paper in bullet points. However, looking closely at those bullet points, it mainly used the text written in the conclusion section of the research paper.

scholarcy research paper summarizer scholarcy highlights

The "Scholarcy summary" section provided a comprehensive research paper summary. It highlighted every main heading from the paper and inserted some sentences from those sections.

scholarcy research paper summarizer summary

Looking at all the five summary flashcards of Scholarcy free online automatic text summarization tool, it does not seem to justify the word "AI-powered article summarizer". All of its flashcards are just copy-pasting the texts from the research paper instead of intelligently summarizing the whole paper in 2-3 paragraphs.

On the other hand, tools like UPDF provide a truly-AI powered summary of the research paper and even empower users to ask questions about the research paper directly. Test these claims yourself by downloading UPDF and evaluating its AI-based intelligent summarization capabilities.

scholarcy research paper summarizer paper summary updf

Overall, what we have to say about the Scholarcy research paper summarizer is that it can summarize the paper in different sections. This makes it easy to get a quick idea of the research paper. However, you still have to analyze the research paper for a deeper understanding.


  • Quickly provides key insights of a lengthy research paper in multiple summary flashcards
  • Highlights key points and provides links to open-access versions of cited sources
  • Dedicated Scholarcy library to save all summary flashcards of all research papers
  • Free Chrome and Edge extension
  • Share summary flashcards with others


  • Copy-paste certain sections of the research paper with no customized summary powered through AI
  • Some summary points might not make sense
  • 3 free research papers summary flashcards per day
  • Glitchy interface
  • Need a subscription to access advanced features

UPDF – The Better and Powerful Alternative to Scholarcy Research Paper Summarizer

UPDF is an AI-integrated PDF editor and summarizer tool that provides an advanced and modernized approach to consuming research papers. It provides an AI assistant that allows users to do human-like chats with research papers. With UPDF AI, you can get a summary of the whole or selective part of the research paper directly while reading the research paper and even ask other research-related questions.

Below are the key reasons why UPDF is the best alternative to Scholarcy:

  • AI-powered Summarization: Instead of the copy-paste approach, UPDF provides truly AI-powered summarization, covering all the key points of the research paper effectively.
  • Summarize Specific Pages: Its AI chat box can summarize specific pages from the research paper.
  • Customize Summary Output: UPDF allows you to customize the summary output, such as making the summary concise, lengthy, paragraph-form, bullet points, easy wording, etc.
  • Direct Explanation: It provides an instant way to explain words, sentences, and paragraphs by simply selecting them.
  • Translation: It can translate selected text into different languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, etc.
  • Click-Based Interface: It provides a simple click-based interface with zero learning curve.
scholarcy research paper summarizer updf ai

Overall, UPDF provides an ideal "AI-powered GPT research paper summarizer" that not just assists in summarizing the research paper but its other feature-rich capabilities also allow you to consume paper more effectively. So, download UPDF now and experience its offerings yourself for free.


Comparison Table: Scholarcy vs. UPDF

Summarization CapabilitiesSummarize Whole Research Paper
 Customize Summary Output (Concise/Detailed or Paragraph/Bullet Point)
 Summarize Selective Content or Pages
 Highlight Key Points
 Links of Cited Sources
ExplanationBuilt-in AI-powered Explanation of Words/Paragraphs
Supported formatsPDF
TranslationSupport translation
CompatibilityCompatible OSWeb-basedWindows, Mac, iOS, Android
PricingPricing plansPersonal Library: $9.99 pcm

Academic Institution License: $8K+
 AI only:$9/month, $59/year

PDF Management + AI: start from $29.99

Based on the above comparison table, UPDF outperforms Scholarcy in almost all aspects and provides top-notch AI-powered summarization capabilities under the best pricing plan.


Research papers are the key to getting the required information for advancing knowledge and making informed decisions. To help ease this process, Scholarcy research paper summarizer provides an effective online tool to reduce the research paper content into a few summary flashcards.

However, if you are looking for a more powerful summarization truly driven by AI, UPDF is the best alternative. Its AI-based customizable summaries, human-like chat assistant, direct explanation, and cost-effective plans make it a must-try tool. So, elevate your research experience today by downloading UPDF.


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